2005 Annual Meeting (Combined with the ISB)

Location: Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

Program Chairs: Art Kuo , University of Michican (ASB)
Brian Davis and Ton van den Bogert, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation (ISB)

Abstracts are organized alphabetically by FIRST author.

Aalbersberg, Sietske
Co-Contraction In Acl Deficient Subjects

Abdoli, Mohammad
Impact Of Lift Assistive Device On Lumbar Compressive Force

Acosta, Ana Maria
The Effect Of Shoulder Girdle Coordination On Upper Extremity Workspace In Stroke

Actis, Ricardo L.
Plantar Pressure Distribution In The Diabetic Foot During Push-Off: Numerical Simulation Using The P-Version Of The Finite Element Method

Adam, Clayton
Gravity-Induced Torsion And Vertebral Rotation In Idiopathic Scoliosis

Adamczyk, Peter Gabriel
Metabolic Cost Of Walking Varies With Foot Roll-Over Radius

Adams, Robin
Density Changes In Bovine Tendon Resulting Frombuffered And Unbuffered Solutions

Agraharasamakulam, Sujani N.
Comparison Of Two Ankle Electrogoniometers And Motion Analysis

Ahmed, Alaa A.
An Analysis Of Losses Of Balance During Tandem Stance On A Narrow Beam

Akima, Hiroshi
Neuromuscular Adaptation In Human Calf After Disuse Evaluated By Muscle Fmri And Emg

Alipour, Fariborz
Measurement Of Turbulence In Glottal Flow

Alkj‘r, Tine
Biomechanical Analysis Of The Walking Pattern Inhealthy Subjects With And Without Rollator

Allen, Joshua R.
Upper Extremity Kinematics During Fly-Casting

Amano, Kazuhiko
Development Of A Web-Based Decision Support System For Acupuncture Treatment

Amiri, Shahram
A Simplified Topology For The Tibial Plateau And Meniscal Surfaces And The Role Each Of Its Geometric Features Play In Guiding The Passive Motion

An, K. N.
The Evolving Journey Of Tendon And Joint Mechanics – Clinical Impacts From Humble Concepts

Anan, Masaya
The Relation Of The Trunk-Pelvic Movement And Lower Extremity Joint Moment On Elderly People During The Sit-To-Stand Motion

Anas, K
Medial Longitudinal Arch Motion And The Windlass Effect During Gait Using A Multi-Segment Foot Model

Anbarian, Mehrdad
Foot Type Classification Using Fuzzy Logic

Anderson, Eric J.
Novel In Silico Virtual & Scaled Up Physical Model Platform To Bridge Gaps In Understanding In Situ Flow Regimes At Multiple Length Scales In Bone

Anderst, William
Assessment Of Functional Joint Space Repeatability During In Vivo Dynamic Loading

Anderst, William
Three-Dimensional In Vivo Rotation Of Fused And Adjacent Lumbar Vertebrae

Andrews, David
Acceptable Peak Forces And Impulses During Manual Hose Insertions

Andrews, David
Acceptable Peak Forces And Impulses During Manual Hose Insertions

Aoki, Tomoko
Prehension Synergies: Effects Of Friction

Aoki, Toyoaki
Effect Of Sun Light On Surface Temperature Of Artificial Sport Surfaces

Arakawa, Hiroshi
Relationship Between Moment-Joint Angle Characteristics Of Knee Flexion And Architecture Of Hamstrings Muscles In Human

Arashanapalli, Maneesha
Vibration Alters Proprioception And Dynamic Low Back Stability

Armand, Mehran
Parametric Finite Element Model Of Femur From Ct Data

Armand, St‚phane
Extraction Of Knowledge For Movement Analysis Data ?Example In Clinical Gait Analysis

Arndt, Anton
Transmission Of Controlled External Plantar Impacts Along The Tibia In Relation To Muscular Activity

Arnold, Allison S.
Simulation-Based Treatment Planning For Gait Abnormalities: Vision And Challenges

Asai, Takeshi
Ball Impact Analysis In Football Using Fem Foot Model

Ashby, Blake M.
Optimal Control Simulations Demonstrate How Using Halteres (Hand-Held Weights) Can Increase Standing Long Jump Performance

Astephen, Janie
Postural Gait Changes Are Seen With Severe Not Moderate Knee Osteoarthritis

Au, Alvin K.
The Effects Of Submaximal Shoulder Moment Task Precision And Mental Demand On Muscle Activity During Grip Exertions

Au, Anthony G.
Internal Bone Stress Analysis Of Tibial Implant With Incorporation Of Soft Tissues

Augsburger, Sam
Assimilating Full Body Gait Graphs Into Single Area Plots

Augustin, Tanja
Strain Field Acquisition On Ovine Fracture Callus With Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry

Ausk, Brandon J.
Exploring Mechanical Loading Induced Ca Oscillations In Osteocytes

Bae, Tae Soo
How Much Do The Hip Abductors Contribute To The Gait Stability For Amputee With A Prosthesis?

Baer, Thomas E
Calibration And Monitoring Of Piezoresistive Contact Stress Sensor Arrays Using A Travelling Pressure Wave Protocol

Bandholm, Thomas
Force Steadiness Neuromuscular Activation And Maximal Muscle Strengthin Subjects Suffering From Subacromial Impingement Syndrome

Bareither, Mary Lou
Bone Mineral Density Of The Proximal Femur Is Not Related To Dynamic Joint Loading During Locomotion

Barkowitz, Ann M.
A Novel Robotic Device With Haptic Feedback For Lower Limb Rehabilitation

Barr, Christopher J.
Knee Kinematics Of Total Knee Replacement Patients: Pre And Postoperative Analysis Using Computer Generated Images

Bassett, Daniel N.
Predicting Ankle Joint Moments In Subjects With Normal And Abnormal Gait

Battula, Suneel
A Biomechanical Study Of The Pullout Strength Of The Self-Tapping Bone Screws In Osteoportic Bone Material Inserted To Different Depths

Beaubien, Brian
An Experimental Method For Mechanical Analysis Of The Interspinous And Supraspinous Ligaments

Beck, Richard J.
Simulation Of Longitudinal Arterial Stretch In The Lower Limbs During Gait

Beckers, D.
Effects Of Afo-Assisted Ankle Angle Position On Dynamic Knee Stability Inbrain Injured And Spinal Cord Injured Patients

Beimers, Lijkele
Subtalar Joint Kinematics In Healthy Individuals Using Computed Tomography

Benkhemis, Ines
Influence Of Loads To The Joint Moments And Muscle Force Repartition In A Sprint Cylcing Test

Benoit, Daniel L
Skin Movement Artifact During Gait And Cutting Movements Measured In Vivo

Bensamoun, Sabine
Mechanical Properties Of Relaxed And Contracted Thigh Muscles Using Magnetic Resonance Elastography

Benson, Aaron
Force Profile Comparison Of Rowing On A Stationary And Dynamic Ergometer

Bentley, Barbara
Bilateral Symmetry In Single Leg Landings

Bertrand, Samuel
Estimation Of Human Internal And External Geometry From Selected Body Measurements

Bertucci, William
Validity Of The New Powertap Powermeter And Axiom Cycle Ergometer When Compared With An Srm Device

Bethke, Kristen
Creating A Skin Strain Field Map With Application To Advanced Locomotionspacesuit Design

Bhatia, Abhijit
The Effect Of Glycosaminoglycans And Hydration On Viscoelastic Properties Of Aortic Valve

Bieryla, Kathleen
Age-Related Joint Torque Analysis During Support Phase Of Single Step Recovery

Bisseling, Rob
Handling Of Impact Forces In Inverse Dynamics In Landing After A Jump

Biton, Danielle
Heelstrike Dynamics During Six Minute Walk Test Among End Stage Knee Oa Patients

Black, Bradley A.
Effects Of Jump Type On Ground Reaction Forces During Landing In Children

Blackburn, Steven
Development Of A Biomechanically Validated Turf Testing Rig

Blackburn, Steven
Knee Joint Moments During Sports Activities On Artificial Turf

Blana, Dimitra
Feedback Control For A High Level Upper Extremity Neuroprosthesis

Blangsted, Anne Katrine
Changes In Mechano- And Electromyogram During Low-Force Static Contraction Insubjects With Unilateral Epicondylitis Lateralis

Blankevoort, Leendert
Three-Dimensional Bone Kinematics In An Anterior Drawer Test Of The Ankle Joint

Bobbert, Maarten F.
Explanation Of The Bilateral Deficit In Human Vertical Jumping

Bogie, K
Lasr: A New Analytical Tool To Increase Information Retrieval From Complex Images

Bohne, Michael
The Effects Of Hiking Downhill Using Two Trekking Poles While Carrying Different External Loads In A Backpack

Bohra, Zaineb
Neuromuscular Adjustments To Hopping With An Elastic Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Boros, Rhonda L.
Kinetics And Kinematics Of Males And Females During Two Styles Of Drop Landing

Bosch, Kerstin
Leg Length And Leg Torsion Measurement With Ultrasound In Children During One Year-First Results

Bourne, Doug
Cartilage Cell Viability After In Vivo Impact Loading

Boyer, Katherine A.
Soft Tissue Compartment Response To An Unexpected Surface Change.

Brandes, Mirko
Activity Assessment And Clinical Gait Analysis After Malignant Bone Tumorstreatment With Reconstruction Of Femoral And Tibial Defects

Brandes, Mirko
Basic Gait Parameters Of Healthy And Cp Children Assessed By Accelerometry

Bray, Laura E.
Development Of A Novel Barefoot Torsional Flexibility Device: A Pilot Study

Brethauer, Samuel
The Effects Of An Over-The-Counter Orthotic On Lower Extremity Kinematics In Male And Female Recreational Runners

Brggemann, Gert-Peter
Effect Of Increased Mechanical Stimuli On Foot Muscles Functional Capacity

Briggs, Andrew
Distribution Of Bone Mineral Density In Thoracic And Lumbar Vertebrae: An Ex Vivo Study Using Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (Dxa)

Brimacombe, Jill M.
Validation Of Calibration Techniques For Tekscan Pressure Sensors

Brindle, Timothy J.
Sonographic Measures Of Gastrocnemius Length With Two-Joint Passive Movements

Brouwers, J.E.
Resonant Frequency Shifts In Osteotomised Goat Tibiae

Brown, Steve
Muscle Force-Stiffness Characteristics Influence Joint Stability: A Spine Example

Brown, Tyler
The Emg/Torque Relationship Of The Knee Extensors During Acute Fatigue

Buczek, Frank L.
Telescoping Action Improves The Fidelity Of An Inverted Pendulum Model In Normal Human Gait

Buczek, Frank L.
Comparing Normal Gait Analyses Using Conventional Andleast-Squares Optimized Tracking Methods

Budhabhatti, Sachin P.
Influence Of Foot Orientation And Bone Structure On Plantar Pressure Distribution

Buford, William L.
Moment Arms And Moment Potential Balance At The Index Mcp Joint

Bullimore, Sharon
Effect Of Stretch Or Shortening Amplitude On Subsequent Isometric Muscle Force

Bus, Sicco
Offloading The Diabetic Foot Using Forefoot Offloading Shoes

Bus, Sicco
Sub-Calcaneal Fat-Pad Infiltration And Its Effect On Plantar Heel Pressures In The Diabetic Neuropathic Foot

Bussey, Melanie
Motion Characteristics Of The Innominate-Hip Complex Under Increasing Passive Loads

Butler, Robert J.
Does Footwear Affect Lower Extremity Variability In High And Low Arched Runners?

Butterfield, Timothy A.
The Interaction Between Surface Grade And Exercise Duration For Serial Sarcomere Adaptations Following Treadmill Running In Rats

Byrne, Nick
Finite Element Analysis Of A Total Ankle Arthroplasty Over One Stance Phase

Cabell, Lee
Biodynamic Changes Accompaying Age And Inactivity In Females

Cain, Stephen M.
Motor Adaptation To A Powered Ankle-Foot Orthosis Under Foot Switch Control

Calder, Kristina M.
Practice Distribution And The Acquisition Of Maximal Isometric Elbow Flexionstrength

Calve, Sarah
The Influence Of Aging On The Material Properties Of Tendon<

Campbell, Brian M.
The Influence Of Knee And Ankle Bracing On Lower Extremity Kinetics And Kinematics During Jogging

Campbell-Kyureghyan, Naira
Variation In Average And Peak Lumbar Disc Stresses By Level During Flexion Using A Combined Experimental And Finite Element Approach

Campbell-Kyureghyan, Naira
Prediction Of Intervertebral Disc Creep During Flexion Using A Combined Experimental And Finite Element Approach

Carpes, Felipe Pivetta
Development Of A Computer Application To Calculate Cyclists Front Area In Studiesabout Aerodynamics

Case, Lisa
Arrest Of Forward Falls Onto Outstretched Hands In Healthy Young Women

Casolo, Federico
Biomechanics Realated To Rackets Design And Customization

Catena, Robert D.
Maintenance Of Gait Stability In Concussed College Patients During Dual Tasks

Cattrysse, Erik
3d Arthrokinematic Analysis Of Coupled Motion In The Human Upper-Cervical Spine

Cattrysse, Erik
3d Arthrokinematic Analysis Of Coupled Rotations In The Atlanto-Axial Joint During Axial Rotation And Lateral Bending

Cavanagh, Peter R.
Lower Extremity Loading During Entire Days Of Space Flight

Cavanagh, Peter R.
Treadmill Exercise On The International Space Station: The Effects Of External Loading

Cejka, Charles
Control Of Reach-To-Grasp Reactions During Perturbed Locomotion In Familiar Andunfamiliar Environments: When Does Visual Fixation Of The Handrail Occur?

Chadwick, Edward
Stiffness Measurement Of The Glenohumeral Joint

Chaffin, Don B.
Biomechanical Analysis Of Occupational High Exertion Tasks

Chakraborty, Abir
Impact Response Analysis Of Thorax By The Thin-Layer Method

Challis, John H.
Mechanical Properties Of The Human Heel Pad: A Comparison Between Populations

Chambers, April J.
Anticipation Of Slippery Floors: Muscle Onsets And Co-Contraction Of The Stance Leg

Chan, A.M.A.
A New Portable 3-D Gyroscope System For The Evaluation Of Upper Limb Function

Chan, Chia-Nen
Elelectromyographic Linear Envelope Analysis Of Golf Swing For Trunk Motion In Asian Players: A Case Study

Chandrashekar, Naveen
Sex Based Differences In Tensile Properties Of Human Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Chang, Hsiao-Yun
Muscle Activation Pattern Of Lower Extremity Muscles In Selected Basketball Tasks

Chang, Jer-Hao
Joint Load Of The Thumb In Jar Opening

Chang, Jyh-Jong
Effects Of Bilateral Resistance-Induced Arm Movement Training On Arm Motor Function In Chronic Stroke

Chang, Wunching
Injury Incidence And Footwear Satisfaction Of Male Competitive Ballroom Dancers

Chapman, Andrew R
The Influence Of Cycling On Lower Limb Movement And Muscle Activation During Running In Triathletes

Chapman, Andrew R
Do Kinematics Of The Pelvis And Lower Limb Vary Between Novice And Highly Trained Cyclists?

Chaudhari, Ajit
Patellar Ligament Insertion Angle Influences Quadriceps Use During Stair Climbing: Effect Of An Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficit

Chaudhari, Ajit M.
Knee Loading Patterns That Endanger The Acl: Insights From Experimental And Simulation Studies

Chaves, Carolina Mitre
Sit-To-Stand Performance With Young And Elderly Subjects

Chavet, Pascale
Evidence For The Involment Of Muscular Pre-Activation In Impact Loading And In Shock Wave Transmission

Chen, Chiung Ling
The Body Center Of Mass Displacement During Various Types Of Support Surface Perturbation

Chen, George
Induced Acceleration Contributions To Locomotion Dynamicsare Not Physically Well-Defined

Chen, Hao-Ling
Comparisons Of The Lower Limb Mechanics Between Young And Older Adults When Crossing Obstacles Without Visual Guide

Chen, Henry Yu
3-D Finite Element Models Of Arterial Clamping With Fluid-Structure Interactions – A Step Toward Simulating Cardiovascular Surgery

Chen, Hsiang-Ho
Biomechanical Study Of Kümmell’s Disease By Finite Element Analysis

Chen, Hsiang-Ho
Biomechanical Comparison Of Fixation Techniques For Double Pars Fractures

Chen, Shing-Jye
Effects Of Impeded Foot Arch Height On Calcaneal Eversion And Ankle Joint Forces During Gait

Chen, Shu-ting
The Comparsion Of Effectiveness Between Grab Start And Track Start In Competitive Swimming

Chen, Ti-Yu
The Vibration And Coefficient Of Restitution Analysis In Tennis Rackets Varied With Material Composition And Fiber Arrangement

Chen, Weng-Pin
Dynamic Simulation And Experimental Validation Of The Plantar Foot Pressure During Heel Strike

Chen, Yu-Jen
Validation Of A Three Dimensional Model To Quantify Patellofemoral Joint Forces

Cheng, Zhiqing
Use Of Wavelets In The Analyses Of Biodynamic Responses

Chern, Jen-Suh
Center Of Pressure Trajectory During Whole Body Reaching In Hemiplegic Patients

Cherng, Rong-Ju
Effects Of Gait Training With Treadmill And Suspension In Children With Spastic Cererbral Palsy

Cherng, Rong-Ju
Effect Of A Dual Task On Walking Performance In Preschool Children

Chester, Victoria
Gait Patterns Of Children With Hypotonia

Cheung, Jason Tak-Man
Biomechanical Effects Of Plantar Fascia Release And Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction- A Finite Element And Cadaveric Foot Simulation

Chiang, Ching-Cheng
The Effects Of The Tennis Slice Backhand With Different Ball Speedson The Bounce Angle

Chiang, Chun-Kai
Regional Variation Of Bone Strain Creep Of Vertebral Body During Repetitive Loading An In Vitro Porcine Biomechanical Model

Chiang, Jinn-Yen
Properties Of Tennis Racket Made By Differential Carbon Fibre

Chiang, Yi-Ling
Rotation Characteristics Of The Shoulder Torso And Pelvis During Pitching For Taiwan Elite And Subelite Collegiate Baseball Pitchers

Chiu, Yi-Ling
Effect Of Walking Speed In Change Of The Peak Plantar Pressure Distribution

Choi, Jaewon
3-Dimensional Kinematic Model For Predicting Hand Posture During Certain Gripping Tasks

Chou, Paul Pei-Hsi
Relationship Between Elbow Flexion Angle And Joint Loadingof The Upper Extremity During A Close-Chain Exercise

Chou, You-Li
The Correlation Between Energy Absorption Ratio And Pain Score Of The Upper Extremity Under Different Fall Heights

Chow, John W.
Bilateral Comparisons Of Isokinetic Knee Strength In Unilateral Total Knee Replacement Individuals

Chuang, Long-Ren
Biomechanical Analysis Of Punching Different Targets In Chinese Martial Arts

Chumanov, Elizabeth S.
Lateral Hamstrings Are Stretched More Than The Medial Hamstrings During Sprinting

Clowers, Kurt
Effects Of Power Generation On Evaluating Impact Attenuation In Landing

Cock, Anneleen De
A Foottype Classification With Cluster Analysis On Plantar Pressure Distribution During Barefoot Jogging

Collins, J.J.
Noise-Enchanced Sensorimotor Function

Collins, Steven H.
Controlled Energy Storage And Return Prosthesis Reduces Metabolic Cost Of Walking

Cooney, Kevin M.
Convergent Validity Of Goniometric And Motion Capture Techniques Used To Measure Tibial Torsion

Corazza, Stefano
Lower Limb Kinematics Through Model-Free Markerless Motion Capture

Cort, Joel A.
An Electromyographic And Psychophysical Examination Of Fastener Initiations In Automotive Assembly

Cowley, Matthew
Differences In Midfoot Rotations Between Foot Types

Cowley, Matthew
Effect Of Marker Placement Methods On Calcaneal Rotations

Cowley, Matthew S.
A Prospective Look At Foot Shape And Foot Ulcer Development

Craig, Matthew
Human Mandible Response To Impact Loading Of Chin

Creaby, Mark W.
Are Structural And Gait Biomechanics Indicative Of Tibial Stress Fracture Risk?

Crenshaw, Jeremy
The Effect Of Laterally Wedged Orthoses On Talus Angle

Crevier-Denoix, Nathalie
Effects Of Corrective Shoeings On The Equine Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon Load Evaluated By A Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Technique

Crisco, Joseph J.
Scaphoid And Lunate Rotations Are Minimized With Wrist Motion Alongthe Dart Thrower’s Path: Implications For Stability In High-Demand Tasks

Crisco, Joseph J.
An Approach To Calculating Linear Head Accelerationsis Not Affected By Rotational Head Accelerations

Cross, Giselle
Is Lower Limb Joint Proprioception Systemic?

Cubillo, James
Numerical Analysis Of A Femur Resurfacing Cup

Cui, Lei
Recruitment Order Has Little Effect On The Short-Range Stiffness Of Feline Medial Gastrocnemius Muscle

Cutlip, Robert G.
Characterization Of Changes In Eccentric Work In Vivo During A Chronic Exposure Of Stretch-Shortening Cycles: Age Effects

Cyr, Marc-Andr‚
Effect Of Recovery Restrictions On The Threshold Of Balance Recovery Preliminary Results

Dabnichki, Peter
Emotionally-Responsive Clothing For Leisure And Exercise Activities

Dai, Yang
Quantitative Prediction Of Progression Of Articular Cartilage Degeneration Following Incongruous Intra-Articular Fracture Reduction

Daley, Monica A.
Dynamic Stability In A Rough Environment: The Influence Of Initial Limb Posture On Body Dynamics During An Unexpected Perturbation

Danielli, Christina
Relationships Between Iliotibial Band Length And Frontal Plane Pelvic Tilt

Danker, Joshua S.
Investigation Of Shoulder Range Of Motion Limits For Application To Ergonomic Analysis

Darling, W.G.
Perception Of Hand Motion Direction Uses A Gravitational Reference

Davidson, Peter L.
Arm Fracture In Children?S Falls

Davis, Brian L.
Metatarsal And Toe Loading Patterns In Diabetic Patients: Possible Role In The Etiology Of Charcot Foot Complications

Davis, Kermit
Are There Inherent Differences In How Males And Females Respond To Lifting?

Dean, Jesse C.
Powering The Kneed Passive Walker With Biarticular Springs

Dejuniat, E.
An Innovative Tool For Generating Numerical Models Of The Human Foot -A New Age Of Tailor Made Running Shoes?<

Delahunt, Eamonn
Altered Ankle Joint Positioning During Jump Landing In Subjects With Functionalankle Instability

Delaney, Roisin
Muscle Dysfunction During Walking In Children With Cerebral Palsy

Derouin, Aaron
Knee Stability: Mechanical Contributions Of Individual Muscles

Derrick, T.R.
Extraction Of The Impact From Vertical Ground Reaction Forces

Deusinger, Robert
Comparison Of Arthrometer (Passive) And Functional Activity (Active) Anterior Tibial Displacements

deVieira, Patricia
Biomechanic Analysis Of The Force Applied In Aquatic Gait Of Humans Immersed At The Sternum Level Souza

DeVita, Paul
Lower Extremity Joint Work Is Larger In Ascending Vs. Descending Gaits

Devkota, Aaditya C
Analysis Of Collagenase Collagen And Glycosaminoglycan Content Of Cyclically Loaded Tendon Explants In Culture

Dewald, Jules
The Effect Of Generating Anti-Gravity Shoulder Torques On Upper Limb Discoordination Following Hemiparetic Stroke

Dewen, Jin
Investigation On Slip Danger To Trans-Femoral Prosthesis User During Level Walking

DeWitt, John
The Effect Of Speed On Ground Reaction Forces During Locomotion In Weightlessness

Diamond, Laura
Adduction Moment During Gait In Patients With Moderate & End-Stage Knee Osteoarthritis

Dickerson, Clark R.
Development Of A Biomechanical Shoulder Model For Ergonomic Analyses

Dickey, James P.
Novel Approach For Studying Human Response To Whiplash-Like Perturbations

Dierks, Tracy A.
Kinematics Of Runners With And Without Patellofemoral Pain During Prolonged Treadmill Running

Digby, Caroline J
High-Speed Coupling Characteristics Of The Foot And Shank During The Stance Phase Of Running

Digby, Caroline J
A Preliminary Assessment Of The Effects Of Foot Type On The Movement Coupling Of The Foot And Shank During The Stance Phase Of Barefoot Running

DiJorio, Sherry L.
Mitochondrial Adaptation During Rehabilitation And Its Importance In Musculoskeletal Modeling

Dingwell, Jonathan B.
Tracking Slow-Time-Scale Changes In Movement Coordination

Diss, Ceri
Quantifying Leg Elasticity In Male Veteran Runners

Dixon, Sharon
Comparison Of Static And Dynamic Biomechanical Measures In Military Recruits With And Without A History Of Third Metatarsal Stress Fracture

Doehring, Todd
New Open-Source Tools For 3d Reconstruction From Medical Images

Dohring, Mark
Characterization Of Intralimb Coordination Deficits In Chronic Stroke Patients

Doke, Jiro
Metabolic Cost Of Generating Force During Human Leg Swinging

Doke, Jiro
A Simple Mathematical Model Of Karate Front Kick

Domingo, Antoinette
Muscle Activation During Manually Assisted Treadmill Training After Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Domire, Zachary J.
The Influence Of Seat Height On Sit To Stand In The Elderly: A Simulation Study

Domire, Zachary J.
Comparison Of Methods Used To Determine Induced Vertical Ground Reaction Force

Domizio, Jennifer Di
The Effects Of Wrist Splinting On Muscle Activity During A Hand Grip Task

Donahue, Tammy L. Haut
Biochemical Response Of Meniscal Tissue To Altered Loadingcaused By Partial Meniscectomy

Donelan, J. Maxwell
Sensory Regulation Of Muscle Activity During Walking In Conscious Cats

Dowling, Annaliese
How Does Obesity And Gender Affect Foot Shape And Structure In Children?

Drake, Janessa D. M.
Elimination Of Ecg Contamination From Emg Signals: An Evaluation Of Currentlyused Removal Techniques

Drake, Janessa D. M.
Do Exercise Balls Provide A Training Advantage For Trunk Extensor Exercises? A Biomechanical Evaluation

Draper, Christine
Is Patellar Cartilage Thickness Reduced In Individuals With Patellofemoral Pain?

Drewniak, Elizabeth
Do Mechanical Properties Of Chest Protectors Correlate With The Incidence Of Ventricular Fibrillation In A Sudden Death (Commotio Cordis) Swine Model?

Duffey, Michael J
Fatigue Effects On Bar Kinematics During The Bench Press

Dugailly, PM
3d Muscle Moment Arms Using Musculoskeletal Modeling

Duma, Stefan M.
A Computational Model Of The Pregnant Occupant:Local Uterine Compression Effects The Risk Of Fetal Injury

Dumoulin, Chantale
Dynamometry To Measure Pelvic Floor Function

Dunham, Cheryl E.
Mechanical Properties Of Cancellous Bone Of The Distal Humerus

Dunk, Nadine M.
Gender-Based Postural Responses To Seated Exposures

Dutta, Anirban
Emg Based Triggering And Modulation Of Stimulation Patterns For Fes-Assisted Ambulation – A Conceptual Study

Earl, Jennifer E.
Effects Of Exaggerated Pronation And Supination On Lower Extremity Mechanics During A Cutting Maneuver

Eckhardt, Robert B.
Short Stature Or Tall Story? Hypothesis And Imagination In Body Size Reconstruction Of Lbfrom Flores Indonesia

Eckhardt, Robert B.
Was The Early Hominid Brain Musclebound?

Ehlert, Mike
Axial Cyclic And Failure Loading Of Pedicle Screws

Ehmke, Larry W.
Stability Of Plate Fixation Constructs With Locked And Non-Locked Screws

Ellis, Michael D.
Shoulder-Position Dependant Elbow Torque Coupling During Adduction After Stroke

El-Shammaa, Michael
The Effect Of Muscle Imbalance On Foot Pressure In Pediatric Patients

Elvis, C.S.
Ligament Estimation From In Vivo Knee Motion: An Inverse-Kinematics Model

Engsberg, Jack R.
Comparison Of Rectified And Unrectified Sockets For Transtibial Amputees

Enomoto, Yasushi
A Biomechanical Comparison Of Kenyan And Japanese Elite Long Distance Runner Techniques

Erdemir, Ahmet
Therapeutic Footwear Design: A Finite Element Modeling Approach

Erhart, Jennifer
Predicting Changes In Knee Adduction Moment Due To Load-Altering Interventions For Medial Compartment Knee Oa From Pressure Distribution

Escorpizo, Reuben
Work Time And Rest Percentage During Pick-And-Place Task

Eslami, Mansour
Effect Of Different Wedge Conditions On Joint Angle Changes During Single-Limb Stance

Estrazulas, Jansen Atier
Kinetic Characteristics Ofthe Gaitin Children,Adultsand Elderly

Evans, Krista J
A Comparison Of Two Foot Models Used In Clinical Gait Analysis

Fang, Yin
Different Motor Planning During Eccentric And Concentric Elbow Muscle Contractions

Farnell, Damian J. J.
New Method For Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems In Biomechanics

Fauth, Andrew R.
3d Geometrical Optimization Of The Talar Dome

Favre, Philippe
An Algorithm For Estimation Of Shoulder Muscle Forces For Clinical Use

Federico, Salvatore
Anisotropic Inhomogeneous Model Of Articular Cartilage

Feipel, Veronique
Head Repositioning Accuracy In Patients With Whiplash-Associated Disorders

Felder, Amanda
Sarcomere Length Measurement Permits High Resolution Normalizationof Muscle Fiber Length In Architectural Studies

Ferdinands, Ren‚
Forward Solution Simulation Of The Mixed Action In Cricket Fast Bowling

Ferdinands, Ren‚
Elbow Angle Excursion Slope As A Determinant Of Bowling Legality

Ferreira, Gustavo Nunes Tasca
Impact Of Flexibility On Muscular Performance Of The Knee

Finley, Margaret A.
Upper Extremity Robotic Therapy In Stroke Patients With Severe Upper Extremity Motor Impairment

Flanagan, Sean P.
The Effect Of Movement Speed And External Load On Joint Contributions During Lower Extremity Extensions

Flynn, Janice M.
Trunk Muscle Activation Patterns Comparing Cable Press Andbody-Blade Exercises

Ford, Kevin R.
Effect Of Gender On Knee Abduction And Flexion During Medial And Lateral Landings

Formenti, F
Biomechanical And Physiological Determinants Of Skiing Locomotion Development

Forrest, Gail F
The Effects Of Locomotor Training On Neural And Muscle Activation

Fotoohabadi, MR
Hip- Spine Interaction During Sit-To-Stand In Healthy Young Subjects

Fraser, Stuart
Target Acquisition By Pilots Wearing Various Head-Supported Masses During Simulated Flight

Fregly, Benjamin J.
Predicted Gait Modifications To Reduce The Peak Knee Adduction Torque

Fujii, R
In Vivo Three-Dimensional Motion Analysis Of The Lumbar Spine Coupling Motion Of The Lumbar Spine During Rotation

Fullenkamp, Adam M.
Clinical Usefulness Of Four Functional Knee Axis Algorithms

Fung, David T.
Changes In The Rat Acl Resulting From Subfailure Impingement Loading

Furmato, James A.
Repeatability Of Drt4 Laser Doppler Microvascular Measurements

Gaslason, M.K.
The Three Dimensional Load Transfer Characteristics Of The Wrist During Maximal Gripping

Gales, Daniel J.
Ground Reaction Force Asymmetries During Sustained Running

Gao, Fan
Does Human Hand Perform Like A Robotic Gripper? An Examination Of Internal Forces During Object Manipulation

Garc¡a, Sylvana
A Validation Study: Using Ct Scans To Calculate Volume Weight And Density

Gardinier, Joseph D
A Numerical Method For Determining Ideal Camera Placement

Gay, Ralph E.
The Neutral Zone In Human Lumbar Spine Sagittal Plane Motion: A Comparison Of In Vitroquasistatic And Dynamic Force Displacement Curves

Gay, Ralph E.
The Neutral Zone In Human Lumbar Spine Sagittal Plane Motion: A Comparison Of In Vitro Quasistatic And Dynamic Force Displacement Curves

Geronilla, Ken B.
Age Affects Eccentric Muscle Performance In Vivo During A Chronic Exposure Of Stretch-Shortening Cycles

Geyer, Hartmut
The Spring-Mass Model For Walking

Giacomozzi, Claudia
Altered Foot Loading In Diabetics. The Role Of Achilles Tendon And Plantar Fascia.

Gielo-Perczak, Krystyna
An Investigation Of The Congruity In Geometry Of The Glenohumeral Joint On The Maximum Acceptable Load During Pushing

Gilleard, Wendy
Effect Of Arm Use On Head And Trunk Segment Motion When Rising From A Chair

Gillette, Jason
Lower Back Fns For Stabilization During One-And Two-Handed Reaching TasksGlennon, Liam P
Direction-Dependence Of Uhmwpe Wear For Metal Counterface Scratch Traverse

Glos, D.L.
Intra-Annular Bilateral Spinal Compression: Novel Mems Sensors

Godwin, Alison
Virtual Jack Manikin Used To Assess Postural Variables And Visibility Measures From The Cab Of Load-Haul-Dump Machines

Goetz, Jessica
Three Dimensional Multiscale Reconstruction Of Emu Femoral Head Osteonecrosis: From Cell To Organ Level

Goetz, Jessica
In Vitro Validation Of Thermal Finite Element Analysis Of Cryoinsult Delivery For Emu Femoral Head Necrosis

Goetzen, Nils
The Mouse As A Modelorganism For Human Skeletal Diseases-A Biomechanical Study

Goldberg, Saryn R.
The Influence Of Gastrocnemius Geometry On Its Action At The Knee During Stance

Goldsworthy, Jane K.
Chronic Stress Exposure Following Intra-Articular Ankle Fractures

Gollapudi, Sampath K.
Temperature-Dependent Mechanical Properties Of Human Soleus Muscle Fibers

Gomes, Germano T.
Quantifying Upper Limb Motor Control: The Peg In Hole Test

Gong, S. W.
A Novel Approach For A Solid Object Impact On Human Head

Gopalakrishna, Gautham
Biomechanically Designed Scientifically Appropriate Diabetic Footwear

Gopalakrishnan, Raghavan
Effects Of Long-Term Space Flight On Muscle Volume

Gordon, D.
Kinetic Analysis Of Gait Initiation

Gordon, Keith E.
Mechanical Performance Of Artificial Pneumatic Muscles To Power An Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Goske, Steven
Reduction Of Plantar Heel Pressures: Insole Design Using Finite Element Analysis

Goulermas, Yannis
Prediction Of Lower Limb Segment Kinematics From Foot Accelerations

Gouvali, Marina
The Variability Of Dynamic And Spatio-Temporal Parameters Of The Running Stride

Grabowski, Alena
Modeling The Benefits Of Towing During Adventure Racing Running With Applied Horizontal Force

Gray, Hans
Validated Finite Element Model Of A Composite Tibia

Grieshaber, D. Christian
Forearm Muscle Activity During Three Hose Insertion Tasks As Measured By Surface Elctromyography Of The Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Muscle

Groot, Jurriaan H. de
Arm Mobility Versus Glenohumeral Stability

Gulgin, Heather
Comparison Of Golfers And Non-Golfers Weight-Bearing Hip Rotaton Joint Range Of Motion

Guo, Deng-Lin
Investigating Full Field Deforamtion Of Soft Tissue Under Simple Shear Tests By The Fourier Transter Moire Method

Guo, Lan-Yuen
Lower Extremity Kinematics During Jogging: Influence Of Treadmill Settings

Gupta, Ajay
Factors Affecting Lunate?S Sagittal Alignment

GX, Ni
Nanoindentation Study Of Interfaces Between Strontium-Containing Hydroxyapatite Bone Cement And Bone In A Rabbit Hip Replacement Model

Hahn, Michael E.
Neural Network Estimation Of Isokinetic Knee Torque

Halvorsen, Kjartan
The Influence Of Inclined Support Surface On The Biomechanics Of Eccentric Overload In Squats

Hamill, Joseph
Intralimb Coordination In Female Runners With Tibial Stress Fractures

Hamstra-Wright, Karrie L.
Skill Acquisition Occurs During Fall-Preventive Motor Reponse Training

Han, Sang-Kuy
Influence Of The Pericellular Microenvironment On Chondrocyte Modelling

Hanaki, Saori
Quantification Of Energy Absorbed By The Lower Extremity Depends On Endpoint Of The Impact Phase

Hansen, Ernst Albin
Performance After Prolonged Cycling At Freely Chosen And Optimal Pedal Rate

Hasasneh, Z. M.
Relationship Between Pressure And Shear Under The Foot

Hashemi, Javad
Effects Of Sex And Mass Density On The Mechanical Properties Ofthe Human Patellar Tendon

Hashimoto, Shigehiro
Measurement Of Red Blood Cell Deformability With Counter Rotating Rheoscope To Detect Sublethal Damage

Hass, Chris
The Relationship Between Knee Extensor Strength And Balance In Parkinson?S Disease

Hassan, Elizabeth
Comparison Of Upperlimb Kinematics Collected By Electromagnetic Tracking Versus Digital Camera Systems In A Gait Analysis Lab

Hasson, Christopher J.
A Musculoskeletal Model Of Postural Control At The Ankle

Hay, Dean
Human Bilateral Deficit During Dynamic Multi-Joint Leg Press Movement

Hayashi, Kozaburo
Effects Of Stress Deprivation On Biomechanical Properties Of Regenerated And Residual Tissues In The Patellar Tendon After Removel Of The Central One-Third

Hazime, Fuad A.
Postural Control Under Visual And Proprioceptive Perturbations During Double And Single Limb Stance

Heijink, A
Generic Design Of The Hip Resurfacing Prosthesis

Heiner, Anneliese
A Device To Measure In Vivo Translational And Rotational Laxity Of Rabbit Knees

Held, Laura
Parameterization Of Joint Kinematics Using Quaternions

Heller, Michelle
The Effects Of External Weight Carriage On Postural Stability

Henriksen, Marius
Effect Of Intra-Articular Lidocain Injections On Impact Attenuation During Walking In Knee Joint Osteoarthritis Patients

Henriksen, Marius
Effect Of Intra-Articular Lidocain Injections On Knee Joint Kinetics During Walking In Knee Joint Osteoarthritis Patients

Herrmann, Christine M.
Increase In Amplitude Of Paraspinal Muscle Reflexes Following Lumbar Extensor Fatigue

Hewett, Timothy E.
Coupled Biomechanical-Epidemiological Studies For The Assessment Of Acl Injury Risk

Higa, M.
Measurements And Modeling Of The Descending Colon

Higginson, J.S.
Reduced Plantarflexor Contributions To Support In Post-Stroke Hemiparetic Gait

Hild, Laura
Can A Runner?S Economy And Arm Motion Be Affected By Feedback Training?

Hillstrom, Howard
How Does Shoe Upper Design Influence Plantar Pressure Distribution?

Himeno, Ryutaro
Does Course Of A Preceding Pitch Influebce Baseball Batting As They Say?

Hirayama, Daisaku
The Kinematic Changes Of Pitching During A Simulated Baseball Game

Ho, Wei-Hua
The Difference Of Net Muscle Torque Of Lower Extremity By Using Different Body Segment Parameter In Gymnast

Hoang, Phu
Passive Length-Tension Properties Of Human Gastrocnemius Change After Eccentric Exercise

Hoang, Phu
Non-Invasive Measurment Of Passive Length-Tension Properties Of Human Gastrocnemius Muscle Fascicles Tendons And Whole Muscle-Tendon Units In Vivo

Hobara, Hiroaki
Central And Peripheral Control Of Muscle Stiffness In Hopping

Hof, At
Lateral Balance In A/K Amputees And Healthy Controls

Hofmijster, Mathijs J.
Effect Of Stroke Rate On Mechanical Power Flow In Rowing

Holmes, Michael
Motion Induced Interruptions During Simulated Ship Motions

Holzbaur, Katherine
Scaling Of Muscle Volumes In The Upper Extremity

Hong, J. H.
Measurement System With Nano-Resolution For Microscopic Bone Property

Hood, Victoria
Developing A Computer Aided Design Tool For Inclusive Design

Hood, Victoria
Biomechanics Of Stair Descent In Older Adults

Hoos, Olaf
Plantar Pressure Distribution Patterns Used As Biofeedback Information Improve Technical Training And Performance In In-Line Speed-Skating

Hopkins, Andrew R
Development Of An Fe Model Of Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacement

Horsman, M.D. Klein
Morphological Muscle And Joint Parameters For Musculoskeletal Modelling Of The Lower Extremity

Hossain, Munier
A Biomechanical Model Of Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction As A Cause Of Low Back Pain

Houck, Jeff
Ankle Plantar Flexor Moments Scale To Planning Time During Unexpected Side Step Cut Tasks

Howald, Ralph
Factors Affecting The Cement Penetration Of A Hip Resurfacing Implant: An In-Vitro Study

Howarth, Samuel J.
Usingthe Eigenvector Approach To Locatespinal Instability

Hreljac, Alan
Kinetic Factors Influencing The Gait Transition Speed During Human Locomotion

Hsu, Horng-Chaung
Influence Of Functional Knee Braces On Lower Limb Mechanics During Stair Locomotion In Patients With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficiency

Hsu, Jui-Ting
The Stability Of Acetabular Cup Under Screw Fixation

Hsue, Bih-Jen
Optimal Strategy Of Cane Use During Stair Ascent

Hsue, Bih-Jen
Balance And Gait Of Elderly Women During Stairs Locomotion In High-Heeled Shoes

Hu, Cheng-Ming
Muscle Activation By Olympic Female Archers At Different Releasing Rhythms

Hu, Po-Ting
Kinematic And Kinetic Analysis Of Sit-To-Stand With And Without A Cane In Hemiplegic Subjects

Huang, Chenfu
Optimal Extra Weight On Hands Enhance Standing Jump Performance

Huang, Yi Ming
The Effect Of Fatigue On The Control Of Targeted Isometric Dorsiflexion In Humans

Huang, Yi-Ming
Intermuscular Coordination Analysis Of Skilled Double-Handed Backhand And Single Forehand Players

Hubbard, Mont
Spinning Sports Balls

Hudson, David
Lower Limb Structure And Function Predict Bone Density Of The Proximal Tibia

Huiskes, Rik
Bone: The Engineer’s Ultimate Dream Material

Hung, Tsung-Ying
Investigatation Of Appropriate Weighted Bat By Muscle Activity

Hung, Wei-Ching
The Finite Element Analysis Of Interface Stresses Betweenthe Foot And Ankle-Foot Orthoses

Hunt, Michael A.
Dynamic Lower Limb Alignment And Knee Joint Load During Gait In Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis

Hurt, Chris P.
Is There A Gait Transition Between Run And Sprint?

Hwang, Sungjae
Contributions Of Lower Limb Jointsto Support The Body In Unexpected Step-Down Walking

Imhauser, Carl
The Development And Evaluation Of A 3-Dimensional Image-Based Patient-Specific Dynamic Model Of The Hindfoot

Inoue, Koh
Estimation For Dynamic Measurement Of Scapula Kinematics Using Electromagnetic Traking Device

Ishii, Takahiro
In Vivo 3d Intervertebral Motion Analysis Of The Cervical Spine In Lateral Bending Using 3d-Mri

Ito, Shinichiro
Optimal Arm Stroke For Competitive Free Style Swimming

J.Madill, Stephanie
The Relationship Between Pelvic Floor And Abdominal Muscle Activation And The Generation Of Intravaginal Pressure In Healthy Continent Women

Jack, Robert J.
Validation Of The Vicon Motion Capture System Forwhole-Body Vibration Acceleration Determination

Jagodnik, Kathleen M.
Proportional Derivative Control For Planar Arm Movement

Jan, Yih-Kuen
A Time-Frequency Approach Using Wavelets To Study Week-To-Week Variability In Blood Flow Oscillations

Janshen, Lars
Muscular Stabilisation Of The Head In Car Collisions

Jaworski, K
The Effect Of Forearm Support On Emg Activity Of The Upper Extremities During Computer Work: A Chair Intervention Study

Jeansonne, Jennifer J.
Biomechanical Analysis Of Jumping Comparing Low And High Acl Injury Risk Groups

Jenkyn, Thomas R.
Toe Out Gait And Reduction Of Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Jensen, Bente R.
Reduced Force Control And Increased Contralateral Trapezius Co-Activation Among Subjects With Work Related Musculoskaletal Symptoms

Jes£s, C mara Tobalina
The Influence Of The Firemen Boots On The Heel Strike Transient During Walking

Jin, Hongmei
Measurement Of Difference Between Left And Right Rib Lengths On Scoliosis

Jinji, Tsutomu
Aerodynamic Characteristics Of Baseballs Delivered From A Pitching Machines

Johnson, Amy
A Synthetic Model For Mechanical Evaluation Of Vertebral Bone

Johnson, E.A.C.
The Analysis Of Pressure Response In Head Injury: A Validation Study

Jones, Richard K
Effects Of Different Profiles Of Lateral Wedging On Knee Adduction Moments During The Loading Period Of The Gait Cycle

Jones, Steven F.
The Gait Initiation Process In Unilateral Lower-Limb Amputees Stepping To A New Level

Joo, Jong-Peel
Prediction Of Cycle Shoe Performance In Relation To Outsole Materials Based On Biomechanical Testing And Finite Element Analysis

Joo, Sang Min
Computer Aided Pre-Operative Planning Of Fracture Reduction And Deformity Correction In Tibia With Hexapod External Fixator

Joo, Won
Cross-Modal Effect Of Damage On Cortical Bone Strength

Joss, Brendan
Gait Affects Tibial Component Migration In Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty

Jotoku, Tsuyoshi
Mechanical Efficacy Of Tendon Transfer Operations For Foot Drop

Ju, F.
Energy Flow In High Heel Shoes In Walking

Ju, M.S.
Cardiac Catheter With Variable Head Curvature Actuated By Ipmc (Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite)

Judkins, Timothy
Electromyographic Correlates Of Robotic Laparoscopic Training

Just, Marcus L.
Modeling And Simulation Of Reaction Forces In A Reduced Gravity Exercise System

Kallemeyn, Nicole A
A Finite Element Analysis Of Cartilage In Cyclic Triaxial Compression

Kam, Boon H.
In Vivo Micro Ct Scanning Of A Rabbit Distal Femur

Kanellopoulos, A.K.
An Investigation Of Wrist Joint Function Under Load

Kanellopoulos, A.K.
An Investigation Of External Loading Patterns Applied During Maximal Grip

Kang, Hyun Gu
Postural Local Dynamic Stability Is Not Predictive Of That During Locomotion

Kang, SungJae
Kinetic Gait Analysis Of Powered Gait Orthosis Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Kao, Ming-Feng
The Validity Of Active Squat Keen Joint Propriception Test

Kao, Ming-Feng
The Validity Of Active Squat Keen Joint Proprioception Test

Kato, Emika
Repetitive Muscle Contractions Induce Mechanical Changes Of Achilles Tendon

Kawabata, Maya
Influence Of Hardness Of Bed On Hip Joint With Use Of Trunk Tremor

Kayanja, Mark
Adjacent Level Load Transfer Following Vertebral Compression Fractures Treated By Cement Augmentation

Kayanja, Mark
Biomechanical Comparison Of Adjacent Level Segmental Motion In The Cervical Spine With Varying Degrees Of Lordotic Alignment

Keener, Laurelyn E.
Comparison Of Dressage Rider Posture When Mounted On Different Horses

Keir, Peter J.
Prediction Of Forearm Muscle Activity During Gripping

Kennedy, Eric
Rupture Pressures For Human And Porcine Eyes Under Static And Dynamic Loading

Kernozek, Thomas W.
Changes In Lower Extremity Joint Stiffness With Landing After Fatigue

Kersh, Mariana
Patellar Deformation Patterns From A Pre-Clinical Patellar Component Test

Kersting, Uwe G.
Impact Forces Rearfoot Motion And The Rest Of The Body Inheel-Toe Running

Kharboutly, Zaher
Blood Flow Simulatoin In An Arterio-Venous Fistula

Kijima, Akifumi
Coordination Change Between Gaze Head And Hipdue To Early Eye Rotation During Open Cut Maneuver

Kim, Esther H.
Effects Of Arch Height And Accomodation On Postural Stability

Kim, Jeong Chul
The Paraquat Adsorption Pattern And Hemodynamic Properties Of Charcoal Column In Hemoperfusion

Kim, Kyungsoo
Increase Of Lumbar Spinal Staiblity Under Follower Load In Sagittal Plane

Kim, Sun Wook
Preparation To A Predictable Perturbation During Multi-Finger Force Production

Kim, Young-Kwan
Does Warming Up With A Weighted Bat Help Or Hurt Bat Speed In Baseball?

King, Deborah
Impact Mechanics During Stop And Go Tasks Under Fatigued And Non Fatigued Conditions

King, Mark A.
Optimised Tumbling Performances That Are Robust To Perturbations

Kirsch, Robert F
Musculoskeletal Modeling Of An Emg-Based Neuroprosthesis For Arm Function

Kistemaker, Dinant
An Intermittent Ep-Model For Fast Point-To-Point Movements

Kito, Nobuhiro
Phase Plane Analysis Of Stability In Turning Movement In Subjects With Functional Ankle Instability

Klute, Glenn
Lower Limb Amputee Activity Uneffected By Shock-Absorbing Pylon Or C-Leg Knee

Ko, Cheolwoong
Development Of Human Pelvic Bone Fe Model By Considering Pelvic Anthropometry

Koff, Matthew, F.
T2 Values Of Patellar Cartilage In Patients With Osteoarthritis

Koh, Sung-Woo
Mechanical Properties Of The Shoulder Ligaments Under Quasi-Static And Dynamic Loading

Koike, Sekiya
Kinetic Analysis Of Each Hand During Golf Swing With Use Of An Instrumeted Golf Club

Komura, Taku
Simulating Pathological Gait Using The Angular Momentum Inducing Inverted Pendulum Model

Kong, Pui W.
Computer Simulation Of The Takeoff In Springboard Diving

Koo, Seungbum
3d Laser Scan Based Accuracy Test Of In-Vivo Cartilage Thickness Measurement From Mri

Koontz, Alicia M.
Electromyography Of Trunk Muscles During Wheelchair Propulsion

Kotina, Radhika
Modeling And Control Of Human Postural Sway

Kou, Zhifeng
A Comprehensive Approach To Studying Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries In Motor Vehicle Crashes

Kouta, Munetsugu
Biomechanical Analysis Of Sit-To-Walk Frequently Observed In Daily Living: Effect Of Speed On Healthy Elderly Persons

Koyama, Hiroyuki
Immediate Effects Ofan Inclined Board As A Training Tool For The Takeoff Motion Of The Long Jump

Koyama, Yasushi
The Dodge Movement During The Lat Pull-Down Exercise Increased Scapula Rom

Krainak, Daniel M.
Mri Brain Imaging During Six Dof Mechanical Measurements Of Upper Limb Isometric Contractions

Krajnak, Kristine
The Biodynamic And Physiological Responses Of The Rat Tail To A Single Bout Of Vibration Exposure

Kreuzer, S.
Mechanobiological Influences On Endogeneous Bone Tissue Engineering Strategies

Kruger, Sarah E.
The Effect Of Load Scaling On The Coordination And Performance Of Countermovement Jumps

Kubo, Junichi
Evaluation Of Newly Designed Cushion For Electric Power Wheelchair Driving<

Kuitunen, Sami
Behavior Of The Triceps Surae Muscle In Hopping

Kurihara, Toshiyuki
Three-Dimensional Architecture Of Human Gastrocnemius And Tibialis Anterior Muscles During Isometric Actions

Kurosaka, Masahiro
History And Future Of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Kurz, Max J.
Does Gravity Influence The Structure Of Chaotic Gait Patterns?

Kurz, Max J.
An Artificial Neural Network That Explores The Role Of Sensory Information For Learning The Neural Connections For Locomotion

Kurz, Max J.
An Inverted Pendulum Model Indicates That Parkinson?S Disease Results In Altered Neuromuscular Stiffness For Controlling Gait

Kuxhaus, Laurel
Repdoducing Physiologic Moment Arms With An Elbow Simulator

Kwon, Young-Hoo
A 3-Dimensional Camera Calibration Algorithm For Underwater Motion Analysiswith Refraction Correction Capability

Laende, Elise
Migration Of Medial-Pivot And Posterior Stabilized Implants

Lai, Alan
Validation Of A Theoretical Rowing Model Using Experimental Data

Landry, Scott
Neuromuscular Gender Differences Exist During Unanticipated Running And Cutting Maneuvers Within An Elite Adolescent Soccer Population

Lane, Samantha M.
A Dual Track Actuated Treadmill In A Virtual Reality Environment As A Countermeasure For Neurovestibular Adaptations In Microgravity

Lang, Dean H.
Quantitative Trait Loci Influencing Bone Quality In Young And Old Mice

Langenderfer, Joseph E.
Variability Of Glenohumeral External Rotator Muscle Moment Arms

Langenderfer, Joseph E.
Variability In Isometric Force And Torque Generating Capacity Of Glenohumeral External Rotator Muscles

LariviŠre, Christian
Back Muscle Fatigue During Submaximal Intermittent Isometric Contractions: The Influence Of Neuromuscular Activation Patterns

Law, Laura A. Frey
Accuracy Of Three Mathematical Models Vs. Human Trained Paralyzed Muscle

Lay, Andrea N.
Backward Upslope Walking: Implications For The Knee Joint

Lay, Andrea N.
Control Strategy Transitions During Slope Walking

Lebiedowska, Maria K.
Experimentally Derived Model Of Human Body Growth

Lebiedowska, Maria K.
Experimentally Derived Model Of Human Body Growth

LeBlanc, Michele
Factors Affecting The Javelin Attitude Angle In American Javelin Throwers

Ledoux, William R.
Quasi-Linear Viscoelastic Properties Of The Plantar Soft Tissue In Compression

Ledoux, William R.
Forefoot Plantar Pressure Is Related To 3-D Ct Derived Measures

Lee, David V.
Proximo-Distal Distribution Of Mechanical Work And Capacity For Elastic Energy Storage In The Limb Joints Of Running Goats

Lee, Eun-Jeong
Modulation Of Passive Force In Skeletal Mucle Fibers

Lee, H.
Trunk Stiffness Improvement By Physical Therapy/Exercise During Unstable Sitting

Lee, Heng-Ju
Dynamic Stability And Energy Efficiency During Different Self-Selected Walking Speeds

Lee, Sang-Wook
Dynamic Modeling And System Identification Of Finger Movement

Legerlotz, Kirsten
The Influence Of Different Mechanical Stimuli And Growth On The Mechanical Properties Of The Achilles Tendon In The Female Rat

Levinger, Pazit
The Effect Of A Reference Posture On The Relationship Between Relaxed Calcaneal Standing Measurement And Frontal Plane Rearfoot Motion During Walking In Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Subjects

Levinson, Stephen F
Doppler Myography: Ultrasonic Localization Of Acoustic Myographic Signals

Levinson, Stephen F
Anisotropic Elasticity & Viscosity Deduced From Supersonic Shear Imaging In Muscle

Lewis, Cara L.
Walking In Greater Hip Extension Increases Predicted Anterior Hip Joint Reaction Forces

Li, Jihui
Initiation And Propagation Of Fatigue Microcracks From A Defect In A Cemented Total Hip Arthroplasty

Li, Jihui
Locating Fatigue Microcracks Occurring In Cemented Total Hip Arthroplasty

Li, Le
In Vivo Determination Of Muscle Architecture Parameters By Ultrasonography: Applications To The Brachialis Muscle Of Normal Subjects And Persons After Stroke

Li, Li
Body Weight Support System Influence On The Patterns Of Vertical Forces Applied To The Body

Li, Long-yuan
Nonlinear Analysis Of The Behaviour Of The Human Cornea

Li, Zhi-Yong
Identifying Vulnerable Plaques Using Mri-Based Finite Element Analysis

Li, Zong-Ming
Gender Difference In Carpal Tunnel Compliance

Liao, Chien-Nan
Characteristics Of Muscle Activity In Distal And Proximal Upper Extremities In Different Phases For Taiwan Olympic Female Archery Players

Lichtwark, Glen
Gastrocnemius Muscle Tendon Unit Interaction Under Variable Gait Conditions

Lienand, Chih-Hang
Dynamic Stability Strategy For Elite Judoists In Balance Control For Anterior And Posterior Perturbations

Lijun, Wu
Computer Simulation For Internal Stability Of Foot Longitudianl Arch Strengthened By Plantar Soft Tissues And Plantar Static Friction

Lim, Bee-Oh
Stepping-Over Gait Characteristics In Children With Down Syndrome

Lin, Cheng-Feng
Effects Of Knee And Hip Joint Motions During The Landing Of A Stop-Jump Task

Lin, Chien-Ju
Control Of Stability During Slope Lateral Walking

Lin, Hsiu-Chen
Biomechanics Of The Lower Limb During Stair Locomotion In Subjects With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Lin, Hui-Ting
Determining The Resting Position Of The Glenohumeral Joint In Normal Subjects

Lin, Hwai-Ting
The Role Of Muscle In Glenohumeral Joint Stability During Baseball Pitching

Lin, Kwan-Hwa
Postural Adjustment Of Spinal Cord Injured Subjects With Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Lin, Po-Chou
Influence Of Seat Height On Pitch Angle And Pushrim Kinetics During A Wheelie Activity

Lin, Yang Hua
Effects Of Taping Materials On Isokinetic Performance At The Ankle Muscles

Lin, Yuh-Yih
Vibration Analysis Of Tennis Racket Caused By Impact Between Different Configuration And Additional Weight

Linden, Marietta van der
The Influence Of Subject Characteristics And Joint Kinematics On Function And Quality Of Life In Patients With Osteoarthritis Prior To Total Knee Replacement

Lindsay, Bryan K.
Predictors Of Success In The 3000m Steeplechase Water Jump

Lipfert, Susanne
Leg Stiffness In Walking And Running

Little, J.P.
A Multiple Material Parameter Finite Element Model Of Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty

Liu, Anmin
In Vitro Study Of Foot Kinematics Using A Walking Simulator

Liu, Chiang
Reflex Modulation After Long Term Passive Repeated Plyometric Training

Liu, Jing Z.
Motor Control Strategy To Manage Central Fatigue

Liu, Xiang
Objective Ulcer Quantification By Rim Curvature Map

Liu, XueCheng
Dynamic Six-Segmental Foot Motion Using Electromagnetic Tracking System

Liu, Yu
Application Of Artificial Neural Network To Predict The Joint Torque Of Lower Limbs Using The Parameters Of Ground Reaction Force During Vertical Jump

Lo, Chen-Yu
Hip And Knee Joint Moment Analysis During Obstacle Crossing In Patients With Unilateral Total Knee Replacement

Lo, Jia-Hsuan
Simulation Of Forward Falls: Effects Of Fall Strategy And Available Muscle Strength On Injury Risk

Long, RA
Mmp-I Up-Regulation As A Potential Mechanism For Increased Compliance In Muscle Derived Stem Cell-Seeded Sis For Urologic Tissue Engineering

Loram, Ian
Paradoxical Muscle Movements In Human Standing

Loram, Ian
Measuring Continuous Changes In Human Muscle Length In Vivo Using Ultrasound

Lorei, Timo J.
Pedographic Assessment Of Clinical And Functional Outcome After Hallux Valgus Surgery – Comparison Of 32 Patients Before And After Scarf Osteotomy

Lott, Donovan J.
Relationship Between Soft Tissue Deformation And Applied Pressure Along The Second Ray Of The Plantar Neuropathic Foot

Lu, Tung-Wu
A Kinematic Model Of The Upper Extremity With Globally Minimized Skin Movement Artefacts

Lucas, Scott R.
Failure Properties Of Cervical Spinal Ligaments Under High-Rate Loading

Ludewig, Paula M
Volumetric Measurement Of The Subacromial Space At The Shoulder

Ludewig, Paula M.
Alterations In Scapular Kinematics In Patients With Shoulder Impingement

Luj n, Jose Luis
Unique Solution For Feed-Forward Control Of Neuroprosthetic Systems Characterized By Redundant Muscles Acting On Multiple Degrees Of Freedom

Lundberg, Hannah J.
Quantifying Fluid Ingress To The Joint Space During Total Hip Implant Subluxation

Lundgren, Paul
Rotations In Rearfoot Joints At End Of Range Weight Bearing

Luo, Weidong
Can A Single Scale Factor Be Used To Scale Femur Bone Models?

Maas, Huub
In Vivo Fascicle Length Of Cat Medial Gastrocnemius And Soleus Musclesduring Slope Walking

Maas, Huub
The Origin Of Mechanical Interactions Between Adjacent Synergists In Rat

MacKinnon, Scott
Motion Induced Interruptions Increase Thoracolumbar Kinematics

MacKinnon, Scott N.
Effects Of Reach Distance Upon Electromyographical Activities Of Selected Upper Body Musculature

MacLean, Christopher L.
Short And Long-Term Influence Of A Custom Foot Orthotic Intervention On Lower Extremity Dynamics In Injured Runners

MacNeil, Josh
Preservation Of Periarticular Cancellous Morphology And Mechanical Strength In Post-Traumatic Experimental Osteoarthritis By Antiresorptive Therapy

MacWilliams, Bruce A.
Current Challenges In Clinical Gait Analysis

Maganaris, Constantinos N.
Tendon Adaptive Response To Paralysis

Maganaris, Constantinos N.
Muscle Fibre Length-To-Moment Arm Ratios In The Human Lower Limb

Mahapatra, Saurabh
A Mathematical Definition Of Feasible Finger Postures And Movements

Main, Russell P.
How Does Bone Tissue Microstructure Relate To In Vivo Bone Strains In The Goat Radius Through Ontogeny?

Major, Matthew J.
Aggressive Inline Skating: Biomechanics Of Landing And Balancing On A Grind Rail

Malcolm, P.
Treadmill Versus Overground Run To Walk And Walk To Run Transition Speed In Unsteady Locomotion Conditions

Mall, Natha A.
The Reliability And Reproducibility Of Foot Measurements Using A Mirrored Footphoto Box Compared To Caliper Measurements

Maly, Monica
Are The Gait Kinetics Of Women And Men With Knee Osteoarthritis Different?

Manal, Kurt
Foot Progression Angle And The Knee Adduction Moment In Individuals With Medial Knee Osteoarthritis

Manoogian, Sarah
Head Acceleration Is Less Than 10 Percent Of Helmet Acceleration During A Football Impact

Marinescu, Ruxandra
Pediatric Gait Analysis: A Call For Standardization

Marquez, Walter Quispe
A Biomechanical Analysis Of Spike Motion For Different Skill Levels Of Male Volleyball Players

Masani, Kei
Smaller Sway During Quiet Stance Attributes To Effective Use Of Body Velocity

Mathiyakom, Witaya
Generation Of Forward Angular Impulse In Tasks With Backward Translationis Achieved By Redircting The Reaction Force Relative To Center Of Mass

Matsubara, Shigehito
Symmetry And Asymmetry In The Lower Limbs Of Athletes During Gait

Matthews, Julie
Thoracolumbar Kinematics During Lifting Exertions In Moving Environments

Mayers, Lester
Landing Forces Produced In Tap Dance

McCaw, Steven T.
Joint Torsional Stiffness Contributions To Leg Stiffness Vary During Drop Landings Onto One Or Two Legs

McCully, Sean P
Suprascapular Nerve Block Disrupts The Normal Pattern Of Scapular Kinematics<

McDermott, William
Mechanical Constraints Do Not Change The Strength Of Locomotor-Respiratory Coordination During Running

McGibbon, Chris A.
Neuromuscular Adaptations In Gait With Age And Musculoskeletal Pathology

McGowan, Craig P.
The Mechanics Of Jumping Versus Steady Hopping In Yellow-Footed Rock Wallabies

McKean, Kelly
Kinematic & Kinetic Differences Between Male & Female Soccer Players

McLaughlin, Kim
In Vivo Assessment Of Congruence In The Patellofemoral Joint Of Healthy Subjects

McLean, Linda
Differences Between Operated And Non-Operated Shoulder Muscle Activation Patterns Recorded Duirng The Dragon Boat ?Long And Hard? Stroke

McLean, Scott
Sagittal Plane Biomechanics During Sport Movements Does Not Explain Higher Incidence Of Acl Injury In Females

McNeely, David
Cumulative Head Acceleration In College Football Players Differs By Position

McNitt-Gray, J. L
Regulation Of Reaction Force Direction And Angular Impulse During Jumping Tasks Via Redistribution Of Knee And Hip Net Joint Moments

Meardon, S.A.
The Effects Of Mechanosensitivity On The Prediction Of Bone Formation Rate

Megesi, J.L.
Validation Of Intramuscular Pressure Sensor In Rat Gastrocnemius Muscle During Isometric Contraction

Meier, Margrit-R.
Obstacle Course Performance: Comparison Of The C-Leg To Two Conventional Knees

Meijer, H.J.M
Myofascial Force Transission Is More Important At Low-Frequency Stimulation

Meijer, Kenneth
A Cross Sectional Mri Study Of The Rectus Femoris Morphology In Cyclists Runners And Sprinters

Mello, Roger G. T. de
Anticipation Mechanism And Influence Of Fatigue In Mediolateral Stabilogram

Mercer, Jennifer
Kinetic Analysis Of Manual Wheelchair Propulsion Over Three Surfaces

Meskers, Carel G.M.
Comparison Between Tripod And Skin Fixed Recording Of Scapular Motion<

Meyer, Ben
A Comparison Of Hip Extension Torques In Conventional And Split Squat Exercises

Mickle, Karen J
Do Overweight And Obesity Affect Dynamic Plantar Pressure Distributions In Pre School Children?

Milan, Jean-Louis
Cytoskeleton Dynamical Behavior Approached By A Granular Tensegrity Model

Miller, David
An Improved Surrogate Method For Detecting The Presence Of Chaos In Gait

Mills, Chris
Modeling The Gymnast-Mat Interaction During Vault Landings

Milner, Clare E
Does Free Moment Predict The Incidence Of Tibial Stress Fracture?

Milusheva, Slavyana
Virtual Models And Prototype Of Individual Ankle Foot Orthosis

Misra, Anil
Micromechanical Analysis Of Dentin Elastic Anisotropy

Misuta, Milton Shoiti
Representation And Analysis Of Soccer Players? Trajectories

Mitchell, Brent S.
Non-Linear Elastic Behavior Of Small Intestinal Submucosa

Mito, Kazuyuki
Influence Of Skin Temperature On Mechanomyogram Of M. Biceps Brachii

Miyanishi, Tomohisa
Transfer Of Angular Momentum In The Baseball Batting

Mizelle, Chris
Center Of Pressure Measures Predict Hemiparetic Gait Velocity

Mizuno, Kiyonori
Gender Dimorphism In Knee Joint Mechanics Affects Acl Loading

Mller-Karger, C.M.
Finite Element Bone Model Incorporating Heterogeneity And Anisotropy From Ct

Mndermann, Anne
Hip Abductor Strength May Be Critical For Successful Gait Compensation In Patients With Medial Compartment Knee Osteoarthritis

Mndermann, Lars
Validation Of A Markerless Motion Capture System For The Calculation Of Lower Extremity Kinematics

Moed, Bas
Metabolic Costs Of Forward Propulsion And Leg Swing At Different Running Speeds

Moga, Paul J.
Prevalence Of Back Pain In Seven Sports Based On Self-Reporting By A Sample Of Eight To Eighteen Year Old Adolescent Athletes

Mogk, Jeremy P.M.
Modeling Extrinsic Finger Flexor Tendon Kinematics

Moglo, Kodjo E
The Threshold Of Balance Recovery Is Not Affected By The Type Of Postural Perturbation

Moon, Soo-Jung
Biomechanical Analysis On Design Variables In Relation To The Strength Of Compression Hip Screws

Moraes, Geraldo F. S.
Scapular Muscle Recruitment And Isokinetic Force Production In Individuals With Impingement Syndrome

Moran, Matthew F.
Computational Assessment Of Anteroposterior Laxity Following Partial Pcl Release In Cruciate-Retaining Tkr

Moreno, Luisa
The Rule Of Creep In The Sex Differences Of Long Bone Resistance To Fatigue Failure

Morrison, Bryan
The Effect Of Aging On Stroke Parameters In Swimming

Morrow, Duane A.
Assessing Shoulder Kinematics In A Subject With A Spinal Accessory Neuropathy

Mueller, Michael J.
A Finite Element Analysis On The Effect Of Soft Tissue Thickness On Plantar Pressures In Subjects With Diabetes And Peripheral Europathy

Munro, Bridget
Quadriceps-Hamstring Muscle Synchrony During Landing Movements: Is It Affected By Movement Direction?

Muraki, Yuya
Kinematical Analysis Of The Preparatory And Takeoff Motion In The Long Jump

Muraoka, Tetsuro
Effect Of 20 Days Of Bed Rest On Passive Mechanical Properties Of Human Gastrocnemius Muscle Belly

Muraoka, Yoshiho
Heterogeneity Of Change In Muscle Circulation Among Synergists During Dynamic Muscle Action

Mureika, J.R.
The Effects Of Temperature, Pressure, And Humidity Variations On 100 Meter Sprint Performances

Murgia, Carla
Effects Of Proprioception And Strength Training On Injury Prevention In Adolescent And Young Adult Female Dancers

Murphy, Carol
Children? Postural Changes At Adult Computer Workstations

Murphy, Taylor
A Comparison Of Task And Muscle Specific Isometric Submaximal Emg Data Normalization Techniques For The Analysis Of Muscle Loads During Hydraulic-Actuation Joystick Controller Use

Murray, Wendy M.
Muscle Operating Range Includes Optimal Length At Extended Joint Posturesfollowing Brachioradialis Tendon Transfer

Murray, Wendy M.
Significance Of Surgical Attachment Length For Hand Function Following Brachioradialis Tendon Transfer

Musolino, Mark
Postural Sway Adaptation During Initial Exposure To Periodic And Non-Periodic Optic Flow

Myer, Gregory D.
The Effects Of Plyometric Versus Dynamic Stabilization And Balance Training On Lower Extremity Biomechanics

Nagano, Akinori
Development Of A Three-Dimensional Simulation Model Of The Human Whole Body

Nagatomi, Jiro
A New Approach For Modeling And Analyzing The Viscoelastic Behavior Of Bladder Wall Tissue

Nantel, Julie
Postural Control And Postural Mechanisms In Obese And Control Children

Narazaki, Kenji
Training And Performance Of Robotic Laparoscopy: Electromyographic Analysis To Quantify The Extent Of Proficiency

Nataraj, Raviraj
Artificial Neural Network Prediction Of Center Of Pressure Using Trunk Acceleration Inputs During Perturbed Human Bipedal Stance

Neptune, Richard R.
Ankle Plantar Flexor Force Capacity During Toe Walking

Neville, Christopher G.
The Effect Of Hindfoot And Forefoot Positions On Posterior Tibialis Muscle Length

Newell, Karl
Dynamical Differences Between Normal And Stereotypical Body Rocking

Nicholls, Rochelle L.
In Vitro Ligament Strain Measurement:Can Implantable And Non-Invasive Methods Yield Comparable Results?

Nicholls, Rochelle L.
Implantation Of A Total Knee Arthroplasty Prosthesis Imposes Abnormal Strain On Local Soft Tissues

Niehoff, Anja
Voluntary Strength Training And Running Exercise Induce Site-Specific Bone Adaptation In Adult Female Rats

Nielsen, Pernille Kofoed
Muscle Tissue Composition Muscular Tenderness And Force Production In Subjects With Unilateral Epicondylitis Lateralis

Nien, Yu-Hsiang
The Ground Reaction Force And Electromyographic Patterns Of Tai Chi Gait

Nishiyama, Tetsunari
The Modification Of Pedaling Skill With Real-Time Representation Of Pedaling Force In Non-Cyclists

Niu, Xun
Effects Of The Grasping Force Magnitude On The Individual Digit Forces Duringprehension With Five Digits

Noble, Jeremy W.
Adaptive Changes In Lower Limb Coordination In Response To Unilateral Loading During Treadmill Locomotion

Nogan, Stephanie J.
Effects Of Trunk And Hip Stimulation During Bimanual Reaching After Sci

Novotny, Sara C.
The Effects Of Quantitative Feedback On The Reduction Of Landing Force

Nozawa, Mutsuko
Relationship Between Rotational Movement And Translational Movement During The Golf Swing

Nuckley, David J.
Compressive Mechanics Of The Maturing Human Spine

Nunome, Hiroyuki
Segmenatal Dynamics Of Soccer Instep Kicking

O’Connor, Kristian M.
The Effect Of Lower Extremity Fatigue On Shock Attenuation During Landing

Ochia, Ruth S.
In Vivo Segmental Motion Measurement In Asymptomatic And Chronic Low Back Painsubjects Using Volume Merge Method

O’Connor, Shawn M.
Optimization Of Feedforward And Feedback Control During Walking

Oda, Toshiaki
In Vivo Muscel Fiber Kinetics During Tetanic Contraction

Ohishi, Kenji
The Relationship Between Leg Length And Velocity Of Center Of Gravity During Contact Phase In The Long Jump

Ohta, Megumi
Isometric Training Alters Mechanical Properties Of Tendon Structures

Okada, Hidetaka
Kinetic Characteristics Of Middle-Aged And Older Adults During Walking

Okamoto, Takayuki
Effect Of Viscosity On Local Impedance Of Biological Gel: Measurement With Micro-Vibrating Electrode

O’Keefe, Katie B.
Joint Velocity Sequence Of The Upper Extremity During Fly-Casting

Olensek, Andrej
Toe-Walking In Intact Individuals Arising From Emulated Contractures Of Soleus Gastrocnemius And Hamstring Muscles

Olsen, Michael W.
Activation Patterns Of Trunk Muscles During Cyclic Flexion-Extension

Omura, Ikko
Analysis Of The Approach Run And The Takeoff In The Japanese Junior Long Jumpers

Orendurff, Michael
C-Leg Knees Do Not Improve Stance Phase Knee Flexion Or Walking Efficiency In Older Transfemoral Amputees

Orendurff, Michael
Regional Foot Pressure During Running Cutting Jumping And Landing

Ortega, Justus
Elderly Adults Perform Less Limb Work During Walking

Oskouei, Mir Ali Eteraf
Force Enhancement In Sub-Maximal Voluntary Contractions

Pain, Matthew
Determining Subject Specific Torque-Velocity Relationships With The Inclusion Of High Velocity Torque Data

Park, Hyung-Soon
Passive Knee Joint Properties In Tibial Rotation In Men And Women

Park, Joong Yull
Numerical Analysis On Bipolar Hepatic Radio-Frequency Ablation

Park, Sukyung
The Effect Of Initial Lean On Human Postural Scaling

Park, Sukyung
Optimal Control Model Of Human Postural Scaling With Biomechanical Constraints

Parker, Tonya M.
Longitudinal Study Of Gait Stability After Concussion

Parkinson, Robert J.
Does Load Magnitude Alter Cumulative Load Tolerance? Weighting For An Answer

Patenaude, Isabelle
A Paradigm To Assess Electromyographic And Kinematic Responses During Anteroposterior Surface Translations In Sitting Following Whiplash Injuries

Patritti, Benjamin L.
Approach Velocity Profiles Of Elite Male And Female Lower-Limb Amputee Long Jumpers

Pearsall, David J.
Durability Of Ice Hockey Helmets To Repeated Impacts

Pedersen, Douglas R
Cinematic Measurement Of Cartilage Plugs In Unconfined Compression

Pellettiere, Joseph
Neck Muscle Activity During Short Duration Impacts

Peng, Chien-Hua
Mechanomyography And Force Relationship During Concentric And Eccentric Contractions Of The Vastus Lateralis In The Sprinters

Peng, Hsiente
Electromyographic Analyses Of Standing Shot Put Throw

Peng, Qiuy.Y.
Direction Sensitive Sensor Probe For The Evaluation Of Voluntary And Reflex Pelvic Floor Contractions

Pereira, Carla Sonsino
Vertical Ground Reaction Force Differences In Runners With Leg Length Discrepancy

Perelmuter, Mikhail
A Micromechanical Model Of The Periodontal Ligament

Perreault, Eric J.
Influence Of Voluntary Posture Selection On Endpoint Stiffness

Perusek, Gail
Exercise Countermeasures Laboratory At Nasa Glenn Research Center -A New Ground-Based Capability For Advancing Human Health And Performance In Space<

Petre, Marc
Using Data From Multiple Tests To Determine Foam Parameters: Modeling Implications

Picon, Andreja Paley
Biomechanical Approach To Ballet Movements: A Study Of The Effects Of Ballet Shoe And Musical Beat On The Vertical Reaction Forces

Pithioux, Martine
Regeneration Of Skeletal Tissues On Joint

Plamondon, A.
Validation Of A Dosimeter For The Three-Dimensional Measurement Of Trunk Motion

Pline, Kevin
Effects Of Lumbar Extensor Fatigue And Circumferential Ankle Pressure On Ankle Jointmotion Sense

Ploeg, Heidi-Lynn
What Factors Effect The Accuracy Of Solid Models Made From Ct Data?

PM, Dugailly
Upper Cervical Spine Modelling: In-Vitro 3d Kinematics

Potthast, Wolfgang
Influence Of Muscle Pre-Activation And Knee Joint Angle On Axial Tibio-Femoral Shock Transmission

Potvin, Jim
Hip Stability: Mechanical Contributions Of Individual Muscles

Pourcelot, Philippe
Achilles And Patellar Tendon Loading During Gait Measured Using A Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Technique

Prabhu, R.D.
Influence Of Pericellular Matrix On Cell Strains In The Intervertebral Disc

Pressel, Thomas
Mechanical Properties Of Canine Trabecular Bone

Pressel, Thomas
Functions Of Hip Joint Muscles

Prilutsky, Boris I.
In Vivo Fascicle Velocity Of Cat Gastrocnemius And Soleus Muscles During The Paw-Shake

Priplata, Attila A.
Noise-Enhanced Balance Control: The Worse You Are The Better You Get

Prokopow, Przemyslaw
Effects Of Timing Of Muscle Activation On Performance In Human Vertical Jump

Puskas, Judit E.
Luation Of The Fatigue Properties Of Rubbery Biomaterials Using The Hysteresis Method

Quesada, Peter M.
Effects Of Smooth Vs Prickly Surface Conditions On Tiltboard Performance

Raed, Itayem
The Role Of The Femoral Stem In The Stability Of A Metal On Metal Hip Resurfacingimplant: An Rsa Study

Ragan, Robert
Rotational Spring And Damper Model Prediction During Landing

Raina, Shashank
The Effect Of Foot Placement On Sit-To-Stand With And Without Walker Assistance

Rajagopal, Sriram
Development And Validation Of The Finite Element Human Body Model For Less-Lethal Ballistic Impacts

Rao, Smita
Changes In Mechanical Characterestics Of The Plantarflexor Muscles In Indivduals With Diabetes Mellitus

Rapp, Walter
Calculating Anatomical Leg Structures From Surface Contours

Rasmussen, John
Challlenges In Musculoskeletal Modeling For Clinical Use

Rassier, Dilson E.
Phase Transition Of Force During Ramp Stretch Of Muscle Fibers With Bdm

Rath, Amber L.
A Fiber Optic Based Sensor For Measuring Chest And Abdominal Deflection Under Impact Loading

Raymond, David E.
A Parametric Madymo Analysis For Determining Seat Belt Usage In A Frontal Collision

Raymond, David E.
Occupant Kinematic Analysis Of An Unbelted Minivan Passenger: A Free Body Approach

Razzook, Alexander R.
Can Passive Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthoses Replicate Natural Ankle Stiffness?

Reed-Troy, Karen L.
Wrist Kinetics During Impact Are Affected By Hand Symmetry

Reed-Troy, Karen L.
Recovery Responses To Surrogate Slips Are Different Than Actual Slips

Reggiani, Barbara
Subject-Specific Fe Model For The Prediction Of The Relative Micromotion In A Total Hip Implant: Verification And Validation

Reilly, Ger
Sequential Labelling And Acoustic Emission Analysis Of Damage Occurring In Cortical Bone During Indentation Cutting

Ren, Lei
Prediction Of Human Walking Based On Simple Gait Descriptors

Ren, Lei
Generalized Approach To Three-Dimensional Marker-Based Motion Analysis Of Biomechanical Multi-Segment System

Ren, Lei
A Three-Dimensional Whole-Body Walking Model Based Only On Gait Kinematics

Requejo, Philip
Upper Extremity Kinetics During Wheelchair Lever Propulsion

Requejo, Philip
Wrist Electromyography And Kinematics When Propelling Standard Compliant And Power-Assisted Pushrim Wheelchairs: A Pilot Study

Resig, JoAnne
Analysis Of Inter-Segment Spine Kinematics During Trunk Motion

Rhea, Chris
Gait Adaptation: Lead Toe Clearance Continually Decreased Over Multiple Exposures With And Without On-Line Visual Information

Ribeiro, Juliana Koehler
In-Shoe Pressure Analysis During Aero Jump In Different Cadences

Ricardo, Gustavo
Dynamometric Analysis Of The Anteroposterior Force Applied In Aquatic Human Gaitschutz

Richards, Darrin
Repetitive Head Loading: Accelerations During Cyclic Everyday Activities

Richter, W Mark
Biomechanics Of The Flexrim Low Impact Wheelchair Handrim

Rider, Kevin A.
Superposition Of Optimal Submovements In Feedback-Controlled Reaching

Riemer, Raziel
An Analysis Of Uncertainties In Inverse Dynamics Solutions For Gait

Rietdyk, Shirley
Stationary Visual Cues Reduced Centre Of Pressure Displacement In Adynamic Environment For Experienced Roofers

Ringleb, S.I.
Bilateral Symmetry Of The Gastrocnemius Stiffness Measured With Magnetic Resonance Elastography In Healthy And Pathologic Muscle

Rodgers, Mary M.
Rehabilitation And Biomechanics (Do The Locomotion)

Rodr¡guez-Cervantes, P.J.
Effect Of The Prefabricated Metallic Post Length On Restored Teeth: Fracture Strength And Stress Distribution

Rogers, Ellen
Paraspinal Reflex Behavior As A Function Of Trunk Posture

Roldan, Alejandro
Simulation Of Blood Flow And Deformations Of Mechanical Heart Valves Using Boundary Integral Techniques

Roren, Lasse
Gait Data Collection Technology: Where Are We Where Are We Going?

Rosenbaum, Dieter
Comparison Of The Effectiveness Of Orthoses Versus Proprioceptive Exercises For The Prevention Of Ankle Injuries In Basketball Players

Row, Brandi
Load-Specific Relationships Between Muscular Power And Bone Mineral Density

Roy, Jean-S‚bastien
The Impact Of Using Different Calculation Methods And Local Coordinate Systems Whenmeasuring 3d Scapular Attitudes

Rozendaal, Leonard A.
Joint Stiffness Requirements In A Multi-Segment Stance Model

Rummel, Juergen
Stable Locomotion Of Feedforward Controlled One-Legged Robot

Ryland, Kimberly
Nonlinear Analysis Of Postural Control In Different Positions And Vision Conditions

Sa, C.S.C.
Comparative Balance Analysis Between Indoor Climbing Individuals And Controls Through Posturography Test

Sabick, Michelle
Differences In Center Of Pressure Movement Between Boys And Girls During Onefooted Landings

Sabick, Michelle
Differences In Joint Kinetics In Girls Due To Choice Of Body Segment Parameters

Sadeghi, Heydar
Perturbation In Trunk Motion Of Low Back Patients

Sah, Rachna
Cell Deformation In Response To Local Matrix Strain

Saintonge, Ren‚e
Inter Individual Variation In Trunk Muscles Geometry Of Asymptomatic Sujets In Standing Position.

Sakai, Misono
Postural Control Against Perturbation During Walking

Sakamoto, Kazuyoshi
Evaluation Of Function Of Knee Joint By Physiological Tremor In Lower Leg

Salvia, Patrick
In Vivo Kinematics Of Human Wrist Joints: Combination Of Medical Imaging And Three Dimensional Electrogoniometry

Sancho-Bru, J.L.
A Virtual Tool For The Clinical Planning Of The Ulnar Palsy Treatment

Sandercock, Thomas G
Cat Hindlimb Muscle Response To Slow Movement Shows Poor Relationship To Length-Tension Properties

Sanderson, David
Recruitment Of Soleus And Gastrocnemius With Restricted And Unrestricted Ankle Motion

Sangole, Archana P.
Patterns Of Hand Motor Dysfunction In Brain Injury

Santos, Veronica J.
Implementing Data-Driven Models Of The Human Thumbinto A Robotic Grasp Simulator To Predict Grasp Stability

Santos, Veronica J.
Implementing Data-Driven Models Of The Human Thumbinto A Robotic Grasp Simulator To Predict Grasp Stability

Sarro, Karine Jacon
Rib Cage Motion Patterns In Swimmers During Respiratory Maneuvers

Sasaki, Kazushige
Shortening Velocity Of Human Plantar Flexors In Vivo And Its Relation To Contraction Intensity And Knee Angle

Sasaki, Kotaro
Differences In Muscle Function Between Walking And Running At Thepreferred Walk-Run Transition Speed

Sasaki, Kotaro
Muscle Contributions To The Flight Phase In Running

Sasimontonkul, Siriporn
Estimation Of Stresses And Cycles To Failure Of The Tibia During Rested And Fatigued Running

Sato, Haruhiko
Postural Sway On A Sliding Platform: Assessing Spatial And Temporal Stability

Sato, Takayuki
The Difference Of Fitness Level Evaluated From The Mechanicaland External Work During Bicycle Exercise

Saunders, Natalie
Differences In Lower-Limb Neuromuscular Control Between Sports Movements Executed In Laboratory And Game Settings

Savelberg, Hans
Running Does Not Protect Against Age-Related Gait Adaptations

Sawicki, Gregory S.
Therapist Controlled Powered Lower Limb Orthoses To Assist Locomotor Training

Schache, Anthony
Influence Of Thigh Marker Cluster Design On The Estimation Of Hip Axial Rotation

Schiffman, Jeffrey M.
Soldiers? Loads Affect Random Walk Of Center Of Pressure And Emg Activation During Postural Sway

Schilling, Nadja
3d-Fiber Type Distribution In Back Muscles In Small Mammals

Schmidt, J
What Is The Accuracy Of Surface Models Created From Visible Human Male Computed Tomography Data?

Schmitt, Syn
Computer Simulation Of A Human Ski Jumper – A Complete Trial

Schneider, Prism S.
Effect Of Dynamic Ankle Joint Stiffness On Joint Mechanics And Muscle Activation Patterns During Locomotion

Schollhorn, Wolfgang I.
The Influence Of Music On Kinematic And Dynamic Gait Patterns

Scholz, Melanie N.
Scaling And Jumping: Gravity Loses Grip On Small Jumpers

Scott, Jacob
The Effect Of Tibiofemoral Loading On Proximal Tibiofibular Joint Motion

Scott-Pandorf, Melissa M.
The Effect Of Peripheral Arterial Disease On Gait

Seay, Joseph
Dynamic Symmetry In Female Runners With A History Of Tibial Stress Fractures

Seelen, H.A.M.
Evaluation Of Upper Extremity Muscle Activity During Manipulation Inrobot-Simulated Task Environments

Seeley, Matthew Kirk
The Effect Of Mild Limb Length Inequality On Able-Bodied Gait Asymmetry: A Preliminary Analysis

Segal, Ava
The Method Of Using Phase Plane Portraits And First Return Maps To Examine Turning

Segers, Veerle
Differential Effect Of M. Tibialis Anterior Fatigue On Walk-To-Run And Run-To-Walk Transition Speed In Unsteady State Locomotion Conditions

Selen, Luc P.J.
Impedance Modulation With Precision Demands In Discrete Movements

Seo, Na Jin
Methods To Measure Static Coefficient Of Friction Between Hand And Other Materials

Seth, Ajay
A Neuromuscular Tracking Method For Computing Individual Muscle Forces During Human Movement

Seyfarth, Andre
Emergence Of Gait In Legged Systems

Seyfarth, Andre
Hip Control In Locomotion

Seyfarth, Andre
Walking And Running On Place

Shan, Xin-Hai
A Method To Diagnosis The Kinetic Characteristic Of The Straight Kick Performances

Shanmaugam, Sivaram
Hand Movement Analysis Of The Elderly When Using A Remove Control

Shapiro, Robert
Biomechanical Differences Between Genderswhen Executing A Land And Cut Maneuver

Shaw, Miranda N.
A Pedicle Screw Based Design For An Artificial Facet Joint

Shee, Natasha K. Lee
In-Vitro Testing Of Knee Joints Using Robotics: Computer Programming Theory

Sheehan, Frances T.
The Talocrural And Subtalar Helical Axes Are Not Fixed During Plantarflexion

Sheehan, Frances T.
In Vivo Patellar Tendon Moment Arm And Tibial-Femoral Helical Axis

Sheets, Alison
Effects Of Low Bar Avoidance And Gymnast Size On High Bar Dismount Performance

Sheets, Alison L.
Approximation Of Balanced Landings In Gymnastic Dismounts

Shen, Chia-Huei
Electromyography And Leg Stiffness Comparison Between Old And Young Adults In Descent Stair Walking

Shen, F.
Rheological Behaviour And Modeling Of Brain Tissue

Shen, Min-Chung
Kinematic Analysis Of Kolman Acrobatics In The High Bar Exercise

Sherman, Don
Evaluation And Quantification Of Bruising

Shim, Jae Kun
Prehension Synergies: Trial-To-Trial Variability And Principle Of Superposition During Static Prehension In Three Dimensions

Shin, Choongsoo S.
Combined Valgus And Internal Rotation Moments Strain The Acl More Than Either Alone: Implications For Non-Contact Acl Injuries

Shinkoda, Koichi
Characteristics Of Standing And Anterior Tilting Postures In Relation To The Time Of Day

Shuei-Pi, Lee
A Comparison Of Isokinetic Leg Flexion And Extension Strength In Elite Adolescent Male Track And Field Athletes

Shull, Pete B.
Bimanual Motor Control: Biological And Robotic System Learning Via Simultaneous Movement Requirements

Shum, Gary LK
Movement Coordination Between The Lumbar Spine And Hip When Putting On A Sock

Shyhalla, Kathleen
Effects Of Repetitive Workon Discomfort And Performance During Composite Tasks

Signorelli, Joseph J.
Mechanical Evaluation Of Tension Band Orientation

Silva, Olavo Luppi
Study Of The Inverse Dynamics Optimal Control Technique In Cycling

Simons, Andrew
Biomechanical Features Of Normal Patellar Tendonsand Those With Patellar Tendinopathy

Simpson, Katrina M
Do Lower Limb Muscle Activity Patterns Change With Prolonged Load Carriage?

Siston, Robert
In-Vivo Passive Kinematics Of Osteoarthritic Knees

Smith, Gerald
Ski Skating Force Characteristics: Comparisons Across Speed

Smith, Jeremy D.
Intersegmental Dynamics Of The Swing Phase Of Walking In Trans-Tibial Amputees

Sobczak, Stephane
Use Of Strain Gauge In The Evaluation Of The Constraint Of Tibio-Femoral Joint In Dynamic Movement: Development Feasibility And First Results

Sogaard, Karen
Single Motor Unit Activity In The Trapezius Muscles Of Elderly Female Computer Users With And Without Neck-Shoulder Pain During Computer Work

Soltys, Joseph S.
Velocity Sense In The Lumbar Spine Is Modulated By The Vestibular And Proprioceptive Systems

Sommer, H.J.
Postural Control Related To Flexibility Of The Hindfoot When Bearing Heavy Loads

Sommers, Mark B.
An Organotypic Model Of Traumatic Brain Injury Caused By Acceleration-Induced Shear Strain

Son, Jaebum
A New Frontal Plane Foot Model Shows The Effect Of Narrowed Base Of Support On Unipdedal Balance

Sonenblum, Sharon Eve
Kinematics Of Lateral Transfers: A Pilot Study

Song, Jinsup
Can A Sandal Arch Support Reduce Plantar Hallucial Microcirculation?

Srinivasan, Manoj
Energetics Of Legged Locomotion: Why Is Total Metabolic Cost Proportional To The Cost Of Stance Work?

Srinivasan, Sujatha
An Analytically Tractable Model For A Complete Gait Cycle

Stansfield, B.W.
Optimal Or Antagonistic? Muscle Force Solutions In The Lower Limb

Staudenmann, Didier
Improving Emg Based Muscle Force Estimation Using Principal Component Analysison A High-Density Emg Array

Steck, Roland
Bridging Organ And Tissue Level Computational Models Of Bone To Improve Load-Induced Fluid Flow Predictions

Steele, Julie R
Developing Textile Biofeedback Technology: From Brassieres To Noisy Knees

Stephensen, David
Gait Deviations In Children With Severe Haemophilia Following Bleeding Into The Ankle Joint

Stevenson, Joan
Theoretical Basis For A Load Carriage Limit Equation

Stevermer, Catherine A.
Investigation Of Sit-To-Stand Performance For Individualsafter Total Knee Arthroplasty

Strike, Siobhan
One-Foot Vertical Jump With Approach In Unilateral Transtibial Amputees

Su, Anne
Variability In The Direction Of Substrate Reaction Forces In The Locomotor Repertoire Of The Primate Lemur Catta

Su, Fong-Chin
Thumb Muscle Forces In Jar Opening

Su, Jimmy Li-Shin
Local Dynamic Stability Of Passive Dynamic Walking On An Irregular Surface

Su, Renfeng
Bone Mechanics From Finite Element Modeling And Micro-Computed Tomography: Validation Of An Orthotropic Material Model With Fused Deposition Modeling

Suda, Eneida Yuri
Ankle Muscular Activity During Landing In Volleyball Players With Functional Instability

Sugisaki, Norihide
Behavior Of Aponeurosis And External Tendon Of Medial Gastrocnemius Muscle During Dynamic Plantar Flexion Exercise

Sukal, Theresa M
Discoordination In Stroke Measured Dynamically Using The Act-3d Robot

Sun, L.W.
Automatic Measurement Of Lumbar Spinal Kinematics From Lateral Radiographs

Sun, Qunli
Fe Modeling And Analysis Of Compressed Human Buttock-Thigh Tissue

Sung, Paul
Comparison Of Power Spectrum Measures To Entropic Measures Of Electromyography Time Series: Diagnostic Tools For Low Back Pain

Suprak, David N.
Three-Dimensional Shoulder Joint Position Sense

Surucu, Murat
Micromechanical Modeling Of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Behavior Of Mitral Valve Chordae

Sutherland, Chad A.
The Accuracy Of Using Postural Assessment To Determine Cumulative Exposure

Sutton, Gregory
Neuromodulation Changes The Biomechanics And Capabilities Of The Aplysia Feeding Muscle

Swanson, Stephen C.
Kinetic Limitations Of Maximal Sprinting Speed Revisited

Szivek, J.A.
An Instrumented Scaffold To Monitor Loading Of Cartilage In The Knee Joint

Taddei, Fulvia
Fusion Of Biomechanics Data For Patient Monitoring In Pediatric Skeletal Oncology

Tae, Kisik
Repetitive Symmetric Arm Training And Motor Cortex Activationin Chronic Hemiparetic Patients

Tago, Takahito
The Trunk Twist Angle During Baseball Batting At The Different Hitting Points

Tai, Ching-Lung
Biomechanical Study In The Optimization Of Different Fixation Modes For A Proximalfemur L-Osteotomy- A Three Dimensional Finite Element Simulation

Tainha, Catarina
Shoulder Kinematics During Clinical Glenohumeral Tests.Differences Between No Players And Water Polo Players

Tajaddini, Azita
Laser Induced Auto-Fluorescence (Liaf) As A Method For Assessing Skin Stiffness Preceding A Diabetic Ulcer Formation

Takanokura, Masato
Biomechanical Analysis Of Four-Wheeled Walker For An Elderly Person

Tami, Andrea E
Finite Element Analysis Of Shockwave Propagation In Cortical Bone

Tang, Jie
Kinematics Of Thumb Opposition<

Tasci, Arzu G.
Mechanical And Histological Evaluation Of Estrogen, Raloxifen, Vitamin K2 And Their Combinations In The Treatment Of Osteoporotic Bone

Tawackoli, Wafa
Vibrational Analysis Of Normal And Osteopenic Trabecular Bone Using Rapid Prototyped Duplicates

Tawara, Daisuke
Mechanical Evaluation Of Therapeutic Effect For Osteoporosis Vertebra By Using Patient-Specific Finite Element Analysis

Tawara, Daisuke
Patient-Specific Dynamic Stress Analysis Of Osteoporosis Vertebrae

Teixeira-Salmela, Luci Fuscaldi
Speed Related Changes In Lower Limb Joint Contributions To Mechanical Energy During Gait Of Stoke Mechanics

Telonio, Alessandro
Effect Of Perturbation Direction On The Threshold Of Balance Recovery Preliminary Results

Terrier, Alexandre
Evaluation Of An Optimal Cement Thickness Around The Glenoid Component For Unconstrained Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Teu, Koon Kiat
Estimating The Axis Of A Screw Motion From Noisy Data – New Method Based On Plucker Lines

Thoret, Daniel
Three Dimensional Knee Joint Kinematics And Lower Limb Muscle Activity Of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficient Knee Joint Participants Wearing A Functional Knee Brace During Running

Thies, Sibylle B.
Stepping On An Obstacle With The Medial Forefoot: Use Of A 3d Dynamic Control Model To Simulate Age And Neuropathy

Thomas, Thaddeus
Relating Fracture Energy To Clinical Outcome In Tibial Pilon Fracture Cases

Thorup, Vivi M.
Ground Reaction Forces In Pigs During Gait On Dry And Greasy Floor

Timmons, Mark K.
Arm Abduction Angle And Contraction Intensity Effects On Deltoid And Scapular Rotator Muscle Recruitment During Scapularplane Isometric Contractions

To, Curtis S
A Hydraulic Approach To The Development Of A Variable Reciprocating Hipmechanism For The Reciprocating Gait Orthosis

Tochigi, Yuki
The Contribution Of Articular Surface Geometry To Ankle Stabilization

Toki, Sumiyo
Quantitative Match Analysis Of Soccer Games With Two Dimensional Dlt Procedures

Toosi, Kevin K.
Time-Course Changes In The Mechanical Properties Of The Rat Urinary Bladder Following Spinal Cord Injury

Towles, Joseph D.
Use Of The Long Flexor And Intrinsic Thumb Muscles To Restorelateral Pinch In The Tetraplegic Thumb: A Cadaver Study

Triolo, Ronald J.
Effects Of Functional Electrical Stimulation On Manual Wheelchair Propulsion

Tripp, Brady
Functional Fatigue Decreases Three-Dimensionalmultijoint Position Reproduction In Overhead Athletes

Tsai, Chien-Lu
Biomechanical Analysis Of Emg Activity Between Badminton Smash And Drop Shot

Tsai, Ming-Tzu
Effect Of Single Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Stimulation On The Proliferation Of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Tsaopoulos, Dimitrios
Can The Patellar Tendon Moment Arm Length Be Predicted From Anthropometric Characteristics?

Tsaopoulos, Dimitrios
Effects Of Isometric And Isokinetic Contractions On The Patellar Tendon Moment Arm

Tseng, Shih-Chiao
Evidence Of Movement Control Adaptation In A Lower Extremity Motor Task

Tsou, Jui Yi
The Applied Force Patterns Of Chest Compression During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Tsung, Bonnie YS
Influence Of Posterio-Anterior Mobilization On Different Level Of The Spine

Tung, Wen-Lin
Effect Of Bilateral Reaching On Affected Arm Motor Control In Stroke – With And Without Loading On Unaffected Arm

Ugbolue, U. Chris
Kinematics Of Mouse Scrolling

Umberger, Brian R.
Mechanical Efficiency During Walking At Different Stride Rates

Untaroiu, Costin
Identification Of Viscoelastic Properties Of Human Medial Colateral Ligament Using Finite Element Optimization

Valderrabano, Victor
Fiber Selective Muscle Atrophy In Ankle Arthritis

Valero-Cuevas, Francisco J
Shifting To Population-Based Models And Inferring Model Structure From Data Are Two Directions That Will Enhance The Clinical Usefulness Of Modeling

van Drongelen, Stefan
Shoulder Load During Weight Relief Lifting: A Simulation Study

Van Sint Jan, Serge
Towards An Advanced Clinical Expert System For Patient-Specific Modeling And Musculo-Skeletal (Ms) Analysis?

vanDeursen, Robert
Functional Outcome In People With Diabetic Neuropathy At Different Stages Of Complications

vanDieen, Jaap H.
No Single Lifting Technique Minimizes Low Back Load

VanDien, Jaap H.
Modeling Of Pelvis And Thorax Rotations In Healthy Pathological Gait

VanDien, Jaap H.
Can Repetitive Shear Loading Of Spinal Motion Segments Cause Disc Injury?

Vanrenterghem, Jos
Is Efficiency A Viable Criterion For Sub-Maximal Vertical Jumping?<

vanSoest, A.J.
Does Strapping The Rower To The Seat Enhance Rowing Performance?

vanSoest, AJ
Prescribing Skeletal Motion Can Substantially Enhance Mechanical Power Output; A Simulation Study

Vardaxis, Vassilios G.
3d Upper Body Acceleration Magnitude For Self-Selected And Fast Walking Speeds In Young And Older Able-Bodied Adults

Varini, Elena
Primary Hip Stem Micromotion Assessment: Correlation Between Rasp And Stem Stability

Vasiljev, Radivoj
The Different Influence Of Leg Extensor’s In Development Peak Of Force In Drop Jump

Vaughan, Christopher L
Comparing The Gait Of Bipedal Robots With That Of Infants

Vaz, M.A.
Long Term Model Of Botulinum Toxin-Induced Muscle Weakness In The Rabbit

Veeger, DirkJan
Proprioceptive Disturbances In Rsi: A Comparison With Crps

Venkadesan, Madhusudhan
The Continuum Of Mixtures Of Feedback And Feedforward Control Strategies Used In Dynamical Dexterous Manipulation Can Be Explored At The Boundary Of Instability

Vera-Garcia, Francisco J.
Trunk And Shoulder Muscle Response Comparing One Repetition Maximum Bench Andstanding Cable Press

Villase¤or, Alejandro
Ice Hockey Stick Recoil Mechanics

Vita, Raffaella De
A Stochastic Model For Ligament Mechanical Failure

Voigt, Michael
Foot Pronation In Vivo – Combined Midfoot And Hindfoot Kinematics

Voigt, Michael
Electrogoniometric Evaluation Of Foot Kinematics During Walking At Different Velocities

Wade, Lloyd
Gait Kinematics On An Elevated Inclined Surafce

Wagner, David W.
Dynamic Calibration Of An Extended-Range Electromagnetic Flock Of Birds Motion Tracking System

Wagner, Diane R
Cytoskeletal Tension Enhances Osteogenic Differentiation Of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Cells

Wakahara, Taku
Effects Of Knee Joint Angle On The Force-Length And Velocity Characteristics Of Gastrocnemius Muscle

Walcott, Sam
Pseudo-Elasticity And Kinetic Energy Storage: Definitions And Applications To Human Movement

Wallace, David A.
Ground Reaction Forces During Level Walking With And Without Lateral Heel Wedge Orthotics

Walmsley, Geoff
Measures Of Postural Stability During Quiet Stance

Wang, Fong-Wei
Dynamical Analysis Of Indoor Eight People Make Tug Of War Attack Movements ?European Back-Step? And ?Japanese Back-Step?

Wang, H.
Biomechanical Analysis Of Sit-To-Stand After Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

Wang, Haoyu
Variations In Scapholunate Gap With Various Types Of Ligamentous Sectioning

Wang, Hsiang-Hsin
Effects Of Passive Repeated Plyometric Training On Specific Kicking Performance Of Elite Olympic Taekwondo Player

Wang, Lin-Hwa
Momentum Transfer Of Trunk And Upper Extremity In Tennis Backhand Stroke

Wang, Qing
Evaluation Of Osmosis Deformation Of Articular Cartilage Usingultrasound Biomicroscopy Imaging

Wang, Yun
Stepping From A Narrow Support

Ward, Samuel R.
Patella Alta Is Associated With Patellofemoral Malalignmentand Reduced Contact Area

Ward, Samuel R.
Scaling Of Human Lower Extremity Muscle Architecture To Skeletal Dimensions

Ward, Samuel R.
Rotator Cuff Muscle Architecture: Implications For Glenohumeral Joint Stability

Warner, Sarah E.
Muscle Function Locally Mediates Bone Homeostasis

Wei, Shun-Hwa
Joint Workspace Of Shoudler And Elbow Associated With Various Axis Positionsduring Manual Wheelchair Propulsion

Weir, John
Ankle Joint Dorsiflexion: Assessment Of The True Values

Wellman, David
Three Versus Four Pegged Glenoid Components: A Biomechanical Evaluation Of Fixation Stability With Cyclical Loading

Wendling-Mansuy, Sylvie
Bone Remodeling Model Of A Basic Multicellular Unit

Werner, Frederick W.
Evaluation Of Five Ligamentous Stabilizers Of The Scaphoid And Lunate

Wharf, Robyn M.
Kinetic Analysis Of Gait On Inclined Surfaces

Whissell, Rebecca
Is Child Weight To Bag Weight The Best Way To Assess Risk Of Low Back Pain In Children Due To Backpack Use?

Wickwire, Alexis C.
Position Of The Humeral Head Shifts In The Glenoid Due To The Presence Of Osteoarticular Lesions

Wilken, Jason
The First Metatarsal As A Fixed Strut: New Insights Into Dynamic Arch Function

Willems, Tine
Relationship Between Foot Progression Angle And Exercise-Related Lower Leg Pain

Williams, Jamie
Comparison Of The Biomechanical Response Of A Lumbar Motion Segment To Loading And Unloading When Loads Are Applied Suddenly And At Normal Lifting Speeds

Willmott, Alexander
A Model For Assessing The Contributions Of Hand Forces And Torques To The Speed Ofa Swinging Implement: Application To The Field Hockey Hit

Willson, John D.
Utility Of The Frontal Plane Projection Angle Of The Knee During Single Leg Squats

Wilson, Erin
Lumbar Extensor Fatigue Changes Postural Recovery Strategy

Wilson, Nicole A.
Bracing Alters Patellofemoral Contact Mechanics During The Gait Cycle: A Dynamic Biomechanical Study

Wilson, Susan K. M.
Load Distribution During Sit-Stand-Sit Using An Instrumented Chair

Winter, Samantha
The Force-Length Curve Of The Human Gastrocnemius In Vivo.

Wirth, Oliver
Assessing Regularity In Voluntary Motor Activity With Approximate Entropy

Wisner, Doug
Reaction To A Loss Of Balance In Healthy Menopausal-Aged And Young Women

Withrow, Thomas J.
Valgus Loading Causes Increased In Vitro Acl Strain In Simulated Jump Landing

Withrow, Thomas J.
Lack Of Hamstring Tension Causes Increased Acl Strain In A Simulated Jump Landing<

b>Woo, Byung Hoon
Enslaving Effects Of Finger Movement On Pressing Forces Of Other Fingers

Woodworth, Jessica
Imapact Of Restricted Pip Joints On Mcp Joint Motion In The Human Hand

Wooldridge, Luke
Kinetic Evaluation Of Right Shoulder And Elbow During Spiccato Technique Violin Bowing

Worthen, Lise C.
Design Of A Gait Laboratory To Enable Biomechanical Analysis Of Individuals With Post Stroke Walking Deficits: Force Platform Positioning

Wrigley, Allan T.
Principal Component Analysis Of Lifting Waveforms

Wu, Cheng-Yu
Computer Simulation Of Motorcycle-Car Accident<

Wu, Ge
Postural Control Strategies In People With And Without Peripheral Neuropathy – A Neural Network Approach

Wu, Ge
Control Of Center Of Pressure During Tai Chi Movement

Wu, Jianhua
Fractal Dynamics Of Human Stabilogram In Quiet Stance

Wu, John Z.
Measurement Of Nonlinear-Elastic Properties Of Skin And Subcutaneous Tissues Via Unconfined Compression Tests

Wu, John Z.
Estimation Of Viscous Properties Of Skin And Subcutaneous Tissues Via Uniaxial Stress Relaxation Tests

Wu, Ming
Evaluate The Potential Contributions Of Swing Leg To The Stability Of Body During Single Foot Support Phase Of Walking

Wu, Shyi-Kuen
The Kinetic Changes Of Gait Across Calf Myofascial Intervention

Wu, Wen-Lan
The Effects Of Periodized Complex Training Programme On Military Physical Fitness And Fighting Ability

Wu, Zhen-Wei
Muscle Coordination In Stroke Patients Upper Limbs

Wulandana, Rachmadian
Modeling Cerebral Aneurysm Formation And Associated Structural Changes

Wyss, Urs
High Range Of Motion Activities Of Daily Living: Differences In The Kinematics Between Hong Kong And Chennai India Subjects

XiShi, Wang
The Stress Level Analysis For Dynamic Cases At Human Hip Joint

Xuan, V. Bui
From Reality To Model In Minutes Or On The Aerodynamics Of A Thanksgiving Turkey

Yamada, Tetsu
Comparison Of The Knee Joint Between The Skilled And Unskilled Subjects During The Kip Maneuver On The Horizontal Bar

Yamamoto, Noriyuki
The Characteristics Of Gait Pattern On The Slippery Surface

Yanagi, Hitoshi
Upper Limb Motion During Snow Shoveling With Regular And Modified Shovel

Yanai, Toshimasa
In-Vivo Measurement Of The Compressive Force Under The Coraco-Acromial Arch

Yang, Bing-Shiang
Adaptive Changes In Stepping Up Onto Laterally-Compliant Structures: Age Difference In Healthy Males

Yang, Jiankun
Lower Extremity Muscle Activities Of Trans-Femoral Amputees When A Slip Occurs In Gait

Yang, S
A Better Image Degradation Method For Converting High Resolution Ct Scans Into Finite Element Models

Yang, S
A New Voxel Grayscale Based 3d Image Registration Validation Method

Yang, Wen-Chieh
Development Of The Portable Posture Training Device

Yang, Yusheng
Acute Muscle Adaptatio Ns To A Resistance Exercise

Yang, Z.Y.
The Accuracy Of Surface Measurement For Osteoporotic Spine Motion Analysis

Yavuz, Metin
A Comparison Of Various Digital Filtering Techniques Applied On Plantar Surface Pressure And Shear Data

Yeadon, Maurice R.
The Effect Of Anatomical And Robustness Constraints On Optimum Jumping Performance

Yeung, Chi Keung
Denervation Impairs Achilles Tendon Healing In Rat Model

Yoon, Sukhoon
Effects Of Short-Term Walking Exercise In Elderly

Yoshda, Yasuyuki
Joint Kinetics And Posture Control During Drop Landings

Yoshioka, Shinsuke
Effect Of Bilateral Asymmetry Of Lower Muscle Forces On Vertical Jumping Height: A Simulation Study

Yoshitomi, Sheylla K.
Postural Control In Skilled Athletes In Response To Unexpected Perturbation

Yu, Bing
Hamstring Co-Contraction Does Not Necessarily Reduce Acl Loading

Yu, Bing
An Emg Driven Optimization Model For Estimating Dyanamic Knee Muscle Forces Without Maximum Voluntary Contraction Tests

Yucesoy, Can A.
Acute Effects Of Intramuscular Aponeurotomy Assessed By Finite Element Modeling

Zani, Peter A.
The Energetics And Biomechanics Of Turtle Locomotion

Zebis, Mette K.
The Effect Of Acute Fatigue On Neuromuscular Activation Patternduring Side-Cutting In Female Team Handball Players

Zhang, Le
Modeling Of Solute Transport In Cartilage Under Static And Dynamic Loading

Zhang, Songning
Ground Reaction Forces And 3d Kinematics Of Short-Leg Walking Boots In Gait

Zhang, Wei
Accurate Production Of Patterns Of The Total Moment By A Set Of Fingers

Zhao, Linping
Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis Of Maxillary Palate With A Unilateral Cleft

Ziejewski, Mariusz
Modified Methodology To Determine Head Accelerationin Head-To-Ball Collisions In Soccer

Zifchock, Rebecca Avrin
Kinetic Asymmetry In Left And Right Dominant Female Runners: Implications For Injury

Zihlmann, Monika S.
3d Kinematic And Kinetic Data Of Total Knee Arhtroplasty During The Stance Phase Of Level Walking Using A Moving Video-Fluoroscope

Zou, Dequan
Pressure Gradient As A Potential Indicator Of Plantar Skin Injury On The Neuropathic Foot

Zushi, Koji
Changes Of Spring?Ike Leg Behavior According To Different Touch Down Velocities In Drop Long Jumps