ASB Graduate Student Grant-In-Aid (GIA)

The purpose of this program is to support ASB student members pursuing biomechanics research by offering a source of research funding. The grants are distributed on a competitive basis and are intended to offset the costs directly associated with conducting research. Funds may be used for small equipment items, materials and supplies, and animal or participant costs, but cannot be used to support travel costs, salaries or indirect costs of research. ASB anticipates awarding 3-5 grants of $2000 each for a one-year period beginning in May each year.


To be eligible, an applicant must be a student member of ASB or have a membership application received by the Membership Chair by the deadline for the GIA application. In addition, the student’s academic advisor must be a member in good standing of the ASB. Although students with the same academic advisor may apply, only one GIA per academic advisor will be granted each year.


The application for a GIA must include the following information:


The GIA applications will be evaluated using the attached rubric.

Pages of 8.5” x 11” are to be used, with margins of no less than 1 inch and a font size no less than 11 point (9 point font and single-spacing is permitted for figure captions, tables and references). Not respecting the above guidelines may warrant disqualification.

Application components should be collected into a single PDF file (including recommendation letter) for transmission. Please name the PDF file GIA####_LastnameFM where #### is the current year and FM are the first and middle name initials.


It is expected that recipients will attend and present their research at the annual ASB meeting in the year following receipt of GIA funding.

Deadline for submission of ASB Graduate Student Grant-In-Aid applications is January 15 of each year.

Questions and applications can be submitted electronically to the ASB Education Chair. An evaluation committee selected by the ASB Education Chair will review applications, with funding to be distributed by the beginning of April.