1999 Annual Meeting

Location: University of Pittsburg

Program Chair: Thomas Buchanan, University of Delaware

Meeting Chair: Savio L-Y. Woo & Lars G. Gilbertson, University of Pittsburg

Abstract Web Editor: Gerald Smith, Oregon State University

Abstracts are organized alphabetically by FIRST author.

Abramowitch, S.D., Clineff, T.D., Withrow, J.D., Papageorgiou, C.D., Woo, S. L-Y.
The quasi-linear viscoelastic properties of the healing goat medial collateral liagament: an experimental & analytical approach.

Akkus, O., Davy, D.T., Rimnac, C.M.
Microdamage coalescence mechanisms in human cortical bone.

Anderson,F.C., Pandy, M.G.
Static and dynamic optimization solutions for gait are practically equivalent.

Bachman, G., Heise, G.D., Bressel, E.
The symmetry of the human leg spring: spring coefficients between right and left legs during running.

Beardsley, C.L., Heiner, A.D., Marsh, J.L., Brown, T.D.,
Mechanical characterization of a bone fracture surrogate.

Bowley, S.M., Breit, G.A., Whalen, R.T.
Accuracy of monitoring peak force and temporal parameters of gait using a capacitance insole system.

Brown, C.U., Norman, T.L., Kish, V.L., Gruen, T.A., Blaha, J.D.
Transverse creep response in human femoral bone.

Brumley II, J.T., Komistek, R.D., Jones, A.A.M., Hajner, M.E.
Kinematic analysis of the cervical spine.

Bus, S.A.
Biomechanical characteristics of running in elderly men.

Byl, T., Livingston, L.A.
Bilateral imbalances in Q angles and quadriceps peak torque measurements.

Chai, H.M., Gross, M.M.
Effect of COM acceleration on dynamic stability limit.

Challis, J.H., Challis, S.C.
Compatibility of control theories of reaching motions.

Cham, R., Redfern, M.S.
Influence of flooring on objective standing fatigue measures.

Chang, Y-H., Hamerski, C.M., Kram, R.
An improved exercise countermeasure to provide enhanced vertical impact loads in low gravity.

Chen, C-T., Bertram, J.E., Wurster, J., Burton-Wurster, N.I., Lust, G.
A multi-frequency spectrometer for fast assessment of the dynamic properties of cartilage explants.

Chen, C-T., Burton-Wurster, N.I., Borden, C., Lust, G.
Necrosis followed by apoptosis in articular cartilage after repetitive impacts.

Choi, H., Keshner, E.A., Peterson, B.W.
Vertebral kinematics and muscle activation patterns in primate head-neck system during controlled head movements.

Choi, K., Joo, W., Kwon, I.C., Choi, J.B., Moon, H.J., Shin, J.W., Lee, Y.C.
The effect of a shock-absorbable polymer membrane on the mechanical behavior of dental implants.

Chou, J.W., Millikan, T.A., Carlton, L.G., Chae, W-S., Morse, M.I.
Kinematic characteristics of uphill wheelchair propulsion for young males.

Christou,E.A., Carlton, L.G.
Motor output variability during concentric and eccentric contractions of the quadriceps femoris muscle group.

Churchill, C., Roe, S., Albright, D., Stikeleather, L.
A biplane V osteotomy of the trochanter improves stability.

Coan, B.S., Draganich, L.F.
A study of isometric regions in anterior cruciate ligament intact and deficient knees under clinically significant loading conditions.

Conzemius, M.G., Brown, T.D., Zhang, Y., Robinson, R.A.
A new animal model of femoral head osteonecrosis, one that progresses to human-like bony mechanical failure.

Costa, K.E., McNitt-Gray, J.L.
Lower extremity power generation strategies used by elite athletes during the take-off phase of the long jump.

D’Andrea, S.E., Thompson, D., Cao, D., Davis, B.
Finite element modeling of load transmission through the calcaneus.

Darvish, K., Crandall, J.R.
Investigating nonlinear viscoelastic properties of brain tissue using the forced vibration method.

Davies, T.C., Kiefer, G., Zernicke, R.F.
Ankle and first metatarsophalangeal joint dorsiflexion in children with clubfoot.

DeGoede, K.M., Ashton-Miller, J.A.
Effect of elbow angle and rotational velocity on impact force during a fall onto an outstretched hand.

Dingwell, J.B., Cusumano, J.P., Sternad, D., Cavanagh, P.R.
Stride-to-stride variability in human walking is not ‘noise’.

Dingwell, J.B., Cusumano, J.P., Sternad, D., Cavanagh, P.R.
Walking variability and stability in diabetic neuropathy.

Donahue, S.W., Sharkey, N.A., Martin, R. B.,
Microdamage accumulations at stress fracture sites in human metatarsals.

Donelan, J.M., Kuo, A.D., Kram, R.
Tradeoffs between the energetic cost of collisions and control of lateral motion in human walking: am empirical approach.

Dowling, J.J., Durkin, J.
Geometric solid modelling of the human forearm.

Duma, S., Schreiber, P., McMaster, J., Crandall, J., Bass, C., Pilkey, W.
Fracture tolerance of the male forearm: the affect of pronation versus supination.

Dutto, D., Smith, G.
Changes in vertical ground reaction force during endurance running to exhaustion on a treadmill.

Elliott, S.M., McCoy, R.W., Joyce, A.S., Kohl, R.
Parkinson’s disease gait kinematics: effects of cadence-setting through rhythmic auditory stimulation.

Erdemir, A., Piazza, S.J.
Simulation-based design of a pointer for accurate determination of anatomical landmarks.

Escamilla, R.F., Francisco, A.C., Fleisig, G.S., Welch, C.M., Barrentine, S.W., Kayes, A.V., Andrews, J.R.
A three dimensional kinetic analysis of sumo and conventional style deadlifts.

Farley, C.T., Korff, W.L.
Musculoskeletal basis for the scaling of leg stiffness with body mass in humans.

Fleisig, G.S., Matsuo, T., Escamilla, R.F., Barrentine, S.W., Andrews, J.R.
Kinematic differences between high-skilled and less-skilled baseball pitchers.

Fleming, B.C., Beynnon, B.D., Renstrom, P.A., Engstrom, B., Peura, G.D.,
The effect of weightbearing on anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) strain.

Foucher, K.C., Hurwitz, D.E., Andriacchi, T.P.
Gait adaptations in total hip replacement patients are associated with reduced hip contact forces.

France, J.C., Norman, T.L., Santrock, R.D.
The efficacy of DC stimulation on lumbar intertransverse fusion.

Friedman, M.A., Draganich, L.F., Toolan, B., Brage, M.E.
The effects of adult acquired flatfoot deformity on tibiotalar joint contact characteristics.

Funk, J.R., Hall,G.W., Crandall, J.R., Pilkey, W.D.
Quasi-linear viscoelasticity of ankle ligaments.

Gabriel, D.A., Matsumoto, J.Y., Davis, D.H., Currier, B.L., An, K,N.
Cervical polar force and electromyographic activity.

Granata, K.P., Sanford, A.H.
Quantification of lumbar-pelvic coordination in healthy adults.

Gruen, T.A., Kenamond, C. A., Hustosky, K.T., Norman, T.L.
Can radiogrammetry predict the mechanical strength of the proximal femur? An in vitro comparison with bone mineral densitometry.

Hale, J.E., Anderson, D.D., Johnson, G.A.
A polyurethane foam model for characterizing suture pull-through properties in bone.

Hale, J.E., Anderson, D.D., Johnson, G.A., Magovern, J.A.
An assessment of the pull-through strength and fatigure properties of a new sternal closure technique.

Hamel, A.J., Sharkey, N.A.
Proper force transmission through the toes and forefoot is dependent on the plantar fascia.

Hsiao, E.T., Robinovitch, S.N.
Balance recovery by stepping during backward falls.

Hughes, C., Kaufman, K., Morrey, B., Morrey, M., An, K-N.
Gait characteristics during stair climbing in adults with osteoarthritis of the knee.

Hustosky, K.T., Norman, T.L., Kish, V.L., Gruen, T.A., Blaha, J.D.
The effect of surface finish on the behavior of tapered cemented total hip stems.

Jaramaz, B., Akcelik, V., Ghattas, O., DiGioia III, A.M.
Development of patient-specific fully hexahedral 3D anatomic meshes using orthogonal grids.

Jaramaz, B., Nikou, C., Levison, T.J., DiGioia III, A.M.
Consistency of radiographic measurements of cup orientation.

Johnson, M.P., McClure, P.W., Karduna, A. R.
Use of digital inclinometer to assess scapular upward rotation: a reliability and validity study.

Kim, B.S., Kim, K.T., Choi, K., Choi, J.B., Kang, S.B., Yoon, K.S., Kim, H.J.
Relationship between impact angle and deformation of proximal femur in falling.

King, D.
Generating vertical velocity and angular momentum during skating jumps.

Klein, T.J., Ebeling, P.B., Anderson, D.D., Buss, D.D.
Mechanically favorable bone remolding in rotator cuff arthropathy patients with good function.

Koontz, A.M., Boninger, M.L., Towers, J., Cooper, R.A., Baldwin, M.A.
Propulsion forces and MRI evidence of shoulder impairment.

Kozak, K., Ashton-Miller, J.A., Lohrmeyer, K.D.
Control of the center of mass during a forward reaching task performed at two speeds.

Kuenster, A.F., Chow, J.W.
Kinematic analysis of the javelin throw performed by wheelchair athletes of different medical classes.

Kuo, A.D., Donelan, J.M., Kram, R.
Tradeoffs between the energetic cost of collisions and control of lateral motion in human walking: an analytical approach.

Kuo, C., Draganich, L.F.
Effect of gait speed on obstacle crossing of the trailing limb.

Lacroix, D., Prendergast, P.J.
Prediction of tissue differentiation during fracture healing – influence of mechanical loading.

Lariviere, C., Gravel, D., Gagnon, D., Dumas, J.-P., Goyette, M., Leblanc, M., Arsenault, A.B., Loisel, P., Lepage, P.
The measurement of trunk external forces and moments during isometric trunk muscle exertions.

Lawson, J.D., Sharkey, N.A.
Tibial acceleration as a predictor of skeletal loading.

Ledoux, W.R., Meaney, D.F., Hillstrom, H.J.
A quasi-linear, structural model of the plantar soft tissue with frequency dependent damping properties.

Les, C.M., Keyak, J.H.
Mechanical effects of equine metacarpal fusion: FE predictions.

Li, G., Lopez, O.
Reliability of a 3D finite element model constructed using magnetic resonance images of a knee for joint contact stress analysis.

Liu, W., Richardson, K. A., Lipsitz, L. A., Collins, J. J.
Using electrical noise to reduce vibrotactile thresholds in humans.

Livingston, L.A., Spaulding, S.J.
Three-dimensional quantification of concomitant changes in knee flexion-extension and quadriceps angles.

Lu, X., Manal, K., Buchanan, T.S.
Force transmission in the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis wrist.

Malloy, P.M., Becker, M.B., Sharkey, N.A.
Effects of restricted ankle dorsiflexion on plantar pressure distributions.

Martin, R.B., Gibson, V.A., Gustafson, M.B., Stover, S.M., Gibeling, J.C.
Bone fatigue life is altered in a calcium-free saline bath.

McClay, I.S., Williams, D.S., Laughton, C.A.
Can gait be retrained to prevent injury in runners?.

McGarry, W.B., Zuelzer, W.A., Wayne, J.S.
Evaluation of knee kinematics using a magnetic tracking device.

McGee, D.M., Scudder, C.A.,
Motor control and the cerebellum: adaptive changes in fastigial neurons to surgically induced eye movement dysmetria.

Mickelborough, J., Van der Linden, M.L., Richards, J., Ennos, A.R.
Validation of a method of timing foot contact events.

Miller, D.I., Zecevic, A., Taylor, G.W.
Hurdle preflight: a case of diminishing returns?.

Mochizuki, L., Duarte, M., Zatsiorsky, V.M., Amadio, A.C., Latash, M.L.
Effects of different bases of support on postural sway.

Morrow, D., Matsumoto, J., Walker, A., Kaufman, K.
A new method for objective quantification of tremor.

Murray, W.M., Kilgore, K.L., Keith, M.W.
Wrist function after the BR-ECRB tendon transfer.

Musolino, M., Redfern, M., Boninger, M.L.
Effect of peripheral neuropathy on center-of-pressure measures.

Natarajan, R.N., Chen, B.H., An, H.S., Andersson, G.J.J.
Biomechanical analysis of the cervical discectomy and fusion using a three segment model.

Neale, P.G., O’Driscoll, S.W., Cheng, S.L., An, K-N.
The role of the coronoid and radial head in complex elbow fracture-dislocations.

Neu, C.P., Crisco, J.J., Wolfe, S.W.
In vivo flexion and extension carpal bone kinematics.

Ochia, R.S., Tencer, A.F.
Hydraulic resistance and permeability of human lumbar vertebra.

Owings, T.M., Ebinger, K., Hamilton, A., Grabiner, M.D.
Unique eccentric activation patterns are observable across uni- and multi-articular components of quadricepts femoris.

Page, G.B., Chaffin, D.B.
Functional grip strength: a preliminary study on the comparative effects of fine and gross handle shape attributes.

Pattin, C. A., Lehman, A.T., Keshner, E. A.
Support effects on standing posture.

Pavol, M.J., Owings, T.M., Grabiner, M.D.
Body mass distribution influences the outcome of a trip in older adults.

Pavol, M.J., Owings, T.M., Grabiner, M.D.
A mechanism of falling from a trip in older adults related to walking speed and the support limb.

Peterman, M.M., Hamel, A.J., Sharkey, N.A., Piazza, S.J., Cavanagh, P.R.
The implications of reduced ground reaction forces during space flight for bone strains.

Pfaeffle, J., Manson, T., Fischer, K., Weiss, J., Tomaino, M., Herndon, J., Woo,S.L-Y.
A fiber network theory model to describe stress and strain in the interosseous ligament of the forearm.

Piazza, S.J., Cavanagh, P.R.
Measurement of the screw-home motion of the knee is sensitive to errors in axis alignment.

Pincivero, D.M., Green, R.C., Mark, J.D.
Motor unit activation variability and reliability during maximal voluntary quadriceps contractions.

Rash, G., Quesada, P., Roberts, C., Herringshaw, C.
An investigation of alternate ASIS marker placement on the kinematics & kinetics of gait: a simulation of analysis on obese subjects.

Requejo, P.S., McNitt-Gray, J., Flashner, H.
Modeling multi-joint control in landings.

Riley, P.O., Kerrigan, D.C.
Linear power flow in voluntary toe-walking.

Sabick, M.B., An, K-N.
A new method to quantify demand on the upper extremity in manual wheelchair propulsion.

Sakai, J.L., Gilbertson, L.G., DeFrate, L.E., Moon, S.H., Donaldson, W.F., Kang, J.D., Woo, S.L-Y.
Basic science and clinical applicaitons of a magnetic tracking/virtual reality based system for assessment of overall cervical spine kinematics.

Salem, G., Wang, M.Y., Young, J., Greendale, G.
Lower extremity kinetics while walking with a weighted vest.

Samani, A., Bishop, J., Ramsay, E., Plewes, D.
A 3-D contact problem finite element model for breast shape deformation derived from MRI data.

Santare, M.H., Joshi, M.G., Advani, S.G., Riley, S.P., Miller, F.
Stress-based design of a femoral hip prosthesis.

Sarojak, M.E., Hoff, W.A., Komistek, R.D., Dennis, D.A.
Utilization of an automated model fitting process to determine kinematics of TKA.

Scholten, S.D., Stergiou, N., Houser, J., Blanke, D.
Footstrike patterns during running over obstacles of different heights.

Schultheis, L., Rastogi, S., Lee, J., Annan, J., Ruiz, J., Schultheis, A.
Bone strain is accentuated by ground reaction forces with higher than normal frequency spectra.

Scifert, J.L., Goel, V.K., Grosland, N.M., Puttlitz, C.M., Totoribe, K., Traynelis, V.C.
Anterior plate and bone graft load sharing in the cervical spine–a finite element investigation.

Shen, X., Cheng, M., Manal, K., Buchanan, T.S.
Design of a real time EMG-driven virtual arm.

Shin, J-W., Kim, S-H., Choi, J-S., Lee, S-J., Ok, M-A.
A biomechanical study on the effects of pamidronate for prevention of osteoporosis in ovariectomized rats.

Shiratori, T., Latash, M.
Postural anticipation in catching self- and externally-released loads.

Simoneau, G.G., Hambrook, G.W., Harris, G.F.
Upper extremity musculoskeletal loads when using a walker for ambulation.

Slijper, H., Latash, M.
Anticipatory postural adjustments in conditions of postural instability and manual support.

Snedeker, J.G., Cavanagh, P.R.
A method for the design of heel cushioning insoles.

Srinivasan, S., Gross, T.S.
Determination of mechanical stimuli sufficient to initiate osteoblastic activation.

Stanford, C.M., Welsch, F., Kastner, N., Thomas, G., Zaharias, R., Holtman, K., Brand, R. A.
Primary human bone cells from older patients do not respond in culture at continuum level in vivo strain magnitudes.

Taylor, M.A., Clovis, N.B., Norman, T.L., Blaha, J.D., Post, W. R.
Mechanical strength changes of rabbit patellar tendon after injection of autologous blood and saline.

Tillman, M.D., Smith, K.R., Pattishall, J.L., Bauer, J.A., Falsetti, A.B.
Differences in intercondylar notch geometry between males and females.

Valero-Cuevas, F.J., Towles, J.D., Hentz, V.R.
Optimal control of cavader tendons predicts maximal fingertip forces in peripheral nerve injuries.

Vint, P.F., McLean, S.P.
Maximal and submaximal expressions of the bilateral deficit phenomenon.

Vint, P.F., Thompson, S.M., Harron, G.M.
Interlimb coupling is affected by peripherally mediated factors.

Vint, P.F., Thompson, S.M., Shaw, D.A.
Temporal decoupling improves force production during single- and multiple-finger, bilateral key-pressing tasks.

Walker, A.E., Noseworthy, J.H., Kaufman, K.R.
Gait characteristics of patients with progressive multiple sclerosis.

Wang, X.H., Long, M., Wu, Z.Z., Cai, S.X., Wu, Y.P.
The study of adhesive properties of hepatocellular carcinoma cells to collagen type I.

Willems, M.E.T., Stauber, W.T.
Fast but not slow ankle rotations modify stress-relaxation of active skeletal muscle.

Williams, D., McClay, I., Laughton, C.
A comparison of between day reliability of different types of lower extremity kinematic variables in runners.

Wilson, S.E., McMahon, T.A., Myers, E.R.
Impact dynamics of the spine and the effect of degeneration.

Wilson, S.E., Myers, E.R.
Forces on the spine during a fall in which torso muscles are active.

Withrow, J.D., Clineff, T.D., Abramowitch, S.D., Papageorgiou, C.D., Woo, S.L-Y.
Biomechanical properties of healing goat medial collateral ligaments.

Wolf, S., Augat, P., Eckert-Huebner, K., Laule, A., Krischak, G., Claes, L.
Effects of ground based vibration on fracture healing.

Wu, G.
Head movement during supporting base translation in young and old adults.

Wunderlich, R.E., Cavanagh, P.R.
External foot shape differences between males and females and among races.

Yeni, Y.N., Norman, T.L.
A formulation of the influence of osteons on the fracture toughness of cortical bone in longitudinal crack growth.

Zhang, H., Totterman,S.M.S., Perucchio, R., Lerner, A.L.
Magnetic resonance image based 3D poroelastic finite element model of tibio-menisco-femoral contact.