Philip E. Martin

MartinFellow Since: 2011

Current Affiliation: Iowa State University

Philip E. Martin is Professor and Chair of the Department of Kinesiology at Iowa State University.  Phil received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his Ph.D. from Penn State University.  He was a faculty member at Arizona State University for 19 years and was chair of the department from 1992-94 and 2000-02 before moving to Penn State in 2002, where he was head of the Department of Kinesiology for five years.  Phil’s research activities have addressed mechanical factors influencing the economy and efficiency of walking, running, and cycling; decrements in the mechanics and economy of walking in the elderly; and kinematic and kinetic determinants of walking and running patterns in below knee amputees.  He has authored 80 research articles and book chapters and has made more than 150 research presentations at regional, national, and international professional meetings.

Phil is an active member of American Society of Biomechanics (Fellow), American College of Sports Medicine (Fellow), International Society of Biomechanics, National Academy of Kinesiology (Fellow), and Board of Directors and Executive Board of the American Kinesiology Association.  He is currently President elect of the NAK (2011-12) and Vice President of the AKA.  He has also served as President of the ASB (1994-95), Secretary-Treasurer of NAK (2006-08), Associate Editor for Journal of Applied Biomechanics (1997-2005), and Biomechanics Section Editor forResearch Quarterly for Exercise and Sport (1990-93).  He has also been a member of the Research Review Committee for ACSM (1991-94), the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Sport Biomechanics (1988-91), and the Scientific Advisory Committee for the U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Council (1986-88).