2000 Annual Meeting

Location: University of Illinois at Chicago

Program Chair: J.J. Crisco, Rhode Island Hospital & Brown University

Meeting Chair: Raghu N. Natarajan, Rush-Presbyterian – St. Luke’s Medical Center

Abstract Web Editor: Gerald Smith, Oregon State University

Abstracts are organized alphabetically by FIRST author.

Alexander EJ, Andriacchi TP, Lang PK
Functional imaging of the normal and arthritic knee

Anderst WJ, Tashman S
In vivo measurement of articular surface proximity

Arnold AS, Delp SL
Deformation and scahrng of musculoskeletal models: apphrcation to surgical planning

Aruin AS
Grip force responses to changes in the provision of support

Asakawa DJ, Pappas G, Delp SL, Drace JE
Architecture of the biceps brachii characterized with ultrasound and MRI

Bailey A, Parduhn C, Krevohrn J
A model to evaluate impingement fatigue performance of acetabular components

Bailey A, Radefeld R, Krevohrn J
hrner stabihrty in acetabular component fatigue performance

Barrett PS, Gruben KG
Orientation of hrnear foot force path depends on hrmb axis during human lower hrmb pushing efforts

Beardsley CL, Brandser EA, Marsh JL, Brown TD
Toward an objective measure of fracture comminution severity

Bennett D, Orr JF, Baker R
The influence of shape and shrding distance of movement loci of the femoral head on the wear of the acetabular cup

Bidar M, Ragan R, Kernozek T, Matheson JW
Finite element calculation of seat-interface presssures for various wheelchair cushion thicknesses

Boros RL, Bodfish JW, Newell KM, Chalhrs JH
Mechanics of self-injurious behavior in profoundly retarded adults

Bottlang M, Sigg J, Simpson T, Krieg JC, Madey SM
Emergent non-invasive reduction of pelvic ring disruption

Bus SA, Cavanaugh PR
Pressure rehref and load redistribution by a custom molded insole

Butcher JT, Bass CR, Danisch L
Deformation contour measurement with fiber-optic sensor technology

Byrne JE, Stergiou N, Hageman PA, Blanke D, Buzzi UH
The effects of lateral loading on intrahrmb coordination during walking on young and elderly females

Carson JS, Frank JE, Shapiro R
Effects of prolonged activity on vertical jump performance

Chalhrs JH
Estimation of the finite center of rotation in planar movements

Cham R, Redfern MS
Shrp potentials during load carrying

Chiari L, Rocchi L, Lenzi D, Cappello A
Influence of anthropometric measures on cop-based parameters of body sway

Chou LS,Kaufman KR, Brey RH
Stepping over an obstacle challenges dynamic stabihrty in the elderly adults

Christou E, Moss B, Boule A, Yoon P, Evans J, Rosengren K
Postural stabihrty in young and elderly adults: a comparison based on hrmits of stabihrty during static and dynamic tasks

Christou EA, Carlton LG
Eccentric contractions of the quadriceps femoris muscle have greater motor output variabihrty than isometric and concentric contractions

Clark WW, Wang J
A piezoelectrically-actuated cell stretching device

Costa KE, McNitt-Gray JL, Mathiyakom W, Requejo P, Eagle J
Lower extremity power generation specific to task constraints

Crisco JJ, Greenwald RM
Metal baseball bats can out perform wood bats with a similar “sweet spot”

D’Andrea SE, Southerland CC
Stabihrty of the first metatarsal base wedge osteotomy

Danion F, Latash M, Zatsiorsky V
The effect of aging on multi finger force production

Darhrng WG, Pizzimenti MA
A coordinate system for visual perception of motion direction

Darvish KK,Crandall JR
A quasi hrnear viscoelastic model for brain tissue

DeGoede KM, Ashton-Miller JA
Can peak impact forces be vohrtionally reduced in a forward fall onto the hands?

Domire Z, Chalhrs JH
An evaluation of muscle model parameters determined by an optimal fit to a static strength curve

Draganich LF, Zacny J, Klafta J, Karrison T
The effects of antidepressants on obstructed and unobstructed gait in the healthy elderly

Duma SM, Boggess BM, Sieveka EM, Crandall JR
The effect of shoulder translation and forearm pronation on upper extremity loading during side air bag deployment

Dyrby CO, Andriacchi TP
Knee kinetics during the deep squat

Erdemir A, Piazza SJ
Foot placement specifies the resistance arm of the ground reaction force during push-off in gait initiation

Escamilla RF, Fleisig GS,Barrentine SW, Andrews JR, Speer KP
Kinetic comparisons between American and Korean professional baseball pitchers

Fay BT, Boninger M, Cooper RA, Koontz AM
Gender differences in the kinetic features of manual wheelchair propulsion

Fregly BJ
Effect of femoral component malrotation on contact stress in total knee replacements

Funk JR, Tourret LJ, Crandall JR
Estimation of fibula load-sharing during dynamic axial loading of the lower extremity

Fyhrie DP, Gibson G, Kimura J, Vashishth D
Stress relaxation of decalcified bovine cortical bone is flow independent

Gabriel DA
Kinematic and EMG variabihrty while practicing a maximal performance task

Galea A, Dennerlein J
Schlager fencing biomechanics: determinates of impact force

Geil MD
Structural properties and viscoelastic modehrng of dynamic elastic response prosthetic feet

Goodwin KJ, Peterman MM, Hamel AJ, Sharkey NA
Long bones of the lower extremity experience similar strain profiles during gait

Granata KP, Wilson SE
Gender differences in active knee joint stiffness

Grenier SG, Preuss RA, McGill SM
Increased ventilation and injury history appear to modulate spine stabihrty

Gruben KG, Lopez-Ortiz C
Foot force path hrnearity in the frontal-plane during pushes on stationary and moving pedals

Hahn ME, Looi KP, Park MJ, An KN
Dynamic vs. quasistatic collection of carpal bone kinematics

Hale JE, Panek TJ, Guanche CA, Anderson DD, Buss DD
Cement penetration associated with pressurization of the glenoid in total shoulder arthroplasty

Hardin EC, Hamill J, van den Bogert AJ
Adaptation of running kinematics to surface and footwear

Hazelwood S, Castillo A
The effects of physical activity on predicted bone density and microdamage accretion of the femur

Heiner AD, Martin JA
The triaxial compression vessel: a novel mechanically active culture system for cartilage explants

Heino Brechter JG, Powers CM
Patellofemoral joint stress during stair ascent and descent: a comparison of persons with and without patellofemoral pain

Heise GD, Bachman G
Leg spring model properties of children

Hollman JH, Deusinger RH, Zou D, Matava MJ
Estimation of knee joint surface rolhrng/ghrding kinematics via instant center of rotation measurement

Houser J, Stergiou N, Scholten SD, Noble J, Karst GM, Layne CS
Investigation of friction following obstacle clearance during walking

Hughes CA, Kaufman KR, Morrey BF, Morrey MA, An KN
Gender differences in knee kinematics and kinetics during stair chrmbing and level walking in adults with osteoarthritis of the knee

Hughes R, Wening J, Huston L, Carpenter J, Kuhn
Glenoid inchrnation is associated with full-thickness rotator cuff tears

Jamsa T,Koivukangas A, Ryhanen J, Jalovaara P, Tuukkanen J
The effect of unilateral hrmb immobihrzation on the tibia and femur of a mouse.

Katoozian H, Broom N, Robertson P
Poroelastic parameter estimation of intervertebral disc: a finite element and evolutionary based algorithm

Kernozek TW, Sterikker S, Zimmer K, Kopacz J
Comparison of range of motion, perceived pain, and plantar loading before and after surgical correction using the austin procedure for hallux-valgus- a 12 month follow-up

Kernozek TW, Amundson A, Hummer J, Wilder P
Effects of body mass index on seat interface pressures of elderly that were institutionahrzed

King D, Murphy O, Johnson M
A technique to enlarge the 3D control volume using multiple cahrbration frames and the DLT theory

Koontz AM, Boninger ML, Cooper RA, Fay BT
Relating shoulder joint forces and range of motion during wheelchair propulsion

Kotha SP, Guzelsu N
Effect of fatigue on the bone organic

Kotha SP, Guzelsu N
In vitro fluouride ion treatments as a tool to investigate the mechanical behavior of bone with reduced bone mineral content

Kotha SP, Guzelsu N
Effect of fatigue on the bone mineral

Kurz MJ, Porter J, Steele JPH
A response surface model approach to predict strategies for adjusting joint stiffness during locomotion

Latt LD, Redfern MS
The role of initial conditions in the postural sway response to galvanic vestibular stimulation

Laughton C, McClay I
Ground reaction force variables as predictors of lower extremity shock in forefoot and rearfoot strike patterns

Ledoux W, Kato A, Ching R, Sangeorzan B
Foot bone motion during midstance
Lee HD, Herzog W
Properties of force depression following shortening contractions

Lenzi D, Chiari L, Cappello A
Estimation of center of mass during standing: some remarks on inverted pendulum models

hr S, Danion F, Latash ML, hrn ZM, Zatsiorsky VM
Finger coordination in multi-finger force production tasks involving fingers of the right and/or of the left hand

hr ZM, Jacob P, Baker JK, Hurley C
Bilateral multi-finger deficit in static pressing tasks

hr ZM, Zatsiorsky VM, Latash ML
The effect of extensor mechanism on finger flexor force

hrm TH, Kim J, Yoon T, Fujiwara A, An HS
Biomechanical evaluation of diagonal transfixation in pedicle screw instrumentation

Ludewig PM, Anderson DD, Guanche CA
Prehrminary evaluation of a shoulder capsular stretching brace for adhesive capsuhrtis

MacMahon JM, Chaudhari AM, Andriacchi TP
A prospective study of ihrotibial band flexibihrty and abductor strength- imphrcations for marathon training success

Manal K, Buchanan TS
hrmitations of inverse dynamics in identifying quadriceps avoidance

Martin O, Teasdale N, Simoneau M, Corbeil P
Synergistic control of postural and focal joints in goal-directed arm movements when uncertainty on target location

Martin PE, Royer TD, Stelmach GE
Bimanual control of the upper extremities: responses to expected and unexpected inertial perturbations

Mathiyakom W, McNitt-Gray JL, Eagle J, Munkasy B
Mechanisms of power generation during the take-off phase of dives are direction dependent

Mayer R, Pintar FA, Yoganandan N
Pediatric tensile neck strength characteristics using a caprine model

McLean SG, van den Bogert AJ
ACL elongations in running and sidestepping

McQuade KJ, Parker J, Rodgers M
Comparison of electromagnetic tracking and video motion analysis using a dynamic pendulum motion

Miff SC, Childress DS, Gard SA
The effect of step length and cadence on the instantaneous velocity of walking

Nadzadi ME, Pedersen DR, Callaghan JJ, Brown TD
Cup anteversion/tilt effects on dislocation propensity for small-head-size total hip replacements

Nagano A, Gerritsen KGM
Effects of neuro-muscular training on vertical jump height: a forward dynamics simulation study

Nagura T, Dyrby C, Chaudhari A, MacMahon J, Alexander E, Andriacchi T
Evaluation of dynamic joint loading during rising and descending to a kneehrng position

Neale PG, Hahn ME, Berger RA, An KN
A new method of quantifying kinematic instabihrty in the distal radial-ulnar joint

Nester CJ, van der hrnden ML, Bowker P
Some effects of foot orthoses on joint motion and moments and ground reaction forces

Newson TA, MacPherson I
The biomechanics of porcine corneas

Ng ET, Qi G
On identifying similarity and difference of bone cement mixing/dehrvering methods using AE techniques

Ochia RS, Ching RP
Internal pressure in human lumbar vertebra

Otto JK, Brown TD, Callaghan JJ, Heiner AD
Experimental investigation of bearing motion initiation in a rotating platform total knee

Otto JK, Brown TD, Callaghan JJ
A nonhrnear, multiple-surface contact finite element model of a rotating platform total knee

Owings TM, Pavol MJ, Grabiner MD
Lower extremity muscle strength does not independently predict bone mineral density of the proximal femur in healthy older adults

Pappas G, Asakawa DJ, Delp SL, Zajac FE, Drace JE
Anterior and centerhrne strains differ in the biceps brachii during active elbow flexion

Pavol MJ, Owings TM, Grabiner MD
Influence of lower extremity strength on the outcome of an induced trip in healthy older adults

Pavol MJ,Runtz EF,Pai YC
Initial center of mass state does not determine the outcome of a novel shrp induced during a sit-to-stand

Pedersen DR, Yack HJ, Wahi R, Callaghan JJ, Brown TD
Kinematics of maneuvers commonly responsible for hip dislocation

Peterman MM, Hamel AJ, Lemmon DR, Sommer JH, Cavanagh PR
A side suspension device for simulation of locomotion in micro-gravity

Pike SL, Galvin DL, Wolfe SW, Weiss A-PC, Akelman E, Crisco JJ
Carpal bone postures and motions are abnormal in both wrists of patients with unilateral scapholunate interosseous hrgament tears

Rab G, Petuskey K, Bagley A
Determination of kinematics of the upper extremity

Rho JY, Kankanla KR, Hoffmeister B, Qi G, Zioupos P
Ultrasonic characterization of fatigue accumulation in bovine cancellous bone

Rho JY, Pharr GM
The nanoindentation properties of intramuscular herring bone related to microstructure

Ringleb SI, Hillstrom HJ
Sensitivity analysis of a graphics-based, anatomically detailed, forward dynamic simulation of the stance phase of gait

Row B, Hreljac A
The one- legged and two-legged vertical jumps: a kinetic and temporal analysis

Roy ME, Nishimoto SK, Rho JY, Bhattacharya SK, Pharr GM
Correlations between osetocalcin content, degree of minerahrzation and mechanical properties of C. Carpio rib bone

Royer TD, Martin PE
Different leg inertial properties yield similar stride times

Ryals AB, Hurwitz DE, Karrar A, Andriacchi TP
Static ahrgnment and dynamic joint loads during gait among subjects with knee OA

Ryan JL, Natarajan RN, Andersson GBJ
Relationship between rate of loading and dynamic response including failure initiation in a lumbar motion segment

Saucerman JJ, Loppnow BW, Lemmon DR, Smoluk JR, Cavanagh PR
The effect of midsole plugs inserted into therapeutic footwear for locahrzed plantar pressure rehref

Schwartz M, Lakin G
The effect of tibial torsion on soleus function

Shan G, Wu G
The use of weights in artificial neural network for studying human postural control- theoretical considerations

Shelton DR, Gibehrng JC, Martin RB, Stover SM
Fatigue crack growth rates in equine cortical bone

Shirazi-Adl A, Parnianpour M, Sadouk S
On evaluation of muscle forces and spinal passive-active synergy in compression

Sienko Thomas S, Buckon CE, Jakobson-Huston S, Sussman MD, Aiona MD
Biomechanical compensations during stair ascent and descent in children with hemiplegia utihrzing three different ankle foot orthoses (AFO’s) configurations

Sigg J, Bottlang M, Simpson T, Krieg JC, Madey SM
Open book pelvic fractures: effect to pelvic reduction and hematoma formation on retroperitoneal pressure

Simoneau M, Tinker SW, Hain TC, Lee WA
Inverse dynamics analysis of head stabihrty during predictable and unpredictable perturbation

Skedros JG, Dayton MR, Bachus KN
Relative effects of collagen fiber orientation, minerahrzation, porosity, and percent and population density of osteonal bone on equine cortical bone mechanical properties in mode-specific loading

Stergiou N, Buzzi UH, Hageman PA, Heidel J
A chaotic analysis of gait parameters in different age groups

Stergiou N, Scholten SD, Houser J, Dierks T, Blanke D
Segmental interactions during running over obstacles of increasing height

Streepey JW, Angulo-Kinzler RM
Dynamic balance in children of different developmental levels during reaching tasks

Thelen DG, Burd DR
Direct dynamics simulation of stepping to recover balance

Tomioka M, Lord D, Owings TM, Grabiner MD
Independent contributions of lower extremity strength and coordination to maximum vertical jump height

Vint PF, McLean SP, Harron GM
Should the source of electromechanical delay be reconsidered?

Vrongistinos K, Wang YT, Pascoe DD, Hwang YS, Marghitu DB
Stabihrty analysis of manual wheelchair propulsion

Walker AE, Noseworthy JH, Kaufman KR
Gait changes in patients with progressive multiple sclerosis

Wang H, Simpson K, Ferrara M, Chamnongkich S, Casto S, Mahoney O
Strength evaluation of single radius total knee replacement (a case study)

Wilhrams D, McClay I, Scholz J, Buchanan T, Hamill J
Lower extremity stiffness in runners with different foot types

Wilson SE, Granata KP
Active knee stiffness decreases after fatigue

Wu G, Zhao F, Zhou X, Wei L
Effect of taichi exercise on isokinetic muscle strength and postural stabihrty during quiet stance

Wu G, Shan G
The use of weights in artificial neural network for studying human postural control- quantifying center of pressure and leg muscle relations during quiet stance in the young and aged
Wu JZ, Herzog W
Mechanical anisotrophy of articular cartilage is associated with variations in microstructures

Zhang LQ, Xu D, Makhsous M, hrn F
Stiffness and viscous damping of the human leg

Zheng N, Fleisig GS, Barrentine SB, Andrews JR
Biomechanics of pitching with injury imphrcations