2004 Annual Meeting

Location: Portland, OR

Program Chair: Steve Robinovitch, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.

Meeting Chair: Michael Bottlang, Legacy Research Center, Portland, OR


Abstracts are organized alphabetically by FIRST author.

Adams, Douglas J.
Micromotion Of Multi-Strand Free Tendon Grafts Secured With Interference Fixation

Ahmed, Alaa A.
Detecting A Loss Of Balance In Young Adults Performing A Maximal Forward Reach

Ahn, Hyung S.
A Virtual Model Of The Human Cervical Spine For Physics-Based Simulation

Albertini, Alex E.
The Role Of The Vastus Medialis And Vastus Lateralis In Mediallateral Knee Joint Stability

Alzahrani, Ahmed M.
The Effects Of An Over-The-Counter Orthotic On Lower Extremity Kinematics In Male And Female Recreational Runners<

Anderson, Donald D.
Quantifying Fracture Energy In A Clinical Series Of Tibial Pilon Fracture Cases

Anderson, Donald D.
Investigating Chronic Stress Exposure Following Intraarticular Fracture Using A Finite Element Model Of The Ankle

Anderson, Jess S.
Morphology Architecture And Biomechanics Of Human Cervical Multifidus Muscles

Aoki, Kei
Kinematic Estimation Of The Rotation Center Of The Glenohumeral Joint For A Digital Manikin

Arnold, Allison
Muscle-Tendon Lengths And Velocities Of The Hamstrings After Surgical Lengthening To Correct Crouch Gait

Ashby, Blake M.
Optimal Control Simulations Of Standing Long Jumps With Free And Restricted Arm Movement

Baer, Thomas E.
A Novel Device For Calibrating Sheet Array Pressure Sensors And For Monitoring Their Performance

Balasubramanian, Karthik
Comparison Of The Passive Stabilization Provided To The Human Cervical Spine By Three Different Cervical Braces

Barrance, Peter J.
Knee Kinematics During Activity In Acl Deficient Patients Are Less Affected In Those Who Cope Well With The Injury

Bartsch, Adam J.
Posterior Cruciate Ligament Response To Proximal Tibia Impacts

Bauer, Jeremy J.
Coronal Knee Motion In Children Performing Drop Landings Is Not Influenced By Gender

Bender, Carina J.
Quantitative Characterization Of Lateral Force Transmission In Passive Skeletal Muscle

Bennett, Bradford C.
The Use Of Center Of Mass Analysis For Gait Assessment In Children With Cerebral Palsy

Besier, Thor
Methods To Determine In Vivo Cartilage Stress In The Patellofemoral Joint From Weight-Bearing MRI

Billing, Dan C.
Predicting The Anterior-Posterior Component Of Ground Reaction Force From Wearable Instrumentation

Blemker, Silvia S.
Rectus Femoris Fiber Excursions Predicted By A 3d Model Of Muscle

Blevins, Joanna J.
A Finite Element Model For Simulating The Residual Limb Skin Temperature Distribution In Transtibial Sockets

Bormann, Kurt
Effect Of Internal And External Knee Rotation On Hoop Strain In The Medial Meniscus

Boros, Rhonda L.
Muscle Activation Patterns In Males And Females During Drop Landings Onto The Heels

Borstad, John D.
The Effect Of Pectoralis Minor Resting Length Variability On Scapular Kinematics

b>Bouchard, Suzanne M.
A Parametric Finite Element Study Of Constrained Acetabular Liners

Bressel, Eadric
Bicycle Seat Interface Pressure: Reliability Validity And Influence Of Hand Position And Workload

Brown, Tim
Biomechanical Response Of Entire Lumbar Spine To Large Compression ?A Finite Element Model Study

Browning, Raymond C.
The Effects Of Added Leg Mass On The Biomechanics And Energetics Of Walking

Buckley, John G.
Effects Of Blurring Vision On M/L Balance During Stepping Up Or Down To A New Level In The Elderly

Buczek, Frank L.
Comparing Normal Gait Analyses Using Conventional And Least Squares Six Degree-Of-Freedom Models

Budhabhatti, Sachin
Plantar Pressure Reduction By Footwear: A Finite Element Model

Butler, Robert J.
Differences In Frontal Plane Mechanics During Walking Between Patients With Medial And Lateral Knee Osteoarthritis

Butterfield, Timothy A
Small Changes In The Timing Of Activation Affects Fiber Lengths And Serial Sarcomere Number Adaptations In Rabbit Tibialis Anterior Exposed To Eccentric Exercise

Byrne, Nick J.
Design Of A Pre-Clinical Test For Prosthetic Ankle Implants

Cai, Hongxue
Computation Of Motion Patterns Of The Cochlear Partition

Campbell-Kyureghyan, Naira H.
Computational Analysis Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Ligaments

Carpenter, MR
Effectiveness Of A Collagen Hydrolysate-Based Nutritional Supplement On The Level Of Joint Pain Range Of Motion And Muscle Function In Individuals With Mild Osteoarthritis Of The Knee: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Challis, John H.
Aging Regularity And Variability In Maximum Isometric Moments

Chen, George
Induced Acceleration Contributions To Locomotion Dynamics Are Not Physically Well-Defined

Chen, Sam
Influence Of Vasti Orientation On The Patellar Ligament Force/Quadriceps Force Ratio During Knee Extension

Chen, Shing-Jye
Effects Of Foot Arch Impedance On Navicular Drop And Calcaneal Eversion During Walking

Chen, Shu-Ya
The Alterations Trajectory Of Center Ofmass When Negotiating Obstacles With Different Heights In The Older Adults

Chiu, Loren Z.F.
Relationships Between Emg Frequency Spectrum And Rate Of Force Development Changes

Chou, Li-Shan
Quantification Of Muscular Challenge During Obstacle Crossing In The Elderly: Emg Vs. Joint Moment

Chow, John W.
Lower Trunk Kinematics And Muscle Activity During Different Types Of Tennis Serves

Chow, John W.
Reliability Of A Technique For Determining Sagittal Knee Geometry From Lateral Knee Radiographs

Clark, Amanda
A Biomechanical Model For Tissue Injury In Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Clark, Andrea
Heterogeneous Adaptation Of The Patellofemoral Joint To Short- And Long-Term Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficiency

Clifton, Heather L.
Comparing Muscle Activity During Forward And Backward Striding On An Elliptical Trainer

Clowers, Kurt
Biomechanical Characteristics And Power Generation Of Jumping Activities In Cross-Training Shoes

Coburn, James C.
Carpal Bone Scaling Is Isometric And Not Gender Specific<

Cohen, Shay
Developing And Testing Of An Emg Driven Model To Estimate Ankle Moments And Muscle Forces

Collins, DJ
The Use Of A Wireless Network To Provide Real-Time Augmented Feedback For On-Water Rowing

Costa, Kathleen E.
Horizontal Impulse Generation Characteristics During The Sprint Start Are Influenced By Shank Segment Control

Coughlin, Lisa
Muscle-Tendon Ultrasound: Quantitative Considerations

Crockett, Benjamin A.
Relationship Of Knee Extension Strength And Anthropometric Variables To Alpine Ski Racing Success

Czerniecki, Joseph M.
The Three-Dimensional Lumbar Spine Kinematics Of Transfemoral Amputees With And Without Back Pain While Walking

Dai, Yang
Quantitative Prediction Of Articular Cartilage Degeneration Following Incongruous Intra-Articular Fracture Reduction<

Damian-Noriega, Zeferino
In Vivo Testing Protocol For Determining The Pullout Strength Of A Polyaxial Screw By Using A Canine Model

Darling, Warren G.
Measurement Forces During Manipulation In Non-Human Primates

Daugaard, H.
Comparison Of Three Different Hydroxyapatite Coatings In An Unloaded Implant Model-Experimental Canine Study

Davis, Gregg
A Robot-Assisted Measure Of Finger Joint Stiffness

Davis, Irene S.
Prospective Study Of Structural And Biomechanical Factors Associated With The Development Of Plantar Facsiitis In Female Runners

Davoodi, Rahman
Clinician-Friendly Software For Biomechanical Modeling And Control Of Movement

Dean, Jesse C.
Minimal Actuation Requirements For Powering The Passive Walking Model With Knees

DeVita, Paul
Age Induced Mechanical Plasticity In Locomotion

DeWitt, John K.
External Load Affects Ground Reaction Force Parameters Nonuniformly During Running In Weightlessness

Dhaher, Yasin
Neuro-Sensory Role Of Joint Periarticular Tissue Afferents: A Human Knee Model

DiAngelo, Denis J.
In Vitro Biomechanics Of Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty With The Prodisc Total Disc Implant

DiAngelo, Denis J.
Motion Compensation Associated With Single-Level Cervical Fusion: Where Does The Lost Motion Go?

Dierks, Tracy A.
Lower Extremity Joint Coupling In Runners Who Developed Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Dingwell, Jonathan B.
Tracking Slow-Time-Scale Changes In Movement Coordination<

Doehring, Todd C.
Tracking Non-Uniform Strain Of The Aortic Valve

Domire, Zachary J.
The Influence Of Seat Height In Sit To Stand In The Elderly: A Simulation Study

Donahue, Seth W.
Bone Strength Is Not Compromised With Aging In Black Bears (Ursus Americanus) Despite Annual Periods Of Disuse (Hibernation)

Dorociak, Robin D.
Stiffness During Walking: A Comparison Between Children With And Without Spasticity

Dozza, Marco
Audio Biofeedback Of Trunk Accelerations Improves Balance In Subjects With Bilateral Vestibular Loss

Duma, Stefan
Measuring Real Time Head Accelerations In Collegiate Football Players

Dun, Shouchen
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Affects Finger Force Production

Dunning, Russell
In Vivo Quantification Of Achilles Tendon Dynamic Creep<

Durham, Rachel D.
The Effects Of Altered Cycling Posture And Cadence On Subsequent Running Mechanics

Earl, Jennifer E.
Effects Of Exaggerated Pronation And Supination On Knee Mechanics During A Cutting Maneuver

Edwards, W. Brent
Asymmetries During Weighted Loads: A Comparison Between 1-Strap And 2 Strap Conditions

Ehmke, Larry W.
Fixation Strength Evaluation Of Hip Implants Under Biaxial Rocking Motion

Elias, John J.
Characterizing How The Assumed Quadriceps Force Distribution Influences The Patellofemoral Pressure Distribution

Elias, John J.
Patellofemoral Lesions Increase Pressure Applied To Surrounding Cartilage

Elias, Paul Z.
Effect Of Loading Rate On Compressive Failure Mechanics Of The Pediatric Cervical Spine

El-Zawawy, Hossam B.
Ligamentous Versus Physeal Failure In Murine Medial Collateral Ligament Biomechanical Testing

Erdemir, Ahmet
Hyperelastic Properties Of Normal And Diabetic Heel Pads From An Inverse Finite Element Model Of Indentation

Erdemir, Ahmet
Optimization Of Bone Alignment To Reproduce Plantar Pressures In A Subject-Specific Finite Element Foot Model

Escamilla, Rafael F.
An Electromyographic Analysis Of Commercial And Common Abdominal Exercises

Etheridge, Brandon S.
Further Evidence That Bone Mineral Density And Soft Tissues Influence Pelvic Fracture In Older Women During Lateral Impact

Fauth, Andrew R.
Characterization Of Plantar Tissues Under The Metatarsal Heads

Feldman, Fabio
Safe Landing During A Fall: Effect Of Response Time On Ability To Avoid Hip Impact During Sideways Falls

Ferber, Reed
Neuromuscular Response To Unexpected Gait Perturbations In Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injured Non-Copers

Ferber, Reed
Hs P To Neuromuscular Response To Unexpected Gait Perturbations In Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injured Non-Copers

Finley, Margaret A.
Upper Extremity Joint Stresses Associated With Walker-Assisted Ambulation In Post- Surgical Patients

Fisher, David
Speed Effects On Knee Adduction Moments Using Intervention Footwear: Implication For The Treatment Of Knee Osteoarthritis

Fitzpatrick, Keith D.J.
Variability In The Golf Swing And Its Effect On Performance Accuracy

Flanagan, Sean P.
Determining The Most Appropriate Measure Of Mechanical Demand

Flick, Kevin C.
Comparison Of Human Turning Gait With The Mechanical Performance Of Lower Limb Prosthetic Transverse Rotation Adaptors

Ford, Matthew P.
Arm Constraint And Inter-Limb Coordination During Walking In Healthy Adults

Forrest, Gail F.
The Role Of Head Stabilization In Neck And Trunk Movement During Four Different Locomotion Tasks

Fujita, Lindsey
Can A Pendulum Be Used To Study Dynamic Properties Of The Spine?

Fyfe, Ken R.
Foot Path Measurement Using Accelerometry

Fyfe, Ken R.
Foot Path Measurement Using Accelerometry

Gabriel, David
Surface Electromyographic Spike Activity And Motor Unit Firing Rates At Different Levels Of Maximum Contraction

Gabriel, David A.
Experimental Validation Of A Surface Emg Model

Gaines, Adam R.
Muscle Function In The Generation Of Propulsive And Braking Forces During Running

Ganguly, Partha
Analysis Of Fatigue Damage In Bovine Trabecular Bone

Gao, Fan
Control Of Finger Force Vector In The Flexion-Extension Plane

Gavin, Courtney D.
The Effect Of Hand Position On Ground Reaction Forces When Falling Forward From Kneeling Height

Gavin, Courtney D.
Quantification Of Upper Extremity Motion During A Trip-Induced Fall In Older Adults

Glor, Fadi P.
Image-Based Computational Fluid Dynamics For Carotid Arteries: A Comparison Between Imaging Techniques

Glor, Fadi P.
The Effect Of Anti-Hypertensive Drugs On Carotid Haemodynamics

Gollapudi, Sampath K.
Temperature Dependence Of Crossbridge Kinetics In Slow And Fast Skeletal Muscle Fibers: Crossbridge Modeling

Gordon, Brian J.
Angular Momentum Transfer During A Power Tennis Serve

Goswami, Ambarish
Rate Of Change Of Centroidal Angular Momentum Quantifies Postural Instability

Grabowski, Alena
Individual Contributions Of Weight And Mass To The Metabolic Cost Of Walking

Grigg, Peter
Role Of Skin Material Properties In Determining The Sensitivity Of Stretch-Sensitive Cutaneous Mechanoreceptors

Gross, M. Melissa
Emotion Recognition From Body Movement Kinematics

Gutierrez, Gregory M.
Does Plyometric Training Improve Swim Start Performance?

Hahn, Michael E.
Estimation Of Falls Risk Using A Neural Network Model Based On Measures Of Gait And Balance Control

Hale, Joseph E.
Positional Stability Testing Of A Prosthetic Disc Nucleus Device

Han, S.K.
Fe Analysis Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Chondrocytes

Hanlon, Michael P.
Effect Of Externally-Cued Stride Frequency Selection On Tempero-Spatial Parameters Of Gait

Hartmann, Mitra J.
Mechanical Characteristics Of Rat Vibrissae: Resonant Frequencies And Damping In Isolated Whiskers And In The Awake Behaving Animal

Hass, Chris J.
Comparing Momentum And Stability Tradeoffs During Bidirectional Gait Initiation In Older Adults And Parkinsonism

He P, Zhi
Spatio-Temporal Order In Emg From A Low Back Surface Electrode Array

Heasley, Karen
Stepping Up To A New Level: Effects Of Blurring Vision In The Elderly

Heidari, Behnam
Structural Behaviour Of Thoracic Spinal Unit; The Role Of The Posterior Articular Facets In Spinal Deformity

Heise, Gary D.
Amplitudes Of Muscle Activity During Early Practice Trials Compared With Those Of A Well-Learned Skill

Held, Laurie
Characterizing Kinematics Of 3d Human Movements Using Quaternions

Hentzen, Eric
Stress-Dependent And Stress-Independent Gene Expression In Rat Skeletal Muscle After A Single Bout Of ?Exercise?

Hess, Jennifer A
An Ergonomics Intervention With Construction Concrete Laborers To Decrease Low Back Injury Risk

Hess, Jennifer A.
The Effect Of High Intensity Strength Training On Ankle Inverse Dynamics In Balance Impaired Older Adults

Heuer, Frank
Stabilization Of Intervertebral Discs By Tissue Engineered Nucleus Replacement: A Biomechanical Feasibility Study

Hinrichs, Richard N.
Predicting Out-Of-Plane Point Locations Using The 2d-Dlt

Hodgson, John A.
Amplification Of Muscle Fiber Length Changes In The Human Soleus Muscle-Tendon Complex

Hollman, John H.
Gait Deviations In A Virtual Reality Environment

Holzbaur, Katherine R. S.
A Musculoskeletal Model Of The Upper Extremity For Surgical Simulation And Neurocontrol Applications

Hoskins, Andrew H.
Dynamic Cadaveric Gait Simulation: Steps Into The Future

Houck, Jeff R.
Gastroc-Soleus Muscle Activation And Its Association To Ankle And Knee Moments During Expected And Unexpected Side Step Cut Tasks

Hreljac, Alan
Effects Of Changing Protocol Grade And Direction On The Preferred Gait Transition Speed During Human Locomotion

Hunter, Eric J.
A Three-Dimensional Model Of Vocal Fold Abduction/Adduction

Hunter, Iain
A Comparison Of Four Methods Of Calculating Vertical Stiffness In Distance Running

Hurt, Chris P.
Is There A Gait Transition Between Run And Sprint?

Ianuzzi, Allyson
Human Lumbar Facet Joint Capsule Strains During Axial Rotations

Inceoglu, Serkan
Viscoelastic Effects At The Bone-Screw Interface

Ivancic, Paul C.
Intervertebral Neck Injury Criterion For Simulated Frontal Impacts

Johsi, Abhijeet
The Effects Of Varying Nucleus Implant Parameters On The Compressive Behavior Of The Human Lumbar Intervertebral Disc

Jones, Richard
Effectiveness Of Two Knee Braces On Medial Compartment Osteoarthritis

Jorden, Ryan A.
Evaulating Symmetry Of The Swing Leg During Running With Velocity-Velocity Profiles

Kahihana, Wataru
Effectiveness Of A Laterally Wedged Insole On Knee Joint Varus Moment In Normal Healthy Elders; A Motion Analytic Study

Kale, Shreedhar P
Effect Of Vertebral Bone Endplate Curvature On Load Transmission

Kamper, Derek G.
Variation In Muscle Moment Arms With Index Finger Posture

Kang, Hyun Gu
Directly Comparing Standing And Walking Stabilities

Katsavelis, Dimitris
Emg Activity Of Lower Limb Muscles During A Maximal Cycling Test

Keener, Laurelyn E.
Quantification Of Biomechanical Interactions Between Dressage Horses And Riders

Keener, Laurelyn E.
Quantification Of Biomechanical Interactions Between Dressage Horses And Riders

Kerdok, Amy E.
Soft Tissue Modeling And Mechanics

Kernozek, Thomas
Effects Of Age Group On Landing Mechanics In The Adolescent Female Basketball Player

Kessler, Cathie L.
Realistic Testing Of Riot Helmet Protection Against Projectiles

Khurana, Vivek
3-D Scapular-Humeral Geometry In Seated Driver Braced Posture

Kim, Young-Kwan
3d Computer Simulation Of Roundhouse Kick In Taekwondo

Kipp, Kristof
Reliability Of A Kinematic Model Of The Upper Extremity

Kirkpatrick, Sean J.
Laser Speckle Measurements For Skin Mechanics And Diagnostics

Klute, Glenn K.
Variable Stiffness Prosthesis For Transtibial Amputees

Kohles, Sean S.
Response Surface Analysis Of Flexural And Membrane Stresses To Characterize Flexible Biologic Materials

Kohles, Sean S.
A Multivariate Logistical Model Describing Compressive Sensitivity Of Tactile Receptors

Kohles, Sean S.
A Micro-Mechanical Composite Analysis Of Engineered Cartilage

Koo, Seungbum
Factors Influencing The Accuracy Of Articular Cartilage Thickness Measurement From MRI

Koontz, Alicia M.
Trunk Movement Patterns And Propulsion Efficiency In Wheelchair Users With And Without Sci

Korellis, Georgios
Nonlinear Analysis Of Postural Control In Different Positions

Korkmaz, Lale
Static Force Production In A Three-Dimensional Musculoskeletal Model Of The Cat Hindlimb

Kosmopoulos, Victor
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Bone Damage Simulations Using Quasi-Continuum Damage Mechanics

Krithivasan, Prasanna
Angular Acceleration Of The Head/Neck System Induced By Sternocleidomastoid

Kuo, Arthur D.
Trade-Offs In The Determination Of Optimum Step Length In Human Walking

Kurz, Max J.
An Artificial Neural Network That Utilizes A Chaotic Control Scheme For Stable Locomotion

Kurz, Max J.
Does Footwear Influence The Structure Of Chaotic Gait Patterns?

Kuxhaus, Laurel
Position Influences Range Of Motion

Kuxhaus, Laurel
Directional Force Control Of The Thumb

Kwon, T.H.
Computational Simulation Of Corneal Applanation

Kwon, T.H.
Effect Of Variations In Cornea Characteristics On Measured Intraocular Pressure

Lagerquist, Kathryn A.
Constitutive Modeling Of Vascular Constructs: A Modified Burst Pressure Method

Laing, Andrew C.T.
Effect Of Floor Stiffness On Impact Forces During Falls On The Hip

Langenderfer, Joseph
Musculoskeletal Parameter Variability Explains Variability In Elbow Flexion Strength Deficit Due To Long Head Biceps Tear: A Stochastic Model

Lasher, Richard
MRI-Based Geometry Of Neck Muscles For Biomechanical Models

Law, Laura A Frey
Parameter Roles For A Nonlinear Mathematical Muscle Model

Lay, Andrea N.
The Role Of Select Biarticular Muscles During Slope Walking

>Ledoux, William R.
The Effect Of Foot Type On Plantar Pressure

Lee, Hae-Dong
Strain Distribution In In-Vivo Human Triceps Surae During Passive And Active Dynamic Movements

Lee, Heng-Ju
Sagittal And Frontal Sway Angles During Locomotion In The Elderly

Lee, P.J.
Dynamic Trunk Kinematic Stiffness During Flexion And Extension

Lee, Sang-Wook
A Complexity Reduction Principle Applied To Dynamic Modeling Of Finger Movement

Lepp, Jolene L.
Passive And Active Sarcomere Length Non-Uniformity In Skeletal Muscle

Lewis, Cara L.
Predicted Hip Joint Reaction Forces During Prone Hip Extension With Varying Contribution From The Gluteal Muscles

Li, Zong-Ming
Thumb Force Deficit After Lower Median Nerve Block

Lim, Bee-Oh
The Effects Of Muscle Training On Gait Characteristics In Children With Down Syndrome

Lin, Cheng-Feng
Biomechanical Patterns Of The Ankle In Grand-Plie Movement

Lin, David C.
Shortening And Lengthening Force-Velocity Properties Of Human Single Muscle Fibers

Lin, Hsiu-Chen
The Relations Between Muscle Strength And Movement Of Center Of Mass Of The Body During Obstacle Negotiation In The Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Little, Jesse S.
Lumbar Facet Joint Capsule Creep During Static Flexion

Little, Jesse S.
Viscoelastic Properties Of The Human Lumbar Facet Joint Capsule

Liu, May Q.
Muscle Contributions To Forward Progression During Walking

Liu, Xiang
Objective Quantification Of Foot Arch By Curvature Maps

Lo, Jia-Hsuan
Simulation Of Forward Falls: Effect Of Lower Extremity Control Strategy On Injury Risk

Lockhart, Daniel B.
Prediction Of Muscle Activation Patterns For Postural Control Using A Linear Feedback Model

Lucas, Scott R.
Viscoelastic Characterization Of Cervical Spinal Ligaments

Lulay, Allison T.
Drop Landing Exercise Does Not Increase Maximum Jump Height In Children

Lundberg, Hannah J.
Problematic Sites Of Third Body Embedment In Polyethylene For Wear Acceleration In Total Hip Arthroplasty

Luo, Jin
Acute Effect Of Vibration Training With A Portable Muscle-Tendon Vibrator On Muscle Power

Maas, Huub
Force Transmission Via Myofascial Pathways In Dynamic Conditions Of A Single Head Of Multi-Tendoned Rat Edl Muscle

Mackey, Dawn C.
Postural Steadiness During Quiet Stance Does Not Associate With Ability To Recover Balance In Older Women

Madey, Steven M.
Oblique Impact Testing Of Bicycle Helmets

Madigan, Michael L.
Age-Related Differences In Peak Joint Velocities During Single Step Recovery From A Forward Fall

Mahar, Andrew
Biomechanical Evaluation Of Vertebral Augmentation With Calcium Sulfate Cement In Cadaveric Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures

Mahar, Andrew
Biomechanical Evaluation Of A New Facet Screw Design For Posterior Spinal Fixation

Mahar, Andrew
Biomechanical Comparison Of An Intra- Cortical Fixation Anchor Versus Standard Anchor Fixation For Rotator Cuff Repair

Mangan, Ryan
Capstone Design Of A Cranial Vascular Mechanical Model

Marin, Laura C.
Local Dynamic Stability Improves At Slower Walking Speeds

Martin, James A.
Shear-Stress-Induced Chondrocyte Death Is Reduced By Antioxidant Treatment

Martin, Philip E.
Intersegmental Dynamics Of The Swing Phase Of Walking In Trans-Tibial Amputees

Mathiyakom, Witaya
Initial Horizontal Momentum Alters Control Of The Reaction Force Relative To The Center Of Mass

McCaw, Steven T.
A Comparison Of Vertical Ground Reaction Forces Between One And Two-Leg Drop Landings

McCully, Sean P.
Internal And External Rotation Of The Shoulder: Effects Of Plane End Range Determination And Scapular Motion

McLean, Scott G.
Sagittal Plane Biomechanics During Sport Movements Does Not Explain Higher Incidence Of Acl Injury In Females

McLean, Scott P.
Factors Affecting The Accuracy Of 2d-Dlt Calibration

McNitt-Gray, J.L.
Modeling The Influence Of Flight Phase Control On Center Of Mass Trajectory And Reaction Forces During Landing

Mell, Amy G.
Effect Of Wearing A Wrist Splint On Shoulder Posture When Picking An Object From A Box

Michel, Katja J.
The Influence Of Different Midsole Hardness On Knee Joint Loads During Running

Milner, Clare E.
Does Sustaining A Lower Extremity Stress Fracture Alter Lower Extremity Mechanics In Runners?

Mitton, David
Evaluation Of 3d Reconstruction Of The Rib Cage From Biplanar Radiography

MĀndermann, Lars
Estimation Of The Accuracy Of A Shape-From-Silhouette Markerless Motion Capture System

Moglo, Kodjo E.
Effect Of Initial Velocity On The Threshold Of Balance Recovery Preliminary Results

Mohr, Marcus
A Dynamic Model For Assessment Of Micromotion And Migration In Knee Arthroplasties

Montazemi, Peman T.
Comparison Of Dynamic Engines For Musculoskeletal Modeling Software Msms

Moran, Matthew F.
Computational Assessment Of Constraint In Posterior-Stabilized Total Knee Replacements

Morrow, Duane A.
In Vivo Shoulder Kinematics: A Comparison Of Measurement Methods

Moyer, Brian E.
Initial Condition Variables And Age Group As Determinates Of Slip Severity

Mundermann, Anne
Serum Comp Concentration Is Related To Load Distribution At The Knee During Walking In Healthy Adults

Musolino, Mark
Postural Sway Responses To Predictable And Unpredictable Moving Visual Scenes

Narazaki, Kenji
Identifying Temporal Variables In Continuous Walking

Nazarian, Ara
The Effects Of Skeletal Metastasis On Bone Tissue Properties

Nechtow, William
Daily Activity Profile Of Total Knee Replacement Patients

Neugebauer, Jennifer M.
Biomechanical And Muscular Differences In Three Jump Conditions

Nichols, T. Richard
The Role Of Reciprocal Excitation In The Regulation Of Stiffness Of The Feline Ankle

Nielsen, Jonathan K.
Parameters Affecting Axial Stiffness Of Tibial Fixation In An Ilizarov Ankle Distractor

Norton, Karen P.
A Concentric And Eccentric Loading Regime For Shoulder Rehabilitation

Novotny, Sara C.
Factors Producing A ?Soft? Landing In Terms Of Both Force And Sound

Nuckley, David J.
Dynamic Bending Mechanics Of The Developing Spine

O’Connor, Kristian M.
Comparison Of Knee Joint Moments Reported In Different Segmental Reference Frames

Olafsdottir, Halla Bjorg
Is The Thumb A Fifth Finger?

Oommen, Binu
Cerebral Mechanics During Traumatic Brain Injury

Orendurff, Michael S.
Gait Effeciency: Center Of Mass Motion Voand Walking Speed

Orendurff, Michael S.
Acceleration During Walking: The Effect Of Ankle Kinetics On Center Of Mass Position And Velocity

Oza P, Ashish L.
Prediction Of Relaxation From Creep In Ligaments

Panjabi, Manohar M.
Ligamentous Injury During Simulated Frontal Impact

Parent, Stefan
Displaced Olecranon Fractures In Chilren: A Biomechanical Analysis Of Fixation Methods

Paul, Matthew C.
Direction-Dependence Of Polyethylene Wear For Metal Counterface Scratch Traverse

Pearsall, David J.
Foot And Ankle Pressure Measurement During Forward Skating

Pearson, Adam M.
Spinal Instability Due To Simulated Frontal Impacts

Petre, Marc
Modeling The Effect Of Hallux Limitus On First Ray Plantar Pressure Distributions

Postma, Elmine H.
How Does Ability To Recover Balance Depend On The Time Required To Execute A Step?

Praveen, S. Solomon
Permeability And Microarchitectural Measurements In Calcaneus

Queen, Robin M.
Effect Of Positive Posterior Heel Flare On Kinetics And Tibialis Anterior Muscle Activation During Running Gait

Queen, Robin M.
Effect Of Positive Posterior Heel Flare On Lower Extremity Kinematics During Running Gait

Ramachandran, Arun K.
Tai Chi And Stance Width Effects On Postural Sway And Knee Flexion

Ramchandani, Suneil R.
Biomechanical Examination Of Intervertebral Discs Subsequent To Burst Fracture

Rassier, Dilson E.
Sarcomere Non-Uniformity Associated With Stability Of Skeletal Muscle Myofibrils

Rattenbury, Jennifer
Effects Of Preparation On Postural Stability While Accepting A Weight In The Outstretched Hands

Ren, Lei
A Generalized Approach To Three-Dimensional Kinematic And Kinetic Analysis Of Open-Loop Multi-Segment Systems

Ren, Lei
Assessment Of Backpack Interface Loading Using A Whole Body Gait Model

Ren, Lei
Validation Of A Three-Dimensional Whole Body Multisegment Model For Load Carriage Studies

Richter, W. Mark
Drag Force Normalized Wheelchair Propulsion Forces

Rider, Kevin A.
Effects Of Vibration On Approach Trajectory Of In-Vehicle Reaching Tasks

Riemer, Raziel
Full Body Inverse Dynamics Solutions: An Error Analysis And A Hybrid Approach

Riemer, Rose F.
Tibiofemoral Load Distribution During Gait Of Normal Subjects

Ringleb, Stacie I.
Magnetic Resonance Elastography For The Assessment Of Muscles In Hyperthyroidism

Ringleb, Stacie I.
Quantitative Shear Wave Magnetic Resonance Elastography: Comparison To A Dynamic Shear Material Test

Roberts, Dustyn P.
Relationship Of Muscle Fiber Pennation Angle To Emg And Joint Moment During Graded Isometric Contractions Using Ultrasound Imaging

Rodgers, Mary M.
Effects Of Gait Velocity On Cop Symmetry Measures In Individuals With Stroke

Rogers, Ellen
Effects Of Static Flexion-Relaxation On Paraspinal Reflex Behavior

Rohr, Eric S.
Classification Tree Analysis Of Foot Types Using 3-D Measures

Royer, Philip J.
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Occupational Vibration And Position Sense

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Longitudinal Tensile Properties Of Elastin Cured Elastin And Native Carotid Artery

Wu, Ping-Cheng
Longitudinal Tensile Properties Of Elastin Cured Elastin And Native Carotid Artery

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Age And Gender Differences In Arch Height And Arch Stiffness