Poster Sessions

Poster Session 1

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Number included in the title refers to the poster board number at the conference site

1. Development Of Biomechanical Index Finger Model To Predict Multi-segmental Grip Forces For Varying Finger Postures

Pilwon Hur; Seyed Hadi Salehi; Na Jin Seo

4. Impact Of Wheel Control Methods On Driving Safety And Efficiency

Vincent Crocher; Na Jin Seo

7. Frequency Content Of Isokinetic Moment Curves For Differentiating Between Maximal And Non-maximal Shoulder Efforts

Sivan Almosnino; Zeevi Dvir; Joan Stevenson; Davide Bardana

10. Predictive Three Dimensional Surfaces For Localized Joint Level Muscle Fatigue During Intermittent Tasks

John Looft; Laura Frey-Law

13. Handle Design Based On Pressure Distribution Patterns: Effect Of Handle Shape And Task Direction

Gregory Slota; Na Jin Seo

16. A Data-driven Optimization Method To Determine Muscle- Tendon Paths Of The Index Finger

Jong Hwa Lee; Deanna Asakawa; Cecil Lozano; Jack Dennerlein; Devin Jindrich

19. Joint Angles Of The Fingers And Thumb During 8 Different Gestures On A Touchscreen Computing Device
Deanna Asakawa; Cecil Lozano; Jong Hwa Lee; Jack Dennerlein; Devin Jindrich

22. A Biomechanical Assessment Of Breast Kinematics During Different Exercise Modalities

Debbie Risius; Alexandra Milligan; Chris Mills; Joanna Scurr

25. Scapulothoracic Muscle Activation And Shoulder Kinematics Following A Simulated Work Task With Low Level Forces

Kimberly Szucs; Nicolas Beckas; Megan Molnar

28. Advanced Age And The Mechanics Of Uphill Walking: A Joint-level, Inverse Dynamic Analysis

Jason Franz; Alyse Kehler; Lauren MacDonald; Rodger Kram

31. Region-specific Strain Energy In The Proximal Femur During Load-based Activities In Elderly Women

Mariana Kersh; Saulo Martelli; Roger Zebaze; Ego Seeman; Marcus Pandy

34. Comparison Of Knee Kinematics In Older Adults With Unilateral Transfemoral Amputations During Baseline Walking And Ramp Descent

Caitlin O’Connell; Rakie Cham; April Chambers

40. Brittle Bone Fracture Risk With Transverse Isotropy

Jessica Fritz; Nicole Grosland; Peter Smith; Gerald Harris

43. Multiple Shooting Optimal Control For Aperiodic Multistep Gait Simulation

Huseyin Celik; Stephen Piazza

46. Ankle Fatigue Classification Using Support Vector Machines

Jian Zhang; Thurmon Lockhart; Rahul Soangra

49. A Comparison Between Angular Momentum And Margin Of Stability In Healthy Younger And Older Adults

Arian Vistamehr; Richard Neptune

52. Effects Of Visual Perception Of Self-motion On Gait In People With Diabetes

Chun-Kai Huang; Pariwat Thaisetthawatkul; Vijay Shivaswamy; Ka-Chun Siu

55. Optimal Monitor Location For Posture And Movement Detection

Emma Fortune; Vipul Lugade; Kenton Kaufman

58. Fixed Cadence Effect On Shod & Barefoot Gait Kinematics

Braden Romer; John Fox; Jay Patel; Jared Rehm; Wendi Weimar

61. The Effect Of Load On Sagittal Plane Kinematics During Unanticipated Cutting Maneuvers

Tyler Brown; Meghan O’Donovan; Leif Hasselquist; Brian Corner; Jeffrey Schiffman

64. Relationship Between Functional Performance, Cognition, Gait And Balance Measures In Older Adults After Resistance Training

Srikant Vallabhajosula; Francesco Worley; Robert Hensley; Stephen Bailey

67. Generating Kinematically Consistent Data For Musculoskeletal Inverse Dynamic Analyses Using Finite Element Tools

Manoj Kumar Chinnakonda; Prabhav Saraswat; Jiang Yao; Victor Oancea; Juan Hurtado; Subham Sett

70. Effect Of Shoe Tread Depth On Foot Slipping Kinematics

Devon Albert; Aaron Ledgerwood; April Chambers; Mark Redfern; Kurt Beschorner

73. Assistive Forces Affect The Temporal Structure Of Gait Variability

Eric Cutler; Shane Wurdeman; Deborah Givens; Nicholas Stergiou

76. The Effects Of Plantar Fasciitis On Multi-segment Foot Running Gait Kinematics

Robin Bauer; Carol Mitchell; Mukta Joshi; Stephen Cobb

79. Associations Between Cognitive Performance And Gait Variability In Parkinson’s Disease

Elizabeth Stegemöller; Jonathan Wilson; Audrey Hazamy; Michael Okun; Lori Altmann; Chris Hass

82. Variations In Leg Stiffness And Lower Extremity Range Of Motion Variability From Stride Length Perturbations During Gait

Andrew D. Nordin; Joshua P. Bailey; Janet S. Dufek

85. Individuals With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Display Altered Mechanics During Split-belt Walking

Jaimie A. Roper; Ryan T. Roemmich; Chris J. Hass; Mark D. Tillman

88. What Predicts The First Peak Of The Knee Adduction Moment? Implications For The Treatment Of Knee Osteoarthritis
Anne Schmitz; Brian Noehren

91. Effects Of Load Carriage And Fatigue On Gait Coordination And Variation In Healthy Males

Cara Masterson; Daniel Leib; Henry Wang; Eric Dugan

94. Biomechanical Value Of Temperature In Assessing Plantar Loading

Metin Yavuz; Neha Delvadia; Jayson Atves; Jacqueline Goldfarb; Joseph Stuto; Andrew Franklin; Rebecca McGaha; Jessica Rispoli; Garneisha Torrence; Nilin Rao

97. Assessment Of Body Posture Using Inertial Measurement Units: A Validation Study


100. Comparison Of Functional Outcome Measures Between Patients With Knee Disarticulation And Trans-femoral Amputations Due To Trauma
Nancy Thesing; Trevor Kingsbury; Grant Myers; Marilynn Wyatt

103. Relationship Between Muscle Force And Size Of Human Intrinsic Foot

Toshiyuki Kurihara; Mitsuo Otsuka; Nobuaki Tottori; Takeshi Hashimoto; Tadao Isaka; Junichiro Yamauchi

106. Directional Differences In The Biaxial Material Properties Of Goat Fascia Lata

Carolyn Eng; Francesco Pancheri; Daniel Lieberman; Andrew Biewener; A. Luis Dorfmann

109. Energy Differences Between A Rigid And Deformable Representation Of The Shank During Drop Landings

Matthew Pain

112. Gait Initiation Variability Following A Concussion

Thomas Buckley; Tiffen Tapia-Lovler; Hannah Brewer; Barry Munkasy

115. Differences In Passive Contributions In Walking Among Healthy Young And Older Adults And Persons With Pad

Daniel Leib; Shane Wurdeman; Dylan Goodman; Iraklis Pipinos; Jason Johanning; Sara Myers

118. Gender Differences In Response To Load Carriage

Rebecca Krupenevich; Thomas Mahar; Jake Ridings; Rachel Tatarski; Patrick Rider; Zac Domire; Paul DeVita

121. Persistance Of Asymmetrical Lower-extremity Joint Work Following Acl Reconstruction

Benjamin Roewer; Stephanie Di Stasi; Hewett Timothy

124. Contribution Of Thigh And Tibial Motion To Knee Transverse Plane Motion In Runners With Anterior Knee Pain

Pedro Rodrigues; Brian Noehren; Joseph Hamill

127. Visual Feedback Improved Movement Symmetry During Sit-to-stand

Sumayeh Abujaber Abujaber ; Adam Marmon; Joseph Zeni, Jr.

130. Static And Dynamic Medial Longitudinal Arch Angle In Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Individuals

Sandra Aliberti; Bruno Mezencio; Alberto Amadio; Julio Serrão; Joseph Hamill; Luis Mochizuki

133. Altered Power Grip Force Distribution And Phalanx Force Trajectory For Older Individuals

Lydia Lambert; Gregory Slota; Leah Enders; Na Jin Seo

136. Finger Enslaving In The Dominant And Non-dominant Hand

Luke Wilhelm; Joel Martin; Mark Latash; Vladimir Zatsiorsky

139. Neuromuscular Control Of Shot Distance Using The Driver

Travis Peterson; Requejo Phil; Henryk Flashner; Jill McNitt-Gray

142. A Pilot Study Investigating The Difference In Sense Of Effort Between Chronic Stroke Survivors And Healthy Adults

Tarang Jain; Clayton Wauneka; Wen Liu

145. Muscular Contributions To Knee Accelerations During Single-leg Jump Landing In Australian Football Players

Kristin Morgan; Cyril Donnelly; Jeffrey Reinbolt

148. Arm Reaching With Vibrating Manipulandum Within A Dynamic Environment

Clayton Wauneka; Tarang Jain; Wen Liu

150. Decreased Bone Material Strength In Severe Osteogenesis Imperfecta (oi)

Carolyne Albert; Peter Smith; Gerald Harris

153. Development Of Age And Gender-specific Thorax Finite Element Models

Samantha Schoell; Ashley Weaver; Joel Stitzel

156. In Vitro Mandibular Fracture Repair With An Adjustable Bone Plate

Thomas M Cervantes; Alexander H Slocum Jr; Rajiv Gupta; Edward B Seldin

159. A Novel Augmented Reality Simulator For Teaching Wire Navigation Skills In Treating Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures

Brian Johns; Geb Thomas; Jenniefer Kho; Matthew Karam; J Lawrence Marsh; Donald Anderson

162. Isokinetic Knee Torque In Early And Advanced Parkinson’s Disease: Relation To Physical Function

GURPREET SINGH; Neena Sharma; Wen Liu

165. Subject Specific Multi-body Modles Of The Human Knee; Design Techniques And Experimental Verification

Matthew deBock; Rena Hale; Roger Gonxalez

168. Repeatablility Of A Modified Finite Heliax Axis Method: Within And Between Sessions

Eveline Graf; Darren Stefanyshyn

171. Anatomical Associations With Knee Kinematics In Maturing Females

Shannon Pomeroy; Grant Goulet; Scott McLean

174. Jumping Performance May Reflect Level Of Competition In Orienteering

Kim Hébert-Losier

177. Kinematic Markers Of Prolonged Pronation In Runners

James Becker; Louis Osternig; Stan James; Robert Wayner; Li-Shan Chou

180. Quantification Of The Mechanical And Neural Components Of Finger Enslaving By Using The Blind Source Separation (bss) Of Emg Data


183. The Functional Role Of The Medial Gastrocnemius During Cycling: A Workloop Approach

Taylor Dick; James Wakeling

186. The Influence Of Compressive Load Magnitude On The Centre Of Rotation Of Functional Spinal Units During In Vitro Biomechanics Testing

Mamiko Noguchi; Chad Gooyers; Jack Callaghan

189. Influence Of Ligaments On Rotation Response Of Cervical Spine: Finite Element Study

Iman Zafarparandeh; Deniz Erbulut; Ismail Lazoglu; Fahir Ozer

192. Increase In Broadband Excitation Identifies Vertebral Endplate Fractures

Matthew Coombs; Kermit Davis; Susan Kotowski; Robert Parkinson; Jack Callaghan

195. Cancellous Bone Fracture Visualization Method

Nicole Corbiere; Orion Kafka; Kathleen Issen; Laurel Kuxhaus

198. Shoulder Joint Force Sensitivity To Muscle Changes Following Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy

Dustin Crouch; Johannes Plate; Zhongyu Li; Katherine Saul

201. A Finite Element Modeling Approach To Understanding Critical Mechanical Trade-offs In Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

Vijay Permeswaran; Jessica Goetz; Carolyn Hettrich; Donald Anderson

204. The Role Of Pelvic Girdle Position In Force Development And Electromyography Of The Latissimus Dorsi

Jaynesh Patel; Adam Jagodinsky; Gretchen Oliver; Wendi Weimar

207. Evaluation Of Midcarpal Capitate Contact Mechanics In Normal, Injured And Post-operative Wrist

Saman Modaresi; Madhan Kallem; Phil Lee; Terence McIff; E Bruce Toby; Kenneth Fischer

210. Kinematic Calibration Of A Thin-film Pressure Grid Using Circular Disk Markers

Erik Sinsel; Frank Buczek

213. Noncontact Photoacoustic And Laser-ultrasound Imaging Of Optical Absorbers And Acoustic Scatterers In Tissue Phantoms

Jami Johnson; Michelle Sabick; Kasper Van Wijk

216. Modulation Of Titin Elasticity In Working Muscle To Minimize Energy Loss In Passive Stretch-shortening Cycles

Jens Herzog; Timothy Leonard; Azim Jinha; Walter Herzog

219. A Practical Approach To Determine Appropriate Cutoff Frequencies For Motion Analysis Data

Evelyne Carbonneau; Rejean Fontaine; Cecile Smeesters

221. Pilot Study Of The Effect Of An Acute Vestibular Therapy On Postural Stability Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder And Typically Developing Children

Senia Smoot; Deborah Kinor; Kimberly Edginton Bigelow

224. Quantification Of Musculoskeletal Loading Profile Of The Thumb During Pipetting

John Wu; Erik Sinsel; Justin Shroyer; Daniel Welcome; Kristin Zhao; Kai_Nan An; Frank Buczek

227. Comparison Of The Kinematics Of The Threshold Of Balance Recovery Of Two Postural Perturbations: Lean Release And Surface Translation

Victorien Thiaux; Stephen N. Robinovitch; Cécile Smeesters

230. Biomechanical Response To Ladder Slipping Events: Effects Of Hand Placement On Response And Recovery

Alyssa Paul; Marissa Lovell; Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan; Kurt Beschorner

233. Effect Of Compliant Flooring On Postural Stability In An Older Adult Population

Renee Beach; Kimberly Bigelow; Kurt Jackson

236. Determining Vestibular Contributions To Postural Control During Standing Using Suprathreshold Mechanical Stimulation

Jung Chien; Mukul Mukherjee

239. Single-leg Static Stability In Fit, Young Adults: Lower Extremity Strength And Core Strength As Predictors

Christopher Silvernale; Gary Heise; Emily Esselman; Jeremy Smith

242. Whole Body Posture For Running Change Of Direction Tasks

Kathryn Havens; Susan Sigward

248. Characterizing Lumbar Joint Torques During Sitting Following Multidirectional Perturbations: A Case Study

Albert Vette; Takashi Yoshida; Kei Masani; Milos Popovic

251. Loading Asymmetry During A Stand To Sit Task For People With Multiple Sclerosis

Bradley Bowser; Cathleen Brown; Lesley White; Kathy Simpson

254. Dynamic Postural Stability Deficits Exist In Mechanically Lax Individuals But Not Those With Perceived Functional Ankle Instability

Adam Rosen; Jupil Ko; Cathleen Brown Crowell

257. Impact Of Obesity On Antropometric Predictors Of Body Fat In Older Adults

Alicia Kolling; Jenna Montgomery; Jean McCrory; Rakié Cham; April Chambers

258. Quantifying Head Injury Severity Following Pediatric Patient Falls

Janet Dufek; Nancy Ryan-Wenger; Kyle Mefferd

261. Individual Muscle Contributions To Handcycling Propulsion

Kotaro Sasaki

264. Evaluation Of Novel Biofeedback In Changes Of Activation Of The Trapezius

Brecca Gaffney; Katrina Maluf; Bradley Davidson

267. Normative 3d Strength Surfaces In Healthy Subjects For The Hip And Trunk Joint Complexes

John Looft; Allison Stockdale; Keith Avin; Laura Frey Law

270. Comparison Of Supraspinatus And Infraspinatus Surface And Fine Wire Electromyography During Isometric Humeral Rotation

Rebecca Brookham; Tyler Allen; Alan Cudlip; Clark Dickerson

273. Neuromagnetic Activity Of The Sensorimotor Cortices During The Motor Planning And Execution Stages In Children With Cerebral Palsy

David Arpin; Katherine Becker; Elizabeth Heinrichs-Graham; Tony Wilson; Max Kurz

276. Effects Of A Newly Designed Cervicle Collar On Neck Joint Kinematics

Jacob Gardner; Xuan Liu; Chen Wen; Songning Zhang

279. The Effects Of A Varus Unloader Brace For Lateral Tibiofemoral Osteoarthritis And Valgus Malalignment After Anterior Cruicate Ligament Reconstruction: A Proof Of Concept

Harvi Hart; David Ackland; Anthony Schache; Marcus Pandy; Natalie Collins; Kay Crossley

282. The Relationships Of Force Generation Between Biodensity Training And Similar Athletic Tasks

Boyi Dai; Erika Heinbaugh; Rebecca Moynes; Shawn Rockey; Derek Smith

285. Effect Of Glenohumeral Abduction On Supraspinatus Repair Tension

Jacqueline Hawthorne; Elise Carpenter; Patrick Lam; George Murrell

288. Data-driven Biomechanical Analysis Of The Upper Trapezius Muscles And Neck Movement: A Pilot Study

Qi Wei; Siddhartha Sikdar; Naomi Lynn Gerber; Zoran Duric; Paul Otto; Nalini Vishnoi

291. Time-dependent Changes In Velocity-dependent Stiffness Of The Elbow Joint During Stroke Recovery

Matthew Kindig; Vennila Krishnan; Mehdi Mirbagheri

294. Thermal Conductivity Of Prosthetic Elastomers, Fabrics, Liners, And Socket Materials

Mena Klittich; Brian Davis; Christina Webber; Ali Dhinojwala

297. Integration Of Musculoskeletal Analysis With Engineering Design For Virtual Prototyping Of Exoskeletons

Priyanshu Agarwal; Pei-Hsin Kuo; Richard Neptune; Ashish Deshpande

300. A Biomechanical Model For Glenohumeral Joint Evaluation During Pediatric Manual Wheelchair Mobility

Brooke Slavens; Alyssa Paul; Adam Graf

303. Variability Of Upper Extremity Kinematics And Shoulder Pain During Wheelchair Propulsion: A Vector Coding Analysis

Iris Hsu; Yaejin Moon; Chandrasekaran Jayaraman; Ian Rice; Jacob Sosnoff; Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler

306. Enhancing Friction Between Gloves And Pushrims For Wheelchair Racing

François Marcou; Geneviève Masson; François Martel; Denis Rancourt; Cécile Smeesters; Félix Berrigan; Jean Laroche; Eve Langelier

307. A Novel Method To Model A Cyclist In Situ

A Cole Meyers; Moataz Eltoukhy; Joseph Signorile

310. Muscular Activation Of Lower Limb Muscles Due To In-flight Posterior Perturbation During Drop Landing

Rumit Singh Kakar; Scott W Arnett; Yang-Chieh Fu; Kathy J. Simpson

316. Kinematic Comparison Of Successful And Unsuccessful Landings During Unanticipated Movement Tasks

Kristof Kipp; Christopher Geiser; Claire Wood; Carolyn Meinerz; Krista Watson

319. Differences In The Mechanics Between The Dominant And Non-dominant Plant Limb During Instep Soccer Kicking

Cassidy Berlin; Eric Dugan

322. Characteristics Of Tibial Strains During Different Type Of Physical Activities

Mohammad Kia; Clark Dickin; Henry Wang

325. Kinematic Analysis Of Soccer Heading; Comparison Of Training Methods

Shoko Suzuki; Yasuo Nakamura; Nozomu Inoue

328. Ground Reaction Forces And Impulse During Landing Is Not Correlated With Ball Speed In High School Baseball Pitchers

Masoumeh Soujoudi; Sakiko Oyama; Joseph Myers

331. The Relationships Of Bat Quickness And Bat Velocity With Batting Outcomes For Division I Softball Players

Travis Ficklin; Cassandra Reilly-Boccia; Robin Lund; Kara Beatty; Javier Hervas

334. Relationship Of Rate Of Torque Development And Contractile Impulse During Time Critical Periods

Samuel Johnson; Marc Norcross; Christine Pollard; Mark Hoffman

337. Biomechanical Variables During Swing Correlated With Impact Peak In Running

Anne Schmitz; Michael Pohl; Kaitlin Woods; Brian Noehren

340. Can Increased Running Cadence Simulate The Effects Of Going Barefoot?

Jocelyn Hafer; Jennifer Bido; Leigh-Ann Plack; Jordan Metzl

343. The Effects Of Fatigue On Vertical Loading During Running

Danise Maas; Lars Mattison; Macie Michelson; Bradley Bowser

346. Lateral Momentum Generation In An Unexpected Quick First Step

Christopher Ramos; Jill McNitt-Gray

Poster Session 2

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Number included in the title refers to the poster board number at the conference site

2. Discrete Wavelet Transforms Can Detect Shoulder Muscle Fatigue During Light-duty Assembly Tasks

Xu Xu; Jin Qin; Jia-Hua Lin

5. Relative Rotations Of Pelvis And Ribcage In Seated And Standing Postures

Jessica Buschman; Sam Leitkam; Tamara Reid Bush, PhD

8. Evaluation Of Grip Pressure And Hand-arm Vibration In Jack-hammering Task With And Without Lift Assist

Blake Johnson; Patrick Dix; Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan

11. The Effects Of Shoulder Abduction Angle And Wrist Angle On Upper Extremity Muscle Activity In Unilateral Right-handed Push/pull Tasks

Alan Cudlip; Tyler Allen; Michael Holmes; Jack Callaghan; Clark Dickerson

14. An Investigation Of Hand Force Distribution, Hand Posture And Surface Orientation

Rosemarie Figueroa; Thomas Armstrong

17. Measurement And Analysis On The Posterior Intervertebral Gaps Based On X-ray Images Of Korean Lumbar System

Taesoo Bae; Heesu Park; Jaehyuk Yang; Keyoung Chun; Cheolwoong Ko

20. Trunk Inertial Estimates Of A Pregnant Female

Jason Wicke; Alex Calleros; Valerie DiMartino

23. Using A Stability Ball As A Task Chair: Spine Angles During Lateral Reaching

Thomas Karakolis; Michael Holmes; Jack Callaghan

26. The Influence Of Neck Posture And Canadian Forces Helicopter Helmet Configuration On Neck Muscular Demands

Colin McKinnon; Andrew Laing; Clark Dickerson; Jack Callaghan

29. Stride Length At Controlled Walking Speeds Is Not Related To Redestribution Of Lower Extremity Joint Powers

Harsh Buddhadev; Philip Martin

32 .the Relationship Between A Progressive Versus Single-stage Treadmill Test For Evaluation Of Claudication

Shane Wurdeman; Iraklis Pipinos; Jason Johanning; Sara Myers

35. Does Slower Walking Speed In Older Adults Protect Against Distractions?

Hyun Gu Kang; Dan Thap

38. An Automated Iterative Method For Adjusting Virtual Model Markers In An Opensim Model

Arash Mahboobin

41. Using Forward Simulations To Predict Saggital Kinematics During Fastfes

John Ramsay; Thomas Buchanan; Jill Higginson

44. Effects Of Electromyogram Signal Filtering On Muscle Activation Time

Rahul Soangra; Thurmon Lockhart; Jian Zhang

47. Comparison Of Methods To Determine Rotation Onset Of Upper Body Segments When Walking And Turning

V.N. Pradeep Ambati; Nicholas G Murray; Doug Powell; Rebecca Reed-Jones

50. Body Orientation Affects The Distal Upper Extremity Impact Response Following Simulated Forward Falls

Timothy Burkhart; Evan Brydges; Jennifer Stefanczyk; David Andrews

53. Center Of Pressure Trajectory During Gait: A Comparison Of Four Foot Postures

Vipul Lugade; Kenton Kaufman

56. The Effects Of Experimental Knee Pain On Co-contraction And Spatiotemporal Characteristics During A 30-min Run

Matt Denning; Scott Woodland; Iain Hunter; Ty Hopkins; Matthew Seeley

59. Association Between Peak Forefoot Plantar Shear Stresses And Physical Body Measures

metin yavuz; neha delvadia; jayson atves; jacqueline goldfarb; joseph stuto; nilin rao; alan glaros

62. Analysis Of Foot Clearances In Firefighters During Ascent And Descent Of Stairs

Richard Kesler; Gavin Horn; Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler

65. Sex Difference In Kinematic And Kinetic Patterns Of Treadmill Walking In Preadolescent Children

Jianhua Wu; Toyin Ajisafe

68. Do Increased Muscle Forces Lead To Increased Contributions To Support And Progression During Gait?

Sarah Schloemer; Julie Thompson; Laura Schmitt; Thomas Best; Robert Siston

71. Assessing Gait Changes In Firefighters Due To Fatigue And Asymmetric Load Carriage

Julian Sy; Gavin Horn; Richard Kesler; Matthew Petrucci; Kiwon Park; Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler

74. Kinematic Analysis Of Foot Clearance During Stair Ambulation In Older Adult Unilateral Transfemoral Amputees

Allison Luther; April Chambers; Rakie Cham

77. New Adult Male Post Mortem Human Subject Segmental Weight, Centers Of Gravity, And Principal Moments Of Inertia

Meghan O’Donovan; Leif Hasselquist; Chris Albery; Samuel Corner; Brian Corner

80. Prediction Of Load Accommodation Strategies During Walking From Lower Extremity Kinematic Variables

Lee Atkins; Janet Dufek; Barry Bates; Roger James

83. The Effect Of Trunk Flexion On Lower Limb Kinetics Of Able-bodied Gait

Matthew Major; David Kluger; Stefania Fatone; Steven Gard

86. Gluteus Maximus And Soleus Compensate For Simulated Quadriceps Atrophy And Activation Failure Over A Range Of Walking Speeds

Julie Thompson; Ajit Chaudhari; Laura Schmitt; Thomas Best; Robert Siston

89. The Influence Of Knee Bracing On Patellar Kinematics During Human Walking

Joseph Y. Lee; Elizabeth C. Hardin; Stephanie N. Bailey

92. The Effect Of Split-belt Treadmill Speed Configurations On Interlimb Coordination And Gait Cycle Patterns

Brian Hoover; Ryan Roemmich; Jaimie Roper; Chris Hass

95. Sample Entropy Outperfoms Approximate Entropy With Small Data Sets

Jennifer Yentes; Nathaniel Hunt; Kendra Schmid; Jeffrey Kaipust; Denise McGrath; Nicholas Stergiou

98. Development Of A Geometric Model To Determine Inertial Parameters In Amputees

Christopher Siviy; April Chambers; Rakié Cham

101. Economization Of Stride Length In Level And Uphill Running

Iain Hunter; Erin Robinson

104. Cardan Sequences On 1-mtp Joint Kinematics: Implications For Foot Bunion

Ward Glasoe; Fernando Pena; Vandana Phadke; Paula Ludewig

107. Development And Evaluation Of A New Moving System Incorporated With Specific Function For Gait Rehabilitative Training Assistance

Bumkee Lee; Leeyong Song; Hoyeon Jung; Kyungjin Jeon; Kyungbae Jang; Dohyung Lim

110. Individual Limb Mechanical Analysis Of Gait Following Stroke

Caitlin Mahon; Dominic Farris; Gregory Sawicki; Michael Lewek

113. Clinical Correlates And Effects Of Deep Brain Stimulation On Gait Variability In Essential Tremor

Ryan Roemmich; Michael Okun; Pamela Zeilman; Nikolaus McFarland; Chris Hass

116. Inter-joint Coordination For Individuals With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction During Stair Ascent

Junsig Wang; Michelle Hall; Jason Gillette

119. Persistent Deviations In Hip Dynamics During Gait In Women After Triple Innominate Osteotomy

Sjoerd Kolk; René Fluit; Nico Verdonschot; Vivian Weerdesteyn

122. Femoral Neck Stresses During Stair Navigation

Chen Deng; Jason Gillette; Timothy Derrick

125. Evaluating Runners With And Without Anterior Knee Pain Using The Time To Contact The Ankle Joint Complex Range Of Motion Boundary

Pedro Rodrigues; Trampas TenBroek; Richard van Emmerik; Joseph Hamill

128. The Effect Of A New Microprocessor Controlled Prosthetic Knee On Obstacle Crossing In Patients With Unilateral Transfemoral Amputation

Jennifer Aldridge Whitehead; Jason Wilken

131. Older Acl Non-copers Demonstrate Larger External Knee Adduction Moments One Year After Aclr

Elizabeth Wellsandt; Kathleen White; Lynn Snyder-Mackler

134. Controlling Redundancy In Wrist And Forarm Rotations

Allan Peaden; Steven Charles

137. Short Term Learning And Sex Differences During Repeated Steadiness Tasks

Brian Tracy; Emma Boesel; Amin Amin

140. The Role Of Variability In The Local Dynamic Stability Of Continuous Reach-and-point Movements

David Heller; Robert Gregory

143. Torque Variability And Emg Activation Differs Between Adults With And Without Multiple Sclerosis At The Ankle

Brenda L. Davies; David J. Arpin; Max J. Kurz

146. Excitability Of The Middle Deltoid At Different Elevation Angles

Yin-Liang Lin; Anita Christie; Andrew Karduna

149. Obesity-related Difference In Lower Extremity Strength Among Young Females: Preliminary Findings

Hoda Koushyar; Sara Matrangola; Maury Nussbaum; Michael Madigan

151. Treadmill Bone Loading During Spaceflight

Melissa Scott-Pandorf; Roxanne Buxton; Lori Ploutz-Snyder; Brian Peters

154. Relationships Between The Mechanical Quality Of Cortical Bone And Fgf23 Levels In Mice Challenged By Fructose And Calcium Modified Diets

Edek Williams; Devendra Bajaj; Veronique Douard; Yves Sabbagh; Ronaldo Ferraris; J. Christopher Fritton

157. Comparing Periosteal Morphology Between Cervine And Human Tibiae

Alexander Throop; Alexander Landauer; Alexander Clark, Jr.; Laurel Kuxhaus

160. Compression Force Substantially Increases The Tibiofemoral Joint Passive Stiffness And Moment In Sagittal And Frontal Planes

Hafedh Marouane; Aboulfazl Shirazi-Adl; Malek Adouni

163. Secondary Kinematic Patterns Of Osteoarthritic Knees During Active Extension And Flexion

Greg Freisinger; Jackie Lewis; Matthew Beal; Xueliang Pan; Laura Schmitt; Robert Siston; Ajit Chaudhari

166. Estimation Of Individual Muscle Forces During Squatting And Lunging And Their Load Effect On The Tibial Plateau

Rena Hale; Matthew deBock; Roger Gonzalez

169. Leg Stiffness From Doubly Integrated Groud Reaction Forces Depend On The Integration Constant

Kim Hébert-Losier; Anders Eriksson

172. Hip External Rotation Strength Impacts Lower Extremity Mechanics During Unanticipated Landing Activities In Collegiate Female Soccer Players.

Christopher Geiser; Claire Wood; Carolyn Meinerz; Krista Watson; Kristof Kipp

175. Fatigue Effects On Intersegmental Accelerations During High-impact Landings: Piloting Performance Predictors

Steven Davidson; Stephen Cain; Grant Goulet; Noel Perkins; Scott McLean

178. Prolonged Pronation In Runners With Achilles Tendinopathy

James Becker; Louis Osternig; Stan James; Robert Wayner; Li-Shan Chou

181. Changes In Passive Muscle Tension And Sarcomere Length Following Stroke

Liang-Ching Tsai; Shu Liu; Yi-Ning Wu; Charley Liu; Yupeng Ren; Li-Qun Zhang

184. Association Between Iliotibial Band Syndrome Status And Running Biomechanics In Women

Eric Foch; Jeffrey Reinbolt; Songning Zhang; Clare Milner

187. Spine Motion During Activities Of Daily Living In Young Adults

Scott Breloff; Li-Shan Chou

190. Description Of Lumbar Intervertebral Configuration Using Principal Component-based Manifolds

Craig Simons; Loren Cobb; Bradley Davidson

193. A Refined Technique To Calculate Joint Motion Helical Axes From Six-dof Tracker Output

Stewart McLachlin; Louis Ferreira; Cynthia Dunning

196. Stress Distribution Formulation In A Linear Viscoelastic Bio-material

Yun Peng; Debao Zhou

199. Effects Of Distal Biceps Rupture On Supination Strength

Brandon Brown; Christopher Schmidt; Mark Carl Miller

202. Age-related Changes To Shoulder Musculature In A Vervet Monkey Model

Anthony Santago; Johannes Plate; Thomas Smith; Katherine Saul

205. Scaling And Architectural Similarity Of Common Models Of The Human Rotator Cuff

Margie Mathewson; Alan Kwan; Carolyn Eng; Richard Lieber; Samuel Ward

208. Three-dimensional Comparison Of Static And Dynamic Scapular Motion Tracking Techniques

Kathleen MacLean; Jaclyn Chopp; Tej-Jaskirat Grewal; Bryan Picco; Clark Dickerson

211. Experimental Design Influence On Detection Of Performance Differences

Barry Bates; C. Roger James; Janet Dufek

214. Analysis Of Hemodynamics In Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (aaa) With Fenestrated Stent Graft

Harkamaljot Kandail; Mohamad Hamady; Xiao Yun Xu

217. Relationships Among Mechanical And Neuromuscular Control Variables In Healthy Individuals During Landing

Ram Haddas; Steven Sawyer; Phil Sizer; Toby Brooks; Ming Chyu; C Roger James

220. A Flexible Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery Box Skills Trainer

Geb Thomas; Donald Anderson; Matthew Karam; Brian Johns; Salvador Rojas Murillo; J. Lawrence Marsh

222. Perception Of Complex Movement In Typically Developing Children And Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Joshua Haworth; Anastasia Kyvelidou; Wayne Fisher; Nicholas Stergiou

225. Effect Of Forward Perturbation On The Trunk Neuromuscular Behavior

Ali Shahvarpour; Aboulfazl Shirazi-Adl; Christian Larivière; Hakim Mecheri

228. Postural Stability During Tandem Stance

Catherine Stevermer; Jason Gillette

231. An Attention Diverting Task Negatively Affects Recovery Step Kinematics And Fall Incidence

Mackenzie L. Hoops; Noah J. Rosenblatt; Mark D. Grabiner

234. Modeling The Lean Release And Surface Translation Perturbations With An Inverted Pendulum On A Cart

Victorien Thiaux; Stephen N. Robinovitch; Cécile Smeesters

237. Single-leg Dynamic Stability In Fit, Young Adults: Lower Extremity Strength And Core Strength As Predictors

Gary Heise; Emily Esselman; Christopher Silvernale; Jeremy Smith

240. Differences In Center Of Pressure Regularity In Stable- And Unstable-surface Athletes

Douglas Powell; D.S. Blaise Williams 3rd

243. Measurement Of Human/bicycle Balancing Dynamics And Rider Skill

Stephen Cain; James Ashton-Miller; Noel Perkins

246. Effects Of Age And Obesity On Risk Of Slipping During Level Walking

Sara Matrangola; Christina Rossi; Maury Nussbaum; Michael Madigan

249. The Test-retest Reliability Of Compensatory Stepping Thresholds Of Young Adults

Jeremy Crenshaw; Kenton Kaufman

252. Dynamic Lumbar Pursuit Task With Occupational Whole-body Vibration Exposure

Timothy Craig; Wilson Sara

255. Comparison Between Polynomial And Logistic Equations For Modeling Three Dimensional Strength Surfaces

John Looft; Laura Frey-Law

259. Optimization Of Porous Nitinol Geometry For Use In Bone Implants

Sean Davis; Mohammed Elahinia

262. Investigation Of The Upper Cervical Spine Biomechanics Under Various Loading Type

Wissal Mesfar; Kodjo Moglo

265. Computerized Mallet Classification For Brachial Plexus Palsy

Charles Ewert; Vincent Crocher; Na Jin Seo

268. Rate Of Torque Development Deficits Following Total Knee Arthroplasty

Joshua Winters; Cory Christiansen; Jennifer Stevens-Lapsley

271. Muscle Architectural Changes Of The Post-stroke Tibialis Anterior

Molly Wessel; John Ramsay; Stephen Suydam; Thomas Buchanan; Jill Higginson

274. Simple System For Isometric Muscle Strength Measurement And Biofeedback In An Mri Scanner

Tim Wrigley; Camille Shanahan

277. Between Session Reliablity Of Quadricpes Percent Voluntary Activation And Force Measures In Healthy Participants

Terry Grindstaff; Dimitrios Katsavelis; Sam Morton; A. Joseph Threlkeld

280. Similarities And Differences In Knee Mechanics Between Single Leg Squat And Single Leg Jump

Michael Donohue; Samantha Ellis; Erika Heinbau; Qin Zhu; Boyi Dai

283. Effects On Lumbar Loading Of Adding Upper Body Resistance To A Squat Exercise

Elizabeth Doran; Michael Pavol

286. Estimating Knee Adduction Moment In Real-time On An Elliptical Trainer

Sang Hoon Kang; Song Joo Lee; Yupeng Ren; Li-Qun Zhang

289. Stroke Induced Sensory Deficit Decreases Phalanx Force Control During Power Grip

Leah Enders; Na Jin Seo

292. Somatosensory Cortex Activity In Response To Fingertip Stimulation Can Increase With Remote Subthreshold Vibrotactile Noise: An Eeg Study

Pilwon Hur; Ying-Ling Tseng; Na Jin Seo

295. Comparison Of Load Reduction Abilities Of Camwalker And Corset-style Ankle Foot Orthoses

Andrea Wanamaker; Bradley Davidson; Cory Christiansen; Deborah Saint-Phard

298. In-bed Passive And Active Movement Rehabilitation Of Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury

Kai Chen; Lin Liu; Liang Wang; Yupeng Ren; Deborah Gaebler; Charles Sisung; Li-Qun Zhang

301. A Familiarization Protocol For Wheelchair Propulsion

Jessica Longworth; Karen Troy

304. A Principal Component Analysis Of Kinematic Variability During Wheelchair Propulsion

Chandrasekaran Jayaraman; Ian .M Rice; Yaejin Moon; Iris M.K. Hsu; Elizabeth T. Hsiao Wecksler; Carolyn Beck; Jacob .J Sosnoff

308. Proposal For A New Methodology For Tracking Arch Motion During Athletic Tasks

Erin Hartigan; Rebecca Zifchock; Michael Lawrence; Chunhao Tu

311. A Comparison Of Electromyography From Four Loading Configurations

Adam Jagodinsky; John Fox; Jared Rehm; Braden Romer; Jay Patel; Wendi Weimar

317. Associations Between Clinical Dorsiflexion Flexibility And Landing Mechanics During A Drop Jump

Philip Malloy; Christopher Geiser; Claire Wood; Carolyn Meinerz; Krista Watson; Kristof Kipp

320. Linear Prediction Of Kinematic And Kinetic Performance With Individual Anatomic Factors

Nathaniel Bates; Greg Myer; Timothy Hewett

323. The Effect Of Fatigue On High School Male And Female Pitchers

Mandi Gibbons; Andrew Kraszewski; Jocelyn Hafer; Jennifer Bido; Jessica Graziano; Michael Levinson; Sherry Backus; Howard Hillstrom; Stephen Fealy; Andreas Kontaxis

326. Peak Vertical Ground Reaction Forces Are Different During Stretch Vs. Wind-up Pitching In Collegiate Baseball Players

Patrick Rider; Bret Beaman; Taylor McKinney; Paul DeVita; Blaise Williams

329. The Effects Of Throwing Technique On Performance For Six Elite Javelin Throwers

Steven Leigh; Jesus Dapena; Michael Gross; Joseph Myers; Bing Yu

332. A Comparison Of Two Different Sprint Start Techniques In Collegiate Linebackers

Robin Lund; Jason Cusick; Travis Ficklin

335. Instantaneous Power Measurement In Wheelchair Racing

Jean-Philippe Pelland-Leblanc; François Martel; Ève Langelier; Smeesters Cecile; Felix Berrigan; Jean Laroche; Denis Rancourt

338. Dynamic Ankle Stiffness And Ankle Work In High- Compared To Low-arched Athletes During Barefoot Running

Douglas Powell; D.S. Blaise Williams 3rd

341. Can Cadence Manipulation Simulate The Joint Loading Benefits Of Barefoot Running?

Jennifer Bido; Jocelyn Hafer; Leigh-Ann Plack; Jordan Metzl

344. A Triangulated Approach To Understanding Sports Surface Preferences

Felix Tsui; Steph Forrester

Poster Session 3

Friday, September 6, 2013

Number included in the title refers to the poster board number at the conference site

3. Frequency Domain Features Of Semg During The Local Muscle Fatigue Of The Ankle With And Without Functional Instability

Qiuxia Zhang; Lin Zhang; Aming Lu; Guodong Wang

6. Measurements And Analysis On Muscle Activities In Female Subjects Depending On Drive-assisting Speeds Of A Shower Carrier

Cheolwoong KO; Keyoung Chun; Tae Soo BAE

9. Effects Of Prolonged Standing On Oxygen Saturation In The Soleus And Erector Spinae Muscles Of The Lower Back Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Justin Haney; Mark Redfern; Theodore Huppert; April Chambersp>

12. Muscle Activity In Simulated Overhead Drilling: The Influences Of Work Location, Force Direction, Hand Configuration And Body Posture

Jacquelyn Maciukiewicz; Alan Cudlip; Jaclyn Chopp; Clark Dickerson

15. Age-related Changes In Mechanical Properties Of Human Hand Digits

Jaebum Park; Nemanja Pazin; Jason Friedman; Vladimir Zatsiorsky; Mark Latash

18. Kinematic Consistency-based Decision Rules For Discriminating Between Sincere And Feigned Trunk Motion Exertions

Sivan Almosnino; Taya McGillivary; Joan Stevenson; Olivia Bruce; Zeevi Dvir

21. The Effects Of Diurnal Changes In Behaviors Of Trunk Tissues On Trunk Mechanical Properties

Brian Koch; Anuj Agarwal; Milad Vazirian; Babak Bazrgari

24. Leg And Torso Muscle Response To Prolonged Kneeling

Daniel Lomo-Tettey; Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan; Blake Johnson; Kurt Beschorner

27. Simulation To Improve Surgical Articular Fracture Reduction Skills

Gary Ohrt; Geb Thomas; Matthew Karam; Tameem Yehyawi; Brian Westerlind; J. Lawrence Marsh; Donald Anderson

30. Circumventing Thigh Soft Tissue Artifact Via Shank Cluster-referencing Of Knee Joint Centers

Manutchanok Jongprasithporn; Brian Schulz

33. The Relationship Between The Stair Climbing Test, Knee Extension Strength, And Peak External Knee Flexion Moment In Patients Awaiting Total Knee Athroplasty

Jackie Lewis; Greg Freisinger; Matt Beal; Laura Schmitt; Robert Siston; Ajit Chaudhari

36. Angular Momentum And Thorax-pelvis Coordination In Walking

Jennifer L. Baird; Brian R. Umberger; Joseph Hamill; Richard van Emmerik

39. Impact Of Total Menisectomy On Tibial Plateau Contact Forces, Femoral Cartilage Stress Level & Cruciate Ligament Forces In Passive Knee Flexion


37. Real-time Feedback Encourages Old Adults To Increase Their Propulsion During Walking

Jason Franz; Michela Maletis; Rodger Kram

42. The Reliability Of Ultrasound In Obtaining Subject-specific Parameters

Joshua Leonardis; Patrick Rider; Jordan Black; Tony Kulas; Zachary Domire

45. Muscle Activation Changes In Responses To Orthotic Ankle Constraint During Walking

Christopher Hovorka; Jaemin Sung; Kathryne Eckert; Robert Gregor; Young-Hui Chang

48. Effects Of Age And Obesity On Risk Of Tripping During Level Walking

Christina Rossi; Sara Matrangola; Maury Nussbaum; Michael Madigan

51. Step Length Perturbations Alter Variations In Center Of Mass Horizontal Velocity

Joshua Bailey; Andrew Nordin; Janet Dufek

54. Execution Of Activites Of Daily Living In Persons With Parkinson’s Disease.

Jared Skinner; Hyo Keun Lee; Ryan Roemmich; Shinichi Amano; Chris Hass

57. Cadence Effets On Shod Gait Kinematics

Wendi Weimar; Braden Romer; John Fox; Jay Patel; Jared Rehm

60. Effects Of Prolonged Load Carriage Walking On Lower Extremity And Trunk Kinematics, Heart Rate, And Subjective Responses

Sivan Almosnino; David Kingston; Davide Bardana; Joan Stevenson; Ryan Graham

63. Twelve Weeks Of Plantarflexor Strength Training Do Not Change Gait Biomechanics Of Healthy Old Adults Walking At A Safe Maximum Speed

Rachel Tatarski; Chantal Beijersbergen; Jake Ridings; Zachary Domire; Patrick Rider; Tibor Hortobagyi; Paul DeVita

66. Kinetic Patterns Of Treadmill Walking In Preadolescents With And Without Down Syndrome

Jianhua Wu; Toyin Ajisafe

69. An Alternate Predictor Of Peak Medial Compartment Loading: The Product Of Peak Knee Extensor And Abductor Moments

Kurt Manal; Emily Gardinier; Lynn Snyder-Mackler; Thomas Buchanan

72. Young Adults Have Higher Arm Elevation Than Older Adults During Unexpected Slips

Zachary Merrill; Peter Sandrian; April Chambers

75. Determining How Humans Regulate Variability During Walking

Nicole Bohnsack; Joseph Cusumano; Jonathan Dingwell

78. The Mechanics Of Economical Walking: Insights From Chimpanzee And Human Bipedalism

Leng-Feng Lee; Matthew O’Neill; Brigitte Demes; Michelle Confer; Nathan Thompson; Susan Larson; Brian Umberger

81. A Comparison Of Feedback Strategies In A Virtual Environment To Improve Gait Symmetry Of Service Members With Unilateral Transtibial Amputation

Elizabeth Nottingham; Alison Linberg; Erik Wolf

84. Mechanical Effectiveness Of A Combined Gait Modification Strategy To Reduce Knee Adduction Moment: Increasing Trunk Lean And Foot Progression Angle

Joaquin Barrios; Lydia Caldwell

87. Experimental Anterior Knee Pain Alters Electromyography During High-intensity Landing And Jumping

Matthew Seeley; Jordan Pitt; Jihong Park; Cory Cosgrave; Sydney Chartrand; Devin Francom; Ty Hopkins

90. Transfemoral Amputation Alters Pelvis-trunk Coordination During Walking: Implications For Low Back Pain

Elizabeth Russell; Jennifer Aldridge Whitehead; Jason Wilken

93. A Comparison Of Torso Stability Between Bed Rest Subjects And Astronauts During Tandem Walk: Preliminary Findings

Chris Miller; Brian Peters; Igor Kofman; Rachel Brady; Tiffany Phillips; Crystal Batson; Ajitkumar Mulavara; Alan Feiveson; Millard Reschke; Jacob Bloomberg

96. Kinematic Variability And Accelerometers Demonstrate A Lack Of Agreement

Carlee Howe; Ryan Hasenkamp; Shane Wurdeman; Sara Myers; Bryan Arnold

99. Ground Reaction Force And Lower Extremity Joint Angle Acclimation To Treadmill Walking With And Without Load

Angela Boynton

102. Nonlinear Effects Of Body Weight On Ground Reaction Force Peaks

Martyn Shorten

105. Biplane Fluoroscopic Analysis Of The Hindfoot Using Model-based Tracking Techniques: A Static Phantom Study

Janelle Cross; Ben McHenry; Gerald Harris; Taly Schmidt

108. Moments Of Inertia Of The Shank Change Markedly During Drop Landings

Matthew Pain

111. Does The Hallux Valgus Surgery Affect Spatiotemporal Parameters And Lower Extremity Kinematics During Gait?

Jitka Klugarova; Miroslav Janura; Zdenek Svoboda; Zdenek Sos

114. The Prevalence Of Gait Deviaitons In Individuals With Trans-tibial Amputation 4 Months After Independent Ambulation

Kelly Rodriguez; Christopher Rabago; Jason Wilken

117. Does Quadriceps-strengthening Exercise Affect Quadriceps Force, Power, And Work During Stair Ascent In Adults With Knee Osteoarthritis?

Joshua Leonardis; Patrick Rider; John Norbury; Jens Aaboe; Robin Christensen; Henning Bliddal; Marius Henriksen; Paul DeVita

120. Knee Angular Position And Muscle Activity During Modified Elliptical Exercise

Max Paquette; Audrey Zucker-Levin; Paul DeVita; Joseph Hoekstra; David Pearsall

123. Biomechanical Asymmetries During Gait In Individuals Before And Three Months After Unilateral Total Hip Arthroplasty

Federico Pozzi; Sumayah Abujaber; Joseph Zeni

126. Force Output Is More Variable In Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease

Ryan Hasenkamp; Shane Wurdeman; Jason Johanning; Iraklis Pipinos; Carlee Howe; Sara Myers

129. Sensitivity Of Vertical Ground Reaction Force Parameters In Normal And Amputee Running To Filter Design

Dovin Kiernan; Kyung Koh; Hyun Joon Kwon; Ross H Miller; Jae Kun Shim

132. Do Biomechanical Loads Increase During Common Rehabilitation Exercises In Obese Individuals ?

Bhupinder Singh; H John Yack; Kathleen Janz; Shelby Francis

135. Why Are Wrist Rotations Less Smooth Than Reaching Movements?

Layne Salmond; Steven Charles

138. The Relationship Between Visual Steadiness And Muscle Force Steadiness In Young And Old Adults

Rebecca Krupenevich; Katie Reynolds; Luke Spangler; Patrick Rider; Nicholas Murray; Paul DeVita

141. Muscle Recruitment And Angular Impulse Generation Strategies Used During Turn Tasks With Modified Hip External Rotation

Antonia Zaferiou; Jill L. McNitt-Gray

144. Effects Of Volitional Spine Stabilization And Lower Extremity Fatigue On Landing Performance In A Recurrent Low Back Pain Population

Ram Haddas; Phil Sizer; Steven Sawyer; Toby Brooks; Ming Chyu; C Roger James

147. Quadriceps Fatigue Affects Central Nervous System Activation

Sam Morton; Dimitrios Katsavelis; A. Joseph Threlkeld

152. Estimation Of Skull Cortical Thickness From Clinical Ct

Elizabeth Lillie; Jillian Urban; Ashley Weaver; Joel Stitzel

155. Finite Element Prediction Of Periosteal Strain At The Human Distal Radius During A Targeted Loading Task

Varun Bhatia; W. Brent Edwards; Karen Troy

158. The Vascular Structure Of Bone Is Compromised With Immobilization And Is Not Recovered With Anti-resorptive Treatment And Remobilization

Parth Patel; Devendra Bajaj; Christopher Fritton

161. A Comprehensive Multiscale Characterization Of The Tibiofemoral Joint: Tissue Testing.

Snehal Chokhandre; Craig Bennetts; Robb Colbrunn; Tara Bonner; Ahmet Erdemir

164. Evaluation Of New Total Knee Arthroplasty Considering Design Factors Capbling Of Reducing A Risk Of Tka Failures: Finite Element Analysis

Paul Han; Young Woong Jang; Oui Sik Yoo ; Jung Sung Kim; Dohyung Lim

167. Influence Of Anticipation On Acl Loading When Ground Reaction Forces Are Perturbed During A Sidestep Cutting Maneuver

Joshua Weinhandl; Kristian O’Connor

173. Ankle Landing Strategy During A Vertical Stop-jump Maneuver Alters Knee Joint Resultant Forces

Jonathan S. Akins; Matthew A. McGinn; Nicholas R. Heebner; Timothy C. Sell; Scott M. Lephart

176. Single-joint Jump Height Correlates With Heel Length And Toe Length

Herman van Werkhoven; Stephen Piazza

179. Intrinsic Foot Muscle Deterioration And Metatarsophalangeal Joint Deformity In People With Diabetes And Neuropathy

Victor Cheuy; Mary Hastings; Paul Commean; Samuel Ward; Michael Mueller

182. The Passive Contributions Of The Vastus Medialis And Vastus Lateralis To Knee Extension And Hip Flexion

David Lipps; Emma Baillargeon; Thomas Sandercock; Eric Perreault

185. Prediction Of Failure Pattern In Spine Segments

Allison Clouthier; Hadi Hosseini; Ghislain Maquer; Philippe Zysset

188. Prediction Of Trunk Neuromuscular Response Under Perturbations

Ali Shahvarpour; Aboulfazl Shirazi-Adl; Babak Bazrgari; Christian Larivière

191. Quantification Of Reversal Of Lumbopelvic Rhythm During Active Forward Bending

Peemongkon Wattananon; Won Sung; Bryan Spinelli; Scott Biely; Sheri Silfies

194. Repitative Freezing: Does It Change Nanoscale Material Properties Of Cancellous Bone?

Alexander Landauer; Philip Yuya; Laurel Kuxhaus

197. Biomechanics Analysis Of Latissimus Dorsi Transfer In Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

Andreas Kontaxis; Dan Choi; Lawrence Gulotta

200. Changes In Windmill Pitch Mechanics Over Time

Suzanne Konz

203. Kinematic Variables Associated With Acl Force During Unilateral Landings

Bobbie Irmischer; Matthew Hoch; Stacie Ringleb; Sebastian Bawab; Stacey Gaven; Joshua Weinhandl

206. 3d Surface Registration Of Partial Capitate Bones Using Spin Images

Ryan Breighner; David Holmes; Shuai Leng; Kai-Nan An; Cynthia McCollough; Kristin Zhao

209. Time To Peak Force In Different Countermovement Configurations

Jared Rehm; John Fox; Jay Patel; Braden Romer; Adam Jagodinsky; Wendi Weimar

212. Angular Acceleration Of The Foot During Gait Using An Imu

Nori Okita; HJ Sommer

215. Photoelastic And Finite Element Stress Analysis

noora A. Abud al-hussian; jamal A.Hassan; Sadiq J.Abbas

218. Toward Clinically Applicable Reconstruction Planning For Comminuted Articular Fractures

Andrew Kern; Donald Anderson

223. Inverse Dynamics Of Unstable Sitting: The Relationship Between Cop And Moment Control For Increasing Task Diffculty

Casey Myers; Kevin Shelburne; Sheri Silfies; Bradley Davidson

226. Model-predicted Buckling Of The Adult Human Upper Extremity: Effects Of Peak Impulsive Force And Muscle States

Yunju Lee; James Ashton-Miller

229. The Effect Of Occupational Footwear On Dynamic Balance

Harish Chander; Chip Wade; Nicole Dabbs; Charles Allen; Vanessa Cazas; Jon Lundahl; John Garner

232. Nonlinear Mathematics Detect Subtle Changes In Center Of Pressure

Troy Rand; Anastasia Kyvelidou; Sara Myers

235. Postural Responses To Upper Limb Movements In Quiet Standing

Benjamin Long; Justin Waxman; Jeffrey Taylor; Dora Gosselin; Christopher Rhea

238. The Temporal Structure Of Postural Control Variability During Standing Is Affected By Suprathreshold Mechanical Stimulation

Jessica Renz; Jung Hung Chien; Mukul Mukherjee

241. Can We See Mathematical Chaos In Sensorimotor Coordination?

Joshua Haworth; Anastasia Kyvelidou; Nicholas Stergiou

244. The Effects Of Toning Shoes On The Postural Stability Of Women

Kevin Farley; Audrey Niverson; Renee Rogge

247. Variability Of Postural Sway In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Anastasia Kyvelidou; Joshua Haworth; Nicholas Stergiou

250. Effect Of Foot Wedge Positions On Lower Limb Muscle Activity During Standing

Hamzeh Samimi; Mehrdad Anbarian

253. Involvement Of Central Nervous System In Functional Ankle Instability

Wen Liu; Tarang Jain; Clayton Wauneka

256. Development Of Quantification Of Spatial Strain Distribution For Scoliotic Shape Using A Thin – Plate Spline Method

Yoshimori Kiriyama; Kota Watanabe; Morio Matsumoto; Yoshiaki Toyama; Takeo Nagura

260. Multi Body Analsys Of Effect Of Injured Lateral Ligament

Takuya Kakigahara; Mitsumasa Matsuda; Kazuhiko Adachi

263. Finite Element Analysis Of Effects Of Gender-dependent 3d Knee Geometry And Joint Laxity On Acl Impingement Against The Intercondylar Notch

Song Joo Lee; Li-Qun Zhang

266. Blood Flow Characterization In Multiple Anatomical Locations During Normal And Shear Loading

Joshua Drost; Tamara Reid Bush; Abinand Manorama

269. Individual Muscle Forces During A Sit To Stand Transfer

Elena Caruthers; Julie Thompson ; Laura Schmitt; Thomas Best; Ajit Chaudhari ; Robert Siston

272. The Neuromagnetic Activity Of The Somatosensory Cortices And The Ankle Force Control Is Altered In Children With Cerebral Palsy

Max Kurz; David Arpin; Elizabeth Heinrichs-Graham; Katherine Becker; Tony Wilson

275. Within- And Between-session Reliability For The Quantification Of The Thigh Muscles Co-activation Index During Isometric Contractions

Dimitrios Katsavelis; Sam Morton; A. Joseph Threlkeld

278. The Effect Of Amputation Length And Interosseus Membrane Viability On Fibular Migration In Below Knee Amputations

Timothy Burkhart; Benjamin Asa; Cynthia Dunning; Michael Payne; Timothy Wilson

281. The Effects Of Performance Demands On Acl Loading During A Stop-jump Task

Boyi Dai; William Garrett; Michael Gross; Darin Padua; Robin Queen; Bing Yu

284. Stretching With Vibration Improves Flexibility In Patients With Plantar Fasciitis

Elizabeth Russell; Benjamin Thompson

287. Towards Preventing Cancellous Bone Collapse: Cervine Model And Fracture Imaging

Nicole Corbiere; Kathleen Lewicki; Kathleen Issen; Laurel Kuxhaus

290. Effect Of Sensory Manipulation On The Ability To Maintain Pinch Force

Ying-Ling Tseng; Na Jin Seo

293. Low-cost Virtual Reality Game For Upper Limb Rehabilitation Using Kinect And P5 Glove

Jayashree Arunkumar; Pilwon Hur; Binal Motawar; Na Jin Seo

296. Biomimetic Rocker Profile Restores Shank Progression During Walking With Orthotic Ankle Constraint

Simisola Oludare; Christopher Hovorka; Tiffany Yan; Young-Hui Chang; Geza Kogler

299. An Exploration Of The Angular Orientation Of The Wrist During Arcing And Semicircular Wheelchair Propulsion

Lisa Zukowski; Jaimie Roper; Dana Otzel; Patty Hovis; Mark Tillman

302. Variability Of Peak Shoulder Force During Wheelchair Propulsion As A Function Of Shoulder Pain

Yaejin Moon; Chandrasekaran Jayaraman; Iris M. K. Hsu; Ian M. Rice; Elizabeth T. Hsiao-Wecksler; Jacob J. Sosnoff

305. Racing Wheelchair Ergometer And Configurable Wheelchair Validations

Jean-Luc Lessard; Jean-Philippe Pelland-Leblanc; Geneviève Masson; Denis Rancourt; Eve Langelier; Félix Berrigan; Jean Laroche; Cécile Smeesters

309. Effects Of Impact Exposure And Thermal Annealing On Mechanical Properties Of An American Football Helmet Outer Shell Material

David Krzeminski; Dilhan Fernando; Nadine Lippa; James Rawlins; Trenton Gould; Scott Piland

312. Evaluating Upsampling Methods For 3-d Kinematic Data

Steven Leigh; Jesus Dapena; Michael Gross; Joseph Myers; Bing Yu

315. The Influence Of Shoulder Rotation On Shoulder Kinetics In Catchers Throwing From The Knees

Hillary Plummer; Gretchen Oliver

318. Comparison Of Ankle Stabilization Techniques In Individuals With Functional Ankle Instability

H. McKelle Ulm; Douglas Powell

321. Inter-rater Reliability Of Two Commercial 3d Motion Capture Systems

Michael McNally; Benjamin Roewer; Timothy Hewett

324. Influence Of Pre-release Range Of Motion On Overhead Back Throw Distance

Ben Meyer

327. The Effect Of Fatigability In Lower Extremity Coordination Patterns In Softball Pitching

Bethany Forshaw; Tom Wu; Cara Postlmayr; Kathleen Laquale

330. Bat Quickness And Bat Velocity In Division I Softball Players

Cassandra Reilly-Boccia; Travis Ficklin; Robin Lund; Javier Hervas; Kara Beatty

333. An Exploration Of Anxiety, Physiological Arousal, Stretching, And Performance

Cassandra Rodden; Sarah Mogus; Jennifer Hurst; Jerry Mayhew; Jeremy Houser; Michael Bird

336. Variations In Step Width As Stride Length Shortens In Rearfoot And Mid/forefoot Runners

Elizabeth Boyer; Timothy Derrick

339. Biomechanically-driven Mechanical Aging And Characterization Of Running Shoe Midsole Foam

Nadine Lippa; Morgan Heskett; Dave Krzeminski; Scott Piland; James Rawlins; Trent Gould

342. Lower Extremity Muscle Activation During Barefoot, Minimalist And Shod Running

Tyler Standifird; Ulrike Mitchell; Iain Hunter; Wayne Johnson; Sarah Ridge

345. Running Mechanics During Stance For Surfaces Of Transient Stiffness

Felix Tsui; Steph Forrester