2011 Annual Meeting

Location: University of Southern California, Long Beach, CA

Program Chair: Wendy Murray

Meeting Co-Chairs: Christopher Powers and George Salem

Abstracts are organized alphabetically by FIRST author.

Abdoli-Eramaki M, Johnson R, Fischer S, Woodcock K
Dynamic Loading of Upper Extremity Joints with Sign Language

Abshire S, Butterfield T
Non-Uniform Upregulation of the Hypertrophic Pathway in Skeletal Muscle Following Lengthening Contractions: Implications for Regional Muscle Adaptations

Abusara Z, Herzog W
In Vivo Chondrocyte Mechanics in the Intact Mouse Knee Joint

Adamczyk P, Kuo A
Asymmetry in Amputee Gait: The Propagating Effects of Weak Push-Off

Adams A, Hasselquist L, Schiffman J
Effects of Ballistic Extremity Armor on Joint Kinematics During GaitAlbert C, Jameson J, Smith P, Harris G
Validation of a 3-Pt Bending Technique for Small Bone Specimens

Aldridge J, Ferris A, Sturdy J, Wilken J
Kinematics and Kinetics with a Powered Lower Leg System During Stair Ascent Following Transtibial Amputation

Allen J, Kautz S, Neptune R
Module Control of Walking: A 3D Simulation Study

Almosnino S, Dvir Z, Bardana D, Graham R, Stevenson J
Waveform Consistency-Based Decision Rules for Discriminating Between Types and Levels of Musculature Efforts

Altman A, Davis I
Do Barefoot Runners Display More Variability in Footstrike Mechanics than Shod Runners?

Anderson D, Madigan M
Age Differences in Femoral Neck Strains During Gait

Armour Smith J, Beneck G, Kulig K
Anticipated Walking Turns in People with Recurrent Low Back Pain: A Kinematic StudyArun M, Chawla A, Mukherjee S
Predicting Fracture Initiation, Propagation and Diversion in Long Bones Under Impact Using Drucker-Prager Plastic Model and Damage ModelingAssari S, Darvish K, Ilyas A
Comparison of Five Headless Screws for Fixation of Small Bones

Ates F, Ayturk O, Temelli Y, Yucesoy C
Knee Angle-Spastic Gracilis Muscle Force Relationship Measured Intraoperatively Shows No Abnormal Muscular Mechanics

Auyang A, Chang Y
Effect of Task Constraints on Limb Stabilization During Human Locomotion

Bae S, Armstrong T
Ergonomic Application of Hand Model: Tendon Excursion

Bai D, Kasubuchi K , Tokuda M, Fukumoto T
Peak Times of Muscle Activities During Landing from Rotations Jump

Ballun M, Williams B, Goehler C, Sevener K
An Improved Method for Quantifying the Stiffness of Running Shoes

Balsdon M, Bushey K, Dombroski C, Jenkyn T
Investigating In-Vivo Motion of the Medial Longitudinal Arch with Different Orthotic Types Using Lateral Fluoroscopy Images During Dynamic Gait

Barak M, Hublin J, Lieberman D
Altering Joint Loading Direction in the Sheep Generates Trabecular Orientation Adjustment

Barkema D, Derrick T, Martin P
Heel Height Affects Lower Extremity Frontal Plane Joint Moments During Walking

Barnes A, Wheat J, Milner C
Forefoot-Rearfoot Kinematics in Recreational Runners with a History of Tibial Stress Injury

Barrance P, Gade V, Allen J
Cartilage Contact Centers Calculated Using Proximity Weighting Are Insensitive to Threshold Distance Used to Define Contact Region

Bartlett J, Sessoms P
Preferred Walking Speed in a Virtual Environment

Barton J
Design of a 2 Degree of Freedom Upper Limb Prosthetic Controller

Bauer R, Joshi M, Klinkner T, Cobb S
A Multi-Segment Foot Model Based on In-Vivo and In-Vitro Stereophotogrammetricstudies and Clinical Theories of Dynamic Foot Function: Running Gait Reliability

Baxter J, Novack T, Pennell D, Piazza S
Human Sprinters Have Longer Forefeet and Shorter Plantarflexor Moment Arms

Becker J, Sinsurin K, Pisciotta E, James S, Osternig L, Chou L
Does Foot Strike Pattern Predict Loading Rates During Shod Or Barefoot Running?

Bellumori M, Knight C
Improvements in the Rate of Force Development-Scaling Factor Following a High Speed-Low Resistance Cycling Exercise Program

Berg Robertson A
Muscle Activity During Gait Transitions

Berteau J, Lasaygues P, Follet H, Pithioux M, Chabrand P
Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Rib Hump: A First Biomechanical Study

Beschorner K, Tomashek D, Smith R
Biodynamics of Stepping Up and Down while Wearing Multifocal Lens Eyeglasses

Bieryla K, Dold N
Wii Fit Training to Improve Balance in Older Adults: a Feasibility Study

Biggers L, Bojrab R, Hilts B, Kempson J, Overman Z, Rundquist P
A Pilot Study of the Effects of Upper Extremity Lymphedema on 3-Dimensional Shoulder Kinematics and Function in Survivors of Breast Cancer

Binder-Macleod B, Dewald J, Murray W
Biomechanical Simulation of the Passive Mechanical Coupling in the Hand and Wrist

Blanchette M, Powers C
Validity and Accuracy of a Slip Resistance Measurement Protocol for the Assessment of Slip Potential

Blazek K, Asay J, Erhart J, Andriacchi T
Bmi, Body Volume Distribution, and Sagittal Plane Gait Parameters

Borstad J, Dashottar A
Humeral Head Translations and Subacromial Pressure After Shrinking the Posterior Glenohumeral Joint Capsule

Boyd J, Gill H, Zavatsky A
Which Muscle Data Set to Use in a Finite Element Model of the Knee? an Rms-Based Method to Identify Mean, Maximum, and Minimum

Boynton A, Royer T
Effects of Hand Carried Load on Metabolic Cost and Trunk-Pelvis Coordination During Walking

Brandon S, Thelen D, Deluzio K
Antagonistic Co-Contraction in Optimization Prediction of Knee Contact Forces

Breighner R, Hashemi J, Chandrashekar N, Slauterbeck J
Tibial Geometry, Joint Compression, and Their Effects on Anterior Cruciate Ligament Strain: An In-Vitro Study

Brown S, Wang H, Frame J, Herbst S
The Effects of Total Ankle Replacement on Ankle Joint Mechanics During Walking

Brown T, McLean S, Palmieri-Smith R
Quadriceps Activation Predicts Knee Kinetics During Single-Leg Landings.<

Browning R, Reynolds M, Board W
Energetics and Biomechanics of Slow Uphill Vs. Fast Level Walking in Obese and Non-Obese Adults

Browning R, Reynolds M, Board W, Massie C
Effects of Obesity on the Biomechanics of Uphill Walking

Bruening D, Standifird T, Denning M, Trager Ridge S
Comparison of Automated Event Detection Algorithms in Pathological Gait

Bruetsch A, King G, Kevern J
Biomechanical Characterization of Slipping on Pervious and Traditional Concrete Walking Surfaces

Bruno A, Anderson D, D’Agostino J, Bouxsein M
Vertebral Fracture Location Influences Risk of Future Vertebral Fracture

Buffi J, Crisco J, Murray W
Evaluating the Accuracy of a Cyberglove Motion Capture Protocol with Computed Tomography Data

Bulea T, Kobetic R, Triolo R
Finite State Control of a Variable Impedance Knee Mechanism for Restoration of Stance Phase Knee Flexion After Spinal Cord Injury

Bush T, Mukherjee R, Sikorskii A, Wyatt G
Removing the Human Factor from Clincal Reflexology

Bushey K, Balsdon M, Dombroski C, Jenkyn T
A Comparison of the Affect of Soft and Rigid Custom-Made Corrective Orthotics and Over-The-Counter Proprioceptive Feedback Orthotics on Hindfoot Pronation During Walking Gait: A Two-Dimensional Dynamic Fluoroscopic Study

Cain S, Perkins N
Human Stabilization of a Bicycle on Rollers

Carbonneau E, Smeesters C
Effect of Age on the Threshold of Balance Recovery in Younger, Middle-Aged and Older Adults: Preliminary Results

Cardona G, Evangelista D, Ray N, Tse K, Wong D
Measurement of the Aerodynamic Stability and Control Effectiveness of Human Skydivers

Carpenter A, Smith J, Heise G, Repka C, Challis J
Time-To-Boundary Predictions Based on Other Center of Pressure Measures in Cancer Survivors

Caudle S, Matrangola S, Madigan M
Comparison of Trunk Kinematics Between Experimental Tripping Protocols

Celik H, Piazza S
Simulation of Non-Periodic Gait Optimized for Traversing a Specified Distance in Minimum Time

Cerne T, Kamnik R, Munih M
The Measurement Setup for Online Biomechanical Analysis of Rowing on an Ergometer

Cesar G, Havens K, Chang Y, Sigward S
Effects of Cut Angle and Online Processing on Cutting Maneuvers

Chagdes J, Raman A, Rietdyk S, Haddad J, Zelaznik H
Nonlinear Dynamics and Bifurcations in Postural Control with and Without a Wobble BoardChallis J
Determing Body Segment Pose for a Deformable Marker Configurations

Chambers A, Cham R, Mahboobin A
Insights into the Role of Proactive Strategies in Postural Responses to Slips Using Gait Simulations

Chander H, Wade C, Garner J, Garten R, Acevedo E
The Influence of Firefighter Boot Type on Postural Measures

Chaudhari A, Cotter J, Jamison S, Mossad D
Effect of a Neuromuscular Dentistry-Designed Mouthguard on Peak Knee Valgus Moments During Single Leg Landing

Chehab E, Brown S, Ward S
A Novel Device for Physiologic Mr Imaging of the Patellofemoral Joint Cartilage Under Controlled Loads

Chen C, Chou L
Age-Related Differences in Center of Mass Control During Sit-To-Walk

Chernak L, Bunger D, Thelen D,
Achilles Tendon Strain Distributions During Cyclic Inertial Loading of the Plantarflexors

Chimera N, Manal K
Sex Differences in Plantar Flexion Strength May Predispose Middle Age Females to Falls

Chiu L, Bryanton M, Moolyk A, Newstead L, Kennedy M
Improvements in Joint Kinetics in Return to Competition from ACL Injury and Reconstruction: A Case Study

Chiu S, Chou L
Effect of Walking Speed on Inter-Joint Coordination Differs Between Young and Elderly Adults

Chizewski M, Shewaga K, Porter S, Chiu L
Do Calcaneal Motion and Tibial Torsion Influence Leg Axial Rotation During Weight-Bearing Dorsiflexion?

Choisne J, Ringleb S, Paranjape R, Bawab S, Anderson C
Understanding Contact Pressure Distribution in the Ankle and Subtalar Joint During Motion in the Sagittal Plane

Choisne J, Ringleb S, McCullough M, Bawab S, Kaufman K, Kitaoka H
How Flatfoot Deformity Affects Moment Arms

Chon C, Ko C, Oh J
Development of Humeral Intramedullary Fixation Nail (Hifn) Based on Korean Cadaveric Tests

Chou S, Overfelt R
Mechanobiology of Alpha-Keratin Using North American Porcupine Quills

Christiansen C, Davidson B, Schenkman M, Kohrt W
Muscle Co-Activation and Stride Variability: Implications for Walking Economy in People with Parkinson’s Disease

Chu Y, Akins J, Lovalekar M, Tashman S, Lephart S, Sell T
Validation of Video-Based Motion Analysis of Scapular and Humeral Rotational Kinematics During Simulated Throwing

Clouthier A, Hetzler M, Fedorak G, Bryant T, Deluzio K, Bicknell R
Effect of Loading Direction on Force to Dislocate in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

Cobb S, Joshi M, Bauer R, Klinkner T
A Multi-Segment Foot Model Based on In-Vivo and In-Vitro Stereophotogrammetric Studies and Clinical Theories of Dynamic Foot Function: Walking Gait Reliability

Cochenour C, Mehta H, Peterson T, Nuckley D
Development and Validation of a Pediatric Head and Neck Musculoskeletal Model

Collins A, Blackburn T, Yu B, Olcott C, Jordan J, Weinhold P
Stochastic Resonance Electrical Stimulation to Improve Postural Control in Knee Osteoarthritis

Collins K, Neugebauer J, Hawkins D
Estimating Ground Reaction Forces During Locomotion in Adults from Actigraph Activity Monitor Data

Conrad M, Kamper D
Isokinetic Strength and Power Deficits in the Hand Following Stroke

Conti C, Musolf S, Ortega J
The Mechanical Determinants of Energetic Cost in Backward Running

Cook D, George P, Julias M
2D/3D Hybrid Structural Model of Vocal Folds

Corbiere N, Sonar A, Issen K, Carroll J, Kuxhaus L
Assessing Accuracy of a 3D Cancellous Bone Quantifying Algorithm

Crisco J, Wilcox B, Beckwith J, Chu J, Duhaime A, Rowson S, Duma S, Maerlander A, Greenwald R
Biomechanics of Head Impacts in American Football Players

Crouch D, Li Z, Barnwell J, Daly M, Li Z, Saul K
A Dynamic Simulation Approach to Evaluating Nerve Transfer Strategies Following C5-C6 Brachial Plexus Injury

Crowell H, Davis I, Higginson J, Manal K, Wang L
Combining Musculoskeletal Modeling and Optimization to Estimate Muscle Forces at the Ankle

Dai B, Butler R, Garrett W, Queen R
Limb Asymmetries During a Side-Cutting Task in Adolescent Patients 6-12 Month Following ACL Reconstruction

Dai B, Leigh S, Li H, Yu B
The Relationships Between Technique Variability and Performance in Elite Discus Throwers During Competition

Daly M, Vidt M, Marsh A, Saul K
Identification of Muscle Contributions to a Forward Reaching Task Using an Induced Acceleration Analysis

Daniel M, Kosak R, Iglic A, Kralj-Iglic V
Polyethylene Wear and Patient Specific Contact Stress in Total Hip Arthroplasty

Darter B, Sinitski K, Wilken J
The Effect of Elevated Vacuum Suspension on Axial Bone-Socket Displacement in Persons with a Traumatic Transtibial Amputation

Dashottar A, Borstad J
Shoulder Position Impacts the Measurement of Glenohumeral Internal Rotation and Infraspinatus Hardness.

David Nuckley, PhD
Clinical Biomechanics Instruction Using Active Learning and Context-Rich Laboratory Experiences

Davoodi R, Loeb G
Virtual Prototyping and User Training for Neural Prosthetic Systems in Msms

Dayanidhi S, Hedberg A, Hagg I, Lilja N, Forssberg H, Valero-Cuevas F
Dynamic Control of Fingertip Forces: Development in Childhood and Decline with Aging

De Carvalho D, Callaghan J
Influence Lumbar Support Prominece Magnitude on Body Posture and Subjective Comfort During Prolonged Driving.

De Witt J, Fincke R, Logan R, Guilliams M, Ploutz-Snyder L
Load Variation Influences on Joint Work During Squat Exercise in Reduced Gravity

Dean J
Effects of a Passive Elastic Exoskeleton During Walking

Dela M, Dingwell J, Kang H
Multiscale Entropy of EMG During Walking in Young and Older Adults

DeVita P, Sidiropoulos A, Rider P, Taylor A, Roseno S, Manbeck R, Hortobagyi T
Velocity Modulation During Walking by Young Adults

Dickin D, McClain M, Hubble R
Effects of Vibration Amplitude and Frequency on Postural Sway in Altered Sensory Environments

Dickinson A, Taylor A, Browne M
Surgical Impaction of Ceramic Femoral Resurfacing Heads

DiDomenico A, McGorry R, Banks J
Are Age-Related Modifications During Squatting Task Implemented by Working-Age Men?

Doan J, Fowler S, Sessford D, Brown L
Vertical Affordance for Pulling During Simulated Baggage Handling

Domalain M, Li Z
Influence of Index Finger Joint Fusion on Precision Pinch Kinematics

Domalain M, Seitz W, Evans P, Li Z
Surgery of Trapeziometacarpal Joint Arthritis: Increasing Or Decreasing the Degrees of Freedom?

Dufek J, Mercer J, Currie R, Gouws P, Candela L, Gutierrez A, Putney L
Effects of Obesity on Symmetry and Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Adolescent Gait

Dwyer M, Ronan K, Miracle A, Butterfield T
Development of an Experimental Model to Examine the Role of Hip Muscle Impairment on Distal Muscle and Joint Function

Edwards W, Troy K
Short Term Mechanical Loading Increases Trabecular Bone Mineral Content and Moments of Inertia in the Radius of Young Women

Elkins J, Pedersen D, Singh B, Yack J, Callaghan J, Brown T
Dislocation in the Morbidly Obese Total Hip Patient

Ellingson A, Schulz C, Bronfort G, Nuckley D
Helical Axis Approach to Aberrant Motion Identification in Patients with Chronic Neck Pain

Ellis B, Lee S, Traylor K, Weiss J, Kamper D
Impact of Anatomical Adhesions on Stress Distribution Within the Extensor Hood of the Index Finger

Enders L, Seo N
Effects of Stroke-Induced Sensory and Motor Deficit on Phalanx Force Magnitude and Angular Deviation During Power Grip

Ettinger L, Kincl L, Karduna A
Workday Arm Elevation Exposure, a Comparison Between Two Professions.

Farris D, Sawicki G
Force-Velocity Behaviour of Human Medial Gastrocnemius Shifts at the Walk to Run Transition

Farris D, Sawicki G
The Mechanics & Energetics of Human Walking & Running: A Joint Level Perspective

Ferris A, Aldridge J, Sturdy J, Wilken J
Evaluation of the Biomimetic Properties of a New Powered Ankle-Foot Prosthetic System

Fey N, Klute G, Neptune R
Response of Below-Knee Amputee Muscle Activity to Changes in Energy Storage and Return Foot Stiffness Using Additive Manufacturing

Fey N, Klute G, Neptune R
Changes to Energy Storage and Return Foot Stiffness Alter the Walking Mechanics of Below-Knee Amputees

Finley M, Combs S, Carnahan K, Peacock S, Van Buskirk A
Reaching Kinematics of the ‘Less Affected’ Upper Extremity in Individuals with Chronic Stroke and Healthy Controls

Flanagan S, Kulik J, Salem G
The Search for a Limiting Joint During Lower Extremity Collapse: A Case Study

Floyd L, Holmes T, Dean J
Contributors to Ankle Proprioception for Static and Dynamic Tasks

Ford K, Masters T, Carson D
Reliability of Medial and Lateral Forefoot Segment Kinematics During Shod Treadmill Running

Fortuna R, Horisberger M, van der Marel R, Herzog W
The Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Muscle Injected with Botulinum Toxin a (Botox)

Fox A, Kedgley A, Jenkyn T
A Markerless Radiostereometric Analysis (Rsa) System for Measuring Glenohumeral Translation: Details and Validation

Franz C, Monsch E, Dean J
Effects of Varying Gait Strategy on Metabolic Cost and Stability

Franz J, Lyddon N, Kram R
The Mechanics of Sloped Walking Revisited: Mechanical Work Performed by the Individual Limbs

Frey Law L, Avin K, Krishnan C
Flexor Muscle Coactivation is Joint Specific

Friesenbichler B, Coza A, Nigg B
Elbow Extensor Torque As a Function of Vibration Frequency

Frimenko R, Lievers W, Riley P, Crandall J, Bolton J, Kent R
The Development of a Method to Induce Injurious Hyperextension of the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint

Fritz J, Grosland N, Smith P, Harris G
Improved Mesh for a Finite Element Model of Fracture Risk Assessment in Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Fu Y, Yom J, Mahoney O, Simpson K
Knee Joint Moment Comparison Between Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty and Healthy Individuals for Stair Ascent

Fujimoto M, Hsu W, van Donkelaar P, Woollacott M, Chou L
Weakness in Ankle Dorsiflexors Reduces Balance Recovery Ability During a Stance Disturbance in the Elderly

Fukumoto T, Maeoka H, Ando T
The Development of Orthosis in Consideration of Rotation Axis

Gallagher K, Nelson-Wong E, Callaghan J
Does the Development of Transient Low Back Pain Affect Postural Changes During Prolonged Standing?

Gandhi A, Kode S, Ilgenfritz R, Smucker J, Fredericks D, Grosland N
Considerations for the Use of C7 Translaminar Screws in Cervicothoracic Instrumentation

Gates D, Wilken J, Scott S, Sinitski E, Dingwell J
Gait Adaptations When Walking on a Destabilizing Rock Surface

Georgeson A, Martin J
Force Changes During Passive Finger Movement

Ghosh R, Gupta S, Dickinson A, Browne M
Experimental Validation of a Finite Element Model of the Composite Pelvis Using Digital Image Correlation

Ghosh R, Pal B, Ghosh D, Gupta S
Load Transfer Across the Pelvic Bone During Normal Walking

Gillette J, Stevermer C, Hall M
Joint Moments During Stair Descent: Step-By-Step Versus Step-Over-Step

Gillies A, Inoue N, Lieber R
Morphological Changes in Skeletal Muscle Endomysial and Perimysial Collagen Networks Subjected to Strain

Gollapudi S, Lin D
Estimation of in Vivo Force-Velocity Properties in Human Skeletal Type I Muscle with Crossbridge Modeling

Goltzer O, Sheehan F
The Influence of Patellofemoral Kinematics on the Effective Quadriceps Moment Arm: A Dynamic in Vivo Study

Gooyers C, McMillan R, Howarth S, Eger T, Callaghan J
The Impact of Posture on the Transmission of Vibration Across a Functional Spinal Unit.

Goreham-Voss C, Brown T
Effects of Crack Morphology on Local Cartilage Stresses

Grabowski A, D’Andrea S, Herr H
Bionic Leg Prosthesis Emulates Biological Ankle Joint During Walking

Graham R, Costigan P, Sadler E, Almosnino S, Stevenson J
Local Dynamic Stability of the Lower Limb Kinematic Chain During Symmetric Lifting

Gregory R, Diebal A, Alitz C, Gerber J
Effects of a Global Alteration of Running Technique on Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

Gruber A, Umberger B, Jewell C, Del Pilar S, Hamill J
Achilles Tendon Forces in Forefoot and Rearfoot Running

Haas C, Zhao Y, Butterfield T, Best T
Cyclic Compressive Loading Facilitates Acute and Accumulated Recovery of Viscoelastic Properties of Skeletal Muscle Following Eccentric Exercise

Habib M
Reconstructing the Takeoff Mechanics of Giant Pterosaurs

Hafer J, Brown A, Maschi R, Kirane Y, Hillstrom H
Association of Overstriding and Injury Status in Runners with and Without Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Hagedorn T, Riskowski J, Dufour A, Hillstrom H, Lenhoff M, Frey J, Casey V, Hannan M
Comparison of Objective Measures of Foot Structure and Function in the Population-Based Framingham Foot StudyHageman E, Derrick T
Correlation of Lower Limb Events After a 45 Minute Run

Hale R, Gonzalez R
Preliminary Comparisons of Experimental and Computational Knee Loading Conditions Simulating Daily Loading Scenarios

Halilaj E, Rainbow M, Moore D, Got C, Crisco J
Changes in the Thumb Carpo-Metacarpal Joint Space During High-Demand Functional Tasks

Hall M, Stevermer C, Gillette J
Long-Term Changes in Stair Negotiation and Walking Post-ACL Surgery

Hamel K, Greaves N, Loverro K
Age-Related Changes in Gaze Behavior, Center of Mass and End-Point Control During Step Negotiation

Hampton A, Farris D, Sawicki G
Mechanics and Energetics of Post-Stroke Walking: Towards a Muscle-Level Understanding

Hamzey R, Uyeda K, Munaretto J, McNitt-Gray J
Landing Mechanics During Contextually Relevant Practice Conditions

Han S, Herzog W
The Viscoelasticity of Chondrocytes in Situ

Handsfield G, Sauer L, Hart J, Abel M, Meyer C, Blemker S
A Method to Detect Individual Muscle Impairments Across the Whole Lower Limb in Patients with Cerebral Palsy

Harmon S, Williams B, Sevener K, Goehler C
The Effects of Shoe Architecture on Impact Forces During Gait

Hashemi J, Breighner R, Mansouri H, Slauterbeck J, Beynnon B
Odds-Ratio and Injury Probability Estimation Based on Tibial Plateau Geometry: Subjects with Multiple ACL InjuriesHashemi J, Mansouri H, Chandrashekar N, Slauterbeck J, Beynnon B
Predicting Structural Properties of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament: A Multiple Linear Regression Approach

Hashish R, Samarawickrame S, Salem G
Ground Reaction Forces in Barefoot Running Before and After Exertion

Hast M, Piazza S
Estimation of Articular Contact Loads in Total Knee Replacement Using a Dual-Joint Modeling Paradigm

Havens K, Sigward S
Deceleration and Redirection Mechanics During a Cutting Maneuver

Haworth J, Kokkoni E, Harbourne R, Stergiou N
Surrogation Analysis Reveals Development of Deterministic Structure in the Control of Posture

Hayot C, Sakka S, Fohanno V, Lacouture P
A 3D Extended Inverted Pendulum Model to Simulate the Center of Mass Trajectory During Normal Gait

Heijnen M, Muir B, Rietdyk S
Increased Toe Clearance Accuracy During Obstacle Avoidance: Validation of Cubic Interpolation to Upsample Kinematic Data

Heise G, Smith J, Leich A, Kneisel K, Hoke M
Force Platform Center of Pressure Measures Used to Predict Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Scores During Yoga Poses

Held L, Mathiyakom W, Flashner H, McNitt-Gray J
Frontal Plane Knee Kinematics in Land-And-Go Tasks with Whole Body Rotation Requirements

Henning H, Wurdeman S, Huben N, Stergiou N
External Work is Increased Using Rocker Bottom ShoesHernandez M, Ashton-Miller J, Alexander N
Why Do Older Women Utilize Slower Volitional Center of Pressure Movements When Accuracy is Constrained? The Role of the Primary Submovement

Ho K, Mokarram N, Yang N, Vaziri A, Powers C,
Estimation of Patella Bone Stress: A Comparison of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Finite Element Models

Hollman J, Hohl J, Kraft J, Strauss J, Traver K
Effects of Gluteus Maximus Fatigue on Jump-Landing Kinematics and Electromyography in Women

Holt B, Reyes A, Valero-Cuevas F
A Prototype Video Game System for Studying Rehabilitative Learning

Hong H, Kim S, Park S
Leg Stiffness Increased with Gait Speed in the Elderly

Howarth S, Karakolis T, Callaghan J
A Finite Element Analysis of the Moment Arm Hypothesis for Modulating Ultimate Vertebral Shear Failure Tolerance

Hsu W, Chou L, Woollacott M
Age-Related Changes in Control of Center of Mass in Response to Support Surface Perturbations

Huang C, Chien J, Vallabhajosula S, Siu K
Reduced Visual Input Affects Gait Characteristics During Treadmill Walking in a Virtual Environment

Huang H, Kram R, Ahmed A
Motor Learning Reduces Metabolic Cost of Arm Reaching

Huang T, Adamczyk P, Zelik K, Kuo A
Influence of a Compliant Artificial Ankle on Mechanics and Energetics of Human Walking

Huisinga J, St. George R, Horak F
Variability Measures of Trunk and Pelvis Acceleration During Walking and Quiet Stance Are Related in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis and in Healthy Controls

Hur P, Motawar B, Seo N
Effects of Glove and Ladder Rung Design on Prevention of Ladder Fall

Hussain M
Biomechanical Effects of Incompleteness and Slackness in Annular Fibers Are Higher in the Tissues of Nucleus than That of Annulus: A Finite Element Model Investigation

Infantolino B, Challis J
Measuring Subject Specific Muscle Model Parameters of the First Dorsal Interosseous in Vivo

Inouye J, Kutch J, Valero-Cuevas F
Quantitative Prediction of Grasp Impairment Following Peripheral Neuropathies of the Hand

Inouye J, Kutch J, Valero-Cuevas F
A Novel Methodology to Compare Grasp Quality: Application to Two Dominant Tendon-Driven Designs

Isvilanonda V, Dengler E, Ledoux W
A Finite Element Model of Two Surgical Procedures for Correcting the Clawed Hallux Deformity

Ivancic P
Effects of Anti-Whiplash Seats on Cervical Face and Disc Kinematics During Simulated Rear Crashes

Jackson M, Benkhemis I, Thouze A, Sardain P, Begon M
Identifying the Criterion Spontaneously Minimized During Sub-Maximal Movements Through Optimal Synthesis

Jackson M, Yeadon M, Hiley M
Maximising Post-Flight Height in Gymnastics Vaulting: The Influence of the Table Contact Phase

Jarc A, Berniker M, Tresch M
A Probabilistic Approach to Feedforward Fes Control in the Rat Hindlimb

Jesunathadas M, Shibata D, Laitano J, Santello M
The Relation Between Independent Control of Digit Forces and EMG-EMG Coherence During Precision Grip

Jody Riskowski, PhD
Teaching Biomechanics with Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT)

Johnson L, Forrester S
Lower Extremity Dynamics for Drop Jumps Onto Different Surfaces

Jung M, Kim Y, Cho K, Lee K
A Novel Method to Predict Posture of Human Model When Designing Resistance Training Machines Using Musculoskeletal Analysis

Kang G, Gross M
Gait Kinematics Change When Emotions Are Felt Vs. Portrayed

Kankipati P, Koontz A, Vega A, Lin Y
Phase Identification of Sitting Pivot Wheelchair Transfers

Kao P, Srivastava S, Agrawal S, Scholz J
Robotic Performance-Based Resistance Versus Assistance for Learning of a Novel Gait Pattern with a Robotic Exoskeleton

Karakolis T, Callaghan J
Localized Strain Measurements of the Intervertebral Disc During Biaxial Tensile Testing

Kasubuchi K, Fukumoto T, Imagita H
A Comparison Between Dart-Throwing Motion Plane Rom and the Dash Score After Distal Radius Fracture

Kaufman K, Morrow M, Hurd W, Zhao K, Van Straaten M, Morrow D, Kotajarvi B, Guo L, Sabick M, Su F, Basford J, An KN
Toward an Understanding of Shoulder Demands in Manual Wheelchair Users

Kern A, Anderson D, Brown T
Expedited Evaluation of Contact Stress in the Human Ankle Joint

Kiapour A, Quatman C, Ditto R, Levine J, Wordeman S, Hewett T, Goel V, Demetropoulos C
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Wireless Multi-Channel Device to Capture Dynamics of Complex Sensorimotor Tasks

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An Instrumented Split-Belt Treadmill System Using Commercial Part

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Knee Osteoarthritis Results in Asymmetric Joint Moment Distribution During Gait

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Biofeedback Propulsion Training

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Force Running Wheel for Measuring Individual Limb Forces in Mice During Spontaneous Locomotion

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Runners with Anterior Knee Pain Utilize a Greater Percentage of Their Available Pronation Range of Motion

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Stride Length Influences Lower Extremity Coupling During Walking

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Kinematic and Kinetic Differences Between Shod and Barefoot Running

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Identification and Improvement of Difficult Hand Grip Movement Components for Stroke Survivors Using the Box and Block Test

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Radiolucent Composites Providing High Resistance Against Sterilization Decomposition

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Postural Training in a Non-Threatening Environment Results in Limited Transfer During Induced Postural Anxiety

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Ramp Angle, Not Final Plateau Height, Determines Hill Walking Transition Strategies

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Dynamic Effect of Lacrosse Stick Shape on Ball Speed During Throwing

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Error-Enhancement Gait Training with a Robotic Exoskeleton : A Pilot Study After Stroke.Stafford E, Gillette J
The Effects of Ankle Bracing on Joint Momentsand Loading Rates During Jump Landing Tasks

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Gender Differences in Lower Extremity Biomechanics During Landing<

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Estimation of Curvature Feature Using a Biomimetic Tactile Sensor

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Moving Muscle Points Provide Accurate Curved Muscle Paths in a Model of the Cervical Spine

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The Effect of Shoulder Position on Scapular Kinematics in a Traditional Push-Up

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Energy Expenditure and Muscular Activation Patterns Through Active Sitting on Compliant Surfaces

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Variations in Posturography Testing Methods: Effect of Talking, Visual Fixation, and Time on Plate on Sway Measurements

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A Unified Deformable Segment Model of the Combined Ankle-Foot System That Does Work

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The Influence of Sagittal-Plane Trunk Posture on Patellofemoral Joint Stress During Running

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Kinematic Changes in Contralateral Knee During Training with Real-Time Biofeedback in Women with Knee Hyperextension

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Changes in Locomotor Adaptations and Aftereffects in Control and Spinal Cord Injury Populations Following Swing Phase Resistance

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Ultrasonographic Investigation of Hand Muscle Atrophy in Stroke Survivors

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Typing Style Affects Arm Kinetics, Kinematics and Muscle Activation

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Increased Tibiofemoral Compressive Loads in Females Who Have Undergone Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

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Mammalian Muscle Model for Predicting Force and Energetics During Physiological Behaviors

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A Sub-Maximal Treadmill Protocol to Assess Vo2

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A Model of Chimpanzee Hindlimb Musculoskeltal Geometry

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Frontal Joint Dynamics When Initiating Stair Ascent with and Without Gait Speed

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Upper Limb Muscle Volume and Strength, and Their Relationship in Older Adults

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Optimization of Shift Lever Position

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Effect of Strain Gauge Size and Placement During the Mouse Axial Ulnar Loading Protocol Calibration

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Influences of Load Carriage and Fatigue on Lower Extremity Kinetics During Walking

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A Marker Set-Independent Approach to Joint Translation Measurement of the Knee During Walking

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Biomechanical Demands of Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Poses in Older Adults: Modified Chair and Downward Facing Dog

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Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Training on Dynamic Postural Stability in Elderly Adults

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An Improved Method for Inferring Stability and Other Dynamical Information from Nearly-Periodic Noisy Human Locomotion Data

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Kinetics and Kinematics of Swimming Push-Off Strategies

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Joint Specific Toy Controller for Pediatric Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

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Longitudinal Changes in Muscle Strength, Flexibility and Knee Laxity During Puberty in Girls.

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Loading Patterns During a Step Task in Individuals with Knee Osteoarthritis

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Scaling of Passive Tension in Skeletal Muscle

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Evaluating a Biomechanical Model of the Thumb for Simulation of Both Individual and Coordinated Muscle Actions

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Investigation on Individual Collagen Fibrils of Osteoarthritic Cartilage with Atomic Force Microscopy

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Joint Loading of the Thumb while Operating a Mechnical Pipette — an Inverse Dynamic Analysis

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