2003 Annual Meeting

Location: Toledo, OH

Program Chair: Rodger Kram, University of Colorado

Meeting Chair: Vijay Goel and Danny Pincivero, University of Toledo

Abstracts are organized alphabetically by FIRST author.

Abrams, Eduard
Cross-sectional Geometry Of Human Ribs

Ahmed, Alaa A.
Effect Of Age On Detecting A Loss Of Balance In A Seated Whole-body Balancing Task

Ahmed, Alaa A.
Effect Of Age On Detecting A Loss Of Balance In A Seated Whole-body Balancing Task

Anderson, Donald D.
Quantifying Fracture Energy In Order To Predictpost-traumatic Osteoarthritis

Aujouannet, Y
Relationship Between Physiological And Technical Parameters During An Exhaustive Test In High Level Swimming

Ausk, Brandon J.
Synchronous Signaling Within The Osteocyte Cell Networkunderlies The Osteogenic Potency Of Rest-inserted Loading

Balasubramaniam, Ashokkumar
The Effect Of A Thin Coating Of A Bioadhesive On The Impact Performance Of The Cement Implant Interface In Thr

Barrance, Peter
Increased Anterior Tibial Displacement Is Observed In Acl Deficient Patients During In Vivo Joint Motion

Bateni, Hamid
Resolving Conflicts In Task Demands During Balance Recovery: Does Holding An Object Inhibit Compensatory Grasping?

Bateni, Hamid
Can Walking Aids Impede Compensatory Stepping?

Bay, B.K.
Functional Imaging Reveals Modest Strain Concentrations Associated With Implant Micromotion Using Modified Bak Interbody Cages

Belaney, Ryan M.
Free Radical Scavengers Reduce The Biomechanical Andbiochemical Impairment Of Gamma Irradiated Bone Allografts

Bertos, Georgios A.
Mechanical Impedance Identification Of The Human Locomotor System During Able-bodied Walking

Bertram, John E.A.
Oxygen Consumption And The Preferred Frequency Speed Relation In Human Walking

Bieryla, Kathleen
Slip Anticipation Effects On Hip/knee Kinematicspart I: Gait On Dry Floors

Blemker, Silvia
A 3d Model Of Muscle Reveals The Causes Ofnonuniform Strains In The Biceps Brachii

Boros, Rhonda L.
Gender Differences In Muscle Activation Patterns During Two Styles Of Drop Landings

Bottlang, Michael
True Magnitude Of Displacement In Pelvic Ring Fractures

Bower, Jason A.
Effects Of Wrist Posture And Tendon Loading On Carpal Tunneldimensions: An Mri Evaluation

Bredbenner, Todd L.
Evidence Of Separate Damage And Plastic Behaviors In Human Vertebral Trabecular Bone

Brown, Stephen
Stabilizing Potential Of Trunk Muscles

Bus, Sicco A.
Distal Fat Pad Displacement And Elevated Plantar Pressure Indiabetic Neuropathic Patients With Toe Deformity

Butler, Robert J.
Toe Out Effects Frontal Plane Knee Moments And Angles In Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis

Butterfield, Tim
Sarcomere Number Adaptation In The Rabbit Tibalis Anterior After Chronic Eccentric Exercise

Cabrera, David
A Simple 1-plus Dimensional Model Of Rowing Mimics Observed Forces And Motions

Carmejane, Olivia de
Bone Chemical Structure Response To Mechanical Stress Studied By High Pressure Raman Spectroscopy

Caruntu, Dumitru I.
The Function Of The Anterior And Posterior Cruciate Ligaments In Knee Extension Exercise

Casebolt, Jeffrey B.
A Comparison Of Lower Extremity Power Between Gender For Maximal Vertical Squat Jumping And Hang Power Cleans

Cavanaugh, James T.
Effect Of Cerebral Concussion On The Complexity Of Center Of Pressure Time Series In Collegiate Athletes

Challis, John H.
An Index For Examining Moment Induced Accelerations

Chambers, April J.
Slip Anticipation Effects On Hip/knee Kinematics Part Ii: Gait On Glycerol Contaminated Floors

Chang, Young-Hui
The Neuromechanical Effects Of Proprioceptive Modulationof Reflexes Across Speed And Gait In Cat Locomotion

Chaudhari, Ajit
Sport-dependent Variations In Arm Position During Single Limb Landing Affect Knee Loading: Implications For Acl Injury

Chewwasung, Wipawan
Effects Of Age And Physical Activity Level On Berg Balance Score In Elderly Thai Women

Childress, Dudley S.
When Some Gait Determinants Fail Some Equations Can Eventuate

Chow, John W.
An Electromyographic Comparison Of Parallel And Trap Bar Squats

Chu, Y.H.
Change Of Constitutive Material Properties In Organotypic Brain Cultures In Vitro

Ciocanel, Despina
Comparison Of Two Techniques Of Figure Of Eight Tension Band Wiring On Biomechanical Stability Of Patellar Fracture

Claiborne, T.L.
The Relationship Between Hip And Knee Strength And Valgus Knee Position During A Single Leg Squat

Cleek, Tammy M.
In Vivo Measurement Of Bone Structural Parameters: Accuracy And Precision Of A Densitometric Technique

Coburn, James C.
Interpolating Three Dimensional Kinematic Data Usingquaternions

Collins, Steven H.
Control Of Balance During Walking In Young And Elderly Adults

Corazza, Stefano
Numerical Approach To Skin Artifacts Correction In Stereophotogrammetry

Crenshaw, Stephanie
The Effect Of Laterally Wedged Insoles On Standing Alignment

Davis, Gregg E.
Foot Deformities Resulting From Forces Applied To The Tendons Of Extrinsic Foot Muscles In A Cadaver Model

Davis, Irene McClay
Lower Extremity Mechanics In Patients With Patellofemoral Joint Pain: A Prospective Study

Dayanidhi, Sudarshan
Scapular Kinematics In Adults And Children

Dean, Jesse C.
Metabolic Costs Of Human Bouncing

Devkota, Aaditya
Mechanical Response Of Tendon Subsequent To Ramp Loading To Varying Strains

DeWitt, John
Endpoint Instantaneous Radius Of Rotation Magnitudes In Soccer And Volleyball Players

DeWitt, John
Loading Configurations And Ground Reaction Forces During Treadmill Running In Weightlessness

Dhaher, Yasin Y.
Can Neuromuscular Reflexes Stabilize The Knee During Valgus Loading?

Dickerson, Clark
Dynamic Loading And Effort Perception During One-handed Loaded Reaches

Dierks, Tracy A.
Discrete And Continuous Joint Coupling During Running

Dokeh, Jiro
Metabolic Cost And Muscle Contraction During Human Leg Swing

Donelan, J. Maxwell
Metabolic Cost Of Human Walking As A Function Of Step Frequency

Dudek, Daniel M.
Mechanical Properties Of The Support Tripod In Running Insects: The Role Of Preflexes In Dynamic Stabilization

Dyrby, Chris O.
Anatomy Of The Extensor Mechanism Influences Tibial Translation Due To Quadriceps Contraction In The Acl Deficient Knee

Ebaugh, David
Effects Of Task Intensity On Changes In Scapular Kinematics

Ehmke, Larry W.
Femoral Intramedullary Nailing: Geometry Of The Reamed Canal

Ehmke, Larry W.
Can Bone Mineral Density Predict Fixation Strength Of Lag Screws For Pertrochanteric Fracture Fixation?

Erne, Oliver K.
Depth-dependent Relaxation Of Articular Cartilage In Unconfined Compression

Fergenbaum, Mitchell A.
Assessment Of Pressure Measurement Systems On Flat Surfaces

Finley, Margaret A.
Effect Of Shoulder Impingement On Scapular Kinematics During Selected Tasks In Wheelchair Users

Fisher, David
Gait Adaptations To Footwear Are Not Transient:implication For The Treatment Of Knee Osteoarthritis

Fitzpatrick, Daniel C.
Articulated External Fixation Of The Knee: The Effect Of Fixator Stiffness On Cruciate Ligament Protection

Flick, J
Biomechanical And Biochemical Changes Within Tendon Explants In Response To Compressive Injury Followed By Rehabilitative Loading And Nsaid Treatment

Ford, Kevin R.
Reliability Of Dynamic Knee Motion In Female Athletes

Forrest, Gail F
Control Of Head Movement During Walking

Gabriel, David A.
A Model For The Generation Of Synthetic Surface Emg Signals

Gao, Fan
Matrix Analyses Of Interaction Among Fingers In Static Force Production Tasks

Garner, Brian A.
Computational Algorithm For Estimating Muscle Properties

Genc, Kerim O.
Treadmill Running In Simulated Microgravity

Geronilla, Kenneth B.
Work Analysis Of Duty Cycle Effects From Injurious Stretchshortening Contractions In Vivo Of Skeletal Muscle

Geronilla, Kenneth B.
Force Analysis Of Duty Cycle Effects From Injurious Stretchshortening Contractions In Vivo Of Skeletal Muscle

Gomes, Mario W.
A Passive Dynamic Walking Model That Walks On Level Ground

Gomes, Mario W.
A Five Link Brachiation Model With Life-like Motions

Gordon, Keith E.
Reducing Vertical Center Of Mass Movement During Human Walking Doesn t Necessarily Reduce Metabolic Cost

Gottschall, Jinger S.
Mechanical Energy Fluctuations During Hill Walking:reduced Role Of Energy Exchange

Granata, K.P.
Paraspinal Muscle Reflex Dynamics

Greenwald, Richard M.
Head Impact Telemetry System For Measurement Of Head Acceleration In The Field

Grosland, Nicole M.
Influence Of Articular Geometry On Prosthetic Wrist Stability

Gross, Melissa
Functional Ability In Mid-life Women

Gulgin, Heather
The Effect Of Foot Position On Hip Forces During The Full Golf Swing

Gupta, Rachna
Lower Extremity Mechanics Behind Successful Orthotic Intervention In Patients With Anterior Knee Pain

Hale, Joseph E.
Biomechanical Evaluation Of Expulsion Forces For Paired And Single Prosthetic Disc Nucleus Device Designs

Halliday, Suzanne E.
Forces In The Lower Limbs During Ergometer Rowing

Hass, Chris J.
The Influence Of The Severity Of Parkinson s Disease On The Cop-com Moment Arm During Gait Initiation

Hausselle, Jerome
Computational Modeling Of The Effect Of Ski Boot Design On Knee Ligament Injuries

Heidari, Behnam
Coupling Effect Of Axial Rotation And Lateral Deviation Of Motion Segments In Idiopathic Scoliosis

Heiner, Anneliese D.
Apparent Modulus Of Fused Vs. Unfused Femoral Impaction Grafts

Heiner, Anneliese D.
Quantification Of Surgeon Impaction Of Morselized Cancellous Bone In Revision Tha

Heise, G.D.
Mediolateral Symmetry Of The Swing Leg During Running

Herzog, Walter
The Relationship Between Sarcomere Length And Force In Rabbit Psoas Myofibrils

Hidler, Joseph
Changes In Muscle Activation Patterns During Roboticassisted Gait Training

Hinrichs, Richard N.
Do Bodysuits From Different Manufacturers Aid A Swimmer s Buoyancy?

Hreljac, Alan
Ankle And Knee Joint Kinetics During Running And Sprinting

Hsiao-Wecksler, E.T.
Does Tai Chi Affect Postural Sway & Muscle Activity In Older Adults?

Hsiao-Wecksler, Elizabeth T.
Postural Responses And The Defensive Startle Reflex

Huang, Felix C.
Haptic Feedback Improves Upper Extremity Control Of Resonance

Huang, Xuemei
A Musculoskeletal Model For Simulation Of Ankle Sprains During Two-legged Landing Movements

Humphries, B
The Influence Of Vibration On Muscle Activation And Rate Of Force Development Durring Maximal Isometric Contractions

Hunter, Iain
The Effect Of Venue On The Distance Of A Hammer Throw

Hunter, Ross D.
Gender Differences In Muscle Recruitmentpatterns During Landing

Huntzinger, J.L.
Biomechanical Evaluation Of A Polymer Scaffold For Use In A Tissue Engineered Nucleus Pulposus

Ivancic, Paul C.
Whole Cervical Spine Model With Muscle Force Replication For Whiplash Simulation: Development And Evaluation

Ivancic, Paul C.
Calculation Of Dynamic Spinal Soft Tissue Deformations

Jasko, Jeff G.
The Role Of Central And Peripheral Vision In The Control Of Upright Posture During Anterior-posterior Optic Flow

Jensen, Randall L.
Developmental Scaling Of The Power Velocity Relationship

Jindrich, Devin L.
Keyswitch Design And Finger Posture Affect Joint Impedance When Tapping On Computer Keyswitches

Kao, Pei-Chun
Potential Therapeutic Benefits Of Self-assisted Stepping

Karduna, Andrew
Effects Of Scapular Orientation On Subacromial Contact Forces

Keenan, Scott M.
The Stability Of The Lyapunov Exponent At Different Sampling Frequencies During Treadmill Walking

Kernozek, T. W.
Effects Of Speed And Cadence On The Lower Extremity Joint Reaction Forces And Torques During Walking

Kernozek, T. W.
Cadence Effects On In-shoe Plantar Pressures In Subjects With Diabetes

Kessler, Cathie L.
Determination Of Effective Mass In Impact Testing

Kessler, Cathie L.
Realistic Riot Helmet Impact Testing

Khandha, Ashutosh
Quantifying Sagittal Motion Across A Solid Lumbar Interbody Fusion Using Finite Element Modeling

Kilinçer, Cumhur
Load Sharing Within A Human Thoracic Vertebral Body: An In Vitro Biomechanical Study

Koo, Seungbum
A Rule Based Approach To Improve Cartilage Thickness Measurement Reproducibility From Knee Mri

Koontz, Alicia
Temporal Characteristics Of Real-world Wheelchair Propulsion

Kremenic, Ian
Removal Of Magnetic Stimulation Artifact From Emg Using A Wavelet Shrinkage-based Method

Kulig, Kornelia
A Proposed Mechanism Of Sagittal Motion Induced By Manual Posterior To Anterior Mobilization: Assessment Of Lumbar Spine Kinematics Using Dynamic Mri

Kurz, Max J.
Controlling Bifurcations And Chaotic Gait With Hip Joint Actuations In A Simple Walking Model

Kuxhaus, Laurel
Predicting Thumb Force Changes With Ulnar Nerve Impairment

Lamontagne, Mario
Comparison Of Different Methods On The Estimation Of Human Joint Kinematics

Langenderfer, Joseph
In-vivo And Ex-vivo Determination Of Elbow Flexor Optimal Muscle Lengths

Ledoux, William R.
A Validation Of 1-d And 2-d Descriptions Of Foot Type Using 3-d Computerized Tomography Derived Angular Measurements

Ledoux, William R.
The Strain Rate Sensitivity Of The Plantar Soft Tissue

Lee, Heng-Ju
Identifying Muscular Challenge During Locomotion In The Elderly: An Emg Study

Lee, Patrick
Assessment Of Muscle Activity And Spine Compression During Constricted Axial Loading<

Leng, Huijie
Morphological Control Of Hydroxyapatite Whiskers Forreinforced Biomaterials

Levy, Michael
Evaluation Of Fixation Following Proximal Tibial Valgus Osteotomies In Children With Blount s Disease

Li, Chaodi
Evaluation Of Bone Cement Augmentation In Proximal Femur

Li, Jihui
On Studying The Onset Accumulation And Source Location Ofmicrocrack In Bone Using Acoustic Emission Technique

Li, Jihui
A Preclinical Tool To Monitor Fatigue Failure Of Femur Component Of Total Hip Arthroplasty In Real Time

Li, Zong-Ming
Vectorial Force Coordination Among Digits During Gripping

Livingston, Lori A.
Kinematic Differences In The Lacrosse Pass When Performed With Crosses Of Varying Designs

Lloyd, Emily
Is Trip Recovery Capability Asymmetrical?

Long, Rebecca
Cell Viability Within A 3-d Scaffold Structure

Lundberg, Hannah J.
Kinetically Critical Regions Of Femoral Head Roughening

MacDonell, Christopher
The Effects Of Grip Force And A Mental Task On Maximum Isometric Shoulder Exertions

Madigan, Michael
Changes In Impact Force And Joint Torquesduring A Fatiguing Landing Activity

Madsen, Terry
Vhs – Hip Screw – A Biomechanical Study

Maduri, Anupama
Lumbar-pelvic Coordination Is Altered With Heavy Lifting Tasks

Mahar, A
Effect Of Nail Material Nail Size And Canal Fill On Biomechanical Stability Of Comminuted Fractures In A Pediatric-sized Synthetic Femur Model

Mahar, A
Biomechanical Comparison Of Three Different Fixation Techniques For Tibial Eminence Avulsion Fractures: Sutures Vs Bioabsorbable Nails Vs Bioabsorbable Screws

Mahar, A
Lumbar Arthrodesis: How Much Radiographic Motion Is Present With Solid Fusion?

Mahar, A
Biomechanical Analysis Of Anterior Instrumentation For Lumbar Spinal Corpectomy

Mahar, A
Failure Mode Of Suture Anchors As A Function Of Insertion Depth

Mahar, AT
The Effect Of Rhbmp-2 On Allograft Union And Remodeling In Acorpectomy Model

Mahar, Shannon M.
Standardized Measurement Of Resting Calcaneal Stanceposition And Tibial Varum In Healthy Controls Andpatellofemoral Pain Sufferers

Makhsous, M.
Tissue Perfusion And Blood Flow Response In A Wheelchair With Adjustable Ischial And Back Supports

Maletsky, Lorin P.
Knee Kinematic Sensitivity to Probed Anatomical Points

Mandeville, David
Stance Phase Moment Patterns Pre And Post Total Knee Replacement

Marai, Georgeta E
A 3d Method For Segmenting And Registering Carpal Bones From Ct Volume Images

Margerum, Sarah
Kinematics Of The Slipping Foot

Mathiyakom, W.
Control Of Body Segment Orientation Relative To The Reactionforce Maintains Lower Extremity Load Distribution

McCaw, Steven T.
Reliability Of Muscle Activity Measures During Perturbed Gait

McConnell, Alison
A Biomechanical Analysis Of Combined Intertrochanteric And Femoral Shaft Fracture Fixation Constructs In Cadaveric Femora

McCrory, Jean L.
Biomechanical And Body Composition Factors As Predictors Of Osteoarthritis And Post-menopausal Osteoporosis

McCullough, Matthew
Impact Of Impaired Wrist Motion On Hand And Upper Extremity Performance

McIntyre, Erin E.
Velocity Profile In Streamline Swimming: Drag Quantification

McLean, Scott
Acl Injury: Sagittal Plane Biomechanics Are Not The Cause

McNitt-Gray, J. L.
Multijoint Control Strategies Transfer Between Tasks

Meier, M. R.
A Comparison Of C-leg And 3r60 Prosthetic Knee Joint Performance

Meinhart, Peggy
A Kinematic Analysis Of The Effects Of Age On Turningstrategies In Healthy Females

Mell, A.G.
Effect Of Rotator Cuff Pathology On Shoulder Rhythm

Miller, Chris
Coordination Of Lower Limb Joints During Locomotion:the Effects Of Vestibulo-ocular Reflex Adaptation

Miller, JM
Cineradiographic Assessment Of Rotator Cuff Fatigue On Glenohumeral Kinematics

Mills, Chris
A Simple Computer Simulation Model Of The Deformation Characteristics Of Gymnastic Landing Mats

Mocniak, RL
Cyclic Loads Post Surgery Are Beneficial For The Strength Of Meniscalrepair Devices

Mogk, Jeremy
Toward Understanding Mechanics Of The Carpal Tunnel: A Computer Generated Model

Mohr, Marcus
Rib Geometry Pertinent To Operative Chest Wall Fixation

Moritz, Chet T.
Humans Anticipate Surface Changes During Bouncing Gaits

Moritz, Chet T.
Human Hopping On Very Soft Surfaces

Morrison, Bryan J.
Accuracy Of Using Multiple Zones For The Dlt In Swimming

Multiple, Authors
A Perfectionist Looks At Sports Techniques: A Tribute To Jim Hay

Multiple, Authors
Asb Symposium: Modern Perspectives On The Six Determinants Of Gait

Mündermann, Anne
Walking Speed And External Knee Adduction Moment In Healthy Knees And In Knees With Oa: Cause Or Effect Of Oa?>

<bMusolino, Mark
Effects Of  tone-in-noise Moving Visual Scenes On Postural Sway

Namani, Ravi
Non-linear Elastic Parameters Of Bovine Patellar Cartilage

Neal, Michael
Neuromotor Adaptations Used By Unilateral Transtibial Amputees During Normal Walking

Neelly, Kurt R.
Vertical Jump Kinetics In Young Children

Nelson, Kelly McClenathan
Ankle Foot Orthosis Contribution To Net Ankle Moments In Gait

Neu, Corey
Toward An Mri-based Method To Determine Non-uniform Deformations Throughout The Volume Of Articular Cartilage

Northey, Greg
Calibration Of A Hall Effect Joystick Position Measurement System Using A Neural Network

Novotny, John E.
The Effects Of Total Shoulder Replacement Geometery On The Joint Kinematics And Contact Mechanics

Novotny, John E.
Modeling The Sensitivity Of Glenohumeral Kinematics Ligament Tension And Articular Contact To Rotator Cuff Muscle Activity

O’Connor, Kristian
Estimation Of Extrinsic Foot Muscle Forces Using Amusculoskeletal Model

O’Reilly, Daniel
Effect Of Body Representation On Perception Of Affect

Okuda, Isao
Weight Transfer Patterns Depending On Golf Skill Level

Oliver, Michele
Development Of A Hall Effect Measurement System To Monitor Hydraulic Actuation Joystick Kinematics

Oommen, Binu
Development Of An Ls-dyna Finite Element Model Of The Cranio-cerebral Complex For Understanding Biomechanics Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Ortega, Justus
Minimizing Vertical Center Of Mass Movement Does Not Reduce Metabolic Cost In Walking

Oskouei, M.A.E.
Force Dependent Variability In The Interpolated Twitch Torque

Owings, Tammy M.
Lower Extremity Strength Plays Only A Small Role In Determining The Maximum Recoverable Lean Angle In Older Adults

Pain, Matthew
Determining Shock Transmission Times And Variable Effective Mass Of Gymnastics Landing Mats Under Loading Conditions Produced By Male Gymnasts

Panjabi, Manohar M.
Cervical Intervertebral Disc Injury Mechanisms During Simulated Whiplash

Parkinson, Rob
Investigation Of The Lumbar Spine Passive Tissue Response To Repetitive Lifting.

Pataky, Todd
Optimum Finger Forces In Pronated And Supinated Postures

Pearlman, Jonathan L.
The Fundamental Thumb-tip Force Vectors Produced By The Muscles Of The Thumb

Perez, Miguel A.
Exploratory Surface Electromyography Analysis using Principal Components Analysis

Post, Andrew
Force Plate Considerations In Studies Involving Ramps At Different Angles

Poujade, B.
Relationship Between Technical Parameters And Performance In Front Crawl Swimming In Children

Rab, George T.
Effect Of Acetabular Orientation On Hip Subluxation

Rainbow, Michael
Differences Between Vicon Clinical Manager And Visual3d When Performing Gait Analyses Using The Helen Hayes Model

Ralston, Heather M.
Bone Morphology Changes In Ddh Hips Throughout Adulthood

Rambarran, Kerry K.
Effectiveness Of The Kinetic Wedge Foot Orthosismodification To Reduce Relative Plantar Pressure

Rao, S. H.
Effect Of Pamidronate Treatment On Oim/oim Mouse Femurs

Rassier, Dilson E.
Passive Force Enhancement After Stretch: Effects Of Bdm And Datrolene Sodium

Raudszus, Katrin
Articulated External Fixation Of The Knee Joint: Effect Of Fixator Stiffness On Knee Motion And Ligament Stress

Rausch, Tracy L.
The Foot No Longer A Single Rigid Body: A Dynamic Mri Study

Reed, Karen L.
Determination Of Contact Stress Distributions On Emu Femoral Heads

Richards, CJ
A Novel Arch Height Index Measurement System

Richter, Mark
Effect Of A Vinyl-coated Handrim On Wheelchair Use

Riemer, Rose F.
Validated Subject-specific Model Of Knee Joint Contact Force Distribution

Rietdyk, Shirley
Worksite Trips And Falls: Effect Of Age And Handling Small Loads

Roarty, C.M.
Adaptive Finite Element Analysis For Orthopaedic Contact Problems

Rouard, AH
Effects Of Fatigue On Swimmers Forces Production<

Royer, Todd D.
Hip And Knee Frontal Plane Moments In Persons With Unilateral Trans-tibial Amputation

Rubenson, Jonas
Kinematics And Kinetics Of Running In The Ostrich

Ruina, Andy
Problems With Some Historical Locomotion Energy Accounting

Russell, S.
Non-parametric Analysis Of The Ankle Joint In Inversion Eversion

Sairyo, Koichi
Biomechanical Failure In Immature Spondylolytic Spine: Load-displacement Behavior Of Calf Spine Model In Shear

Salazar-Torres, J de J
Effects Of Initial Muscle Length In Stretch Reflex Excitability In People With Post-stroke Spasticity And Healthy Volunteers

Santos, Veronica J.
Stochastic Analysis Of Anatomical Data Suggests Three Characteristic Kinematic Descriptions Of The Thumb

Schiffman, Jeffrey M.
Measuring Moment Of Inertia In The Field: Development Andaccuracy Of A Portable Physical Pendulum Device

Schulz, Brian W.
An Empirical Index Of Step Initiation In Young Older And Balance-impaired Older Females

Schweizer, Barbara
Quantification Of Anatomical Shapes In Terms Of Their Spatial Curvature Profile: An Accuracy Validation

Scott, Melissa M.
Baseline Measures Are Altered In Biomechanical Studies

Selles, Ruud W.
Repeated Intelligent Stretching Of The Spastic Ankle Of Stroke Patients: Preliminary Data

Seo, Joonho
Structured Light Generation Of Subject Specific Human Body Models For Motion Capture Applications

Shim, Jae Kun
Force Variability And Null Spaces In Hierarchical Organization Of Static Human Prehension

Silfies, Sheri P.
And Random Walk In Postural Control During Seated Balance

Simha, N.K.
Nonlinear Elastic Properties Of Articular Cartilage Via Microindentation

Singer, Jon
Biomechanics Of Ascending An Incline

Sommers, Mark B.
Laser Displacement Sensor Reports Are Affected By Surface Color And Opacity

Son, Jaebum
Phase Space Interpretation Of The Lateral Dynamicsof The Transition From Bipedal To Unipedal Balance

Spanu, Christian
Contact Characteristics Of The Knee Joint In Deep Knee Flexion

Sparto, PJ
Visually-induced Postural Sway In Children Aged 7-12: Effect Of Freequency And Surface Support

Spenciner, David
An Apparatus For Determining The Multi-directional Bending Stiffness Of The Human Lumbar Intervertebral Disc

Srinivasan, Manoj
Collisional Accounting Of Energy In Horse Galloping

Straczek, Tania B.
The Effect Of Prosthetic Spinal Rods On Shoulder Complex Movements

Taylor, Anna M.
Multiple Features Of Motor-unit Activity Influence Force Fluctuations During Isometric Contractions

Terry, Kevin
The Effect Of Walking Speed On Muscle Emg Patterns During Normal Walking

Thelen, Darryl G.
A Least Squares Inverse Dynamics Approach To Estimating Muscle Activations During Gait

Thomas, V. Jacob
Diabetic Feet At Risk Of Plantar Ulcers: A New Method Of Analysis Of Standing Foot Pressure Images With Variations In Foot Sole Properties

Tillman, Mark D.
A Comparison Of Lower Extremity Muscle Activity During Exercise On A Cycle Ergometer And Recumbent Stepper

Timmons, Mark K.
Test-retest Reliability Of Cardinal Plane Primary Mover Emg During Maximal-effort Isokinetic Hip Contractions

Torgerud, Steven R.
Moving Room Paradigm: Adaption During Prolonged And Repeated Exposures

Tsoumanis, Anastasios D.
Hip Posture And Pre-activation Levels Modulate Reflex Contractions Elicited By Knee Ligament Loading

Ueda, Seiji
Gait Style Affects External Knee Adduction Moment

Umberger, Brian R.
Mechanics And Energetics Of Walking At Different Stride Rates

Vadapalli, Sasidhar
Stability Of A Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Cage With And Without Posterior Instrumentation

Valero-Cuevas, Francisco J.
Task-dependent Variability In Human Hand Emg: Evidence For Optimal Feedback Control At The Muscle Level

Venkadesan, Madhusudhan
The Dynamic Sensorimotor Regulation Offingertip Force Vectors Is Independent Of Hand Strength

Wall, Eric
Endoscopic Mechanical Hemiepiphysiodesis Modifies Spine Growth

Wallace, J.M
Gender Specific Response To Exercise In C57bl6/129 Mice

Wallace, J.M.
Exercise Can Reverse The Phenotype Of Biglycan-deficient Mice

Walters, Abby
Performance Of Attention-splitting Tasks Has Different Effects On Static And Dynamic Stability

Wang, H.
Ground Reaction Force Pattern Of Patiences With Bilateral Total Knee Arthrouplasty Systems During Chair Rise

Ward, Samuel R.
The Influence Of Patella Alta On Knee Extensor Mechanics

Wasserman, Nicholas
Relief Of Prestresses Within The Mineralized Collagen Matrix Upon Fracture

White, Scott
The Effect Of Altering Weight Distribution And Thigh Girth On Limb Loading Forces

White, Scott
Force Changes When Walking Continuously With Extra Weight

Whitney, Jennifer A.
The Role Of Accessory Respiratory Muscle Impairment Inthe Mechanism Of Rib Fracture In Rowers

Wiest, Arik S.
Inter-marker Distance Changes At The Foot During The Stance Phase Of Walking

>Williams, Glenn N.
Muscle Morphology After Anterior Cruciate Ligamentreconstruction With Autologous Semitendinosus-gracilis Graft

Williams, Glenn N.
Evidence That Quadriceps Muscle Control Is A Key Factor Incoping With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficiency

Williams, Jamie Ryan
Effect Of Regional Variations In Material Properties Of The Disc On The Circadian Variation In Stature

Winter, Samantha L.
Estimating The Specific Tension Of Muscle In Vivo: Asimulation Study

Wong, Christine Y.
Effect Of A Cognitive Task On Lateral Balance And Gait Parameters During Walking

Wu, Jianhua
Modeling Of Postural Sway On Carpets Through Fractional Brownian Motion

Wu, John Z.
Effect Of Specimen/platen Friction In Unconfined Compression Of Soft Tissues Is Non-negligible

Yang, Bing-Shiang
Stepping Up And Onto A Laterally-compliant Structure: Frontal Plane Responses In Young Adults

Yang, Yusheng
The Association Between Hand Acceleration And Wheelchair Propulsion Kinetics

Yeadon, Fred
Area Deformation Characteristics Of Gymnastic Landing Mats

Yoo, Taeseung D.
Theoretical And Computational Analysis Of The Mechanics Ofhyper-elastic Wrist Braces

Yu, Bing
Effect Of Marker Sets On Between-day Reproducibility Of Knee Kinematics And Kinetics In Stair Climbing And Level Walking

Yue, Weimin
Modeling The Anisotropic Mechanical Properties Ofhydroxyapatite Whisker Reinforced Biocomposites

Zhang, Songning
Longitudinal Characteristics Of Plantar Pressure Measurements Of A Running Shoe

Zhang, Songning
Efficacy And Kinematic Characteristics Of Two Spinal Orthoses

Zhou, Y.
Threaded End Short Fiber Reinforcement Of Bone Cement