ASB Mentor Program

Goal of program : to optimize the educational and professional experiences of students attending the annual ASB conference by creating the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with a mentor who has been matched according to the mentee’s educational and professional goals.

All current members of ASB can participate. We are seeking both students and senior scientists who are interested in participating in the program. If you would like to participate as a mentee or mentor, sign-ups will be available during registration for the annual meeting.  The coordinators will find suitable matches between students (mentees) and mentors based on research interests and/or special requests.

We envision the following types of interactions between the student and the mentor to take place at the ASB meeting:

  • The student will contact the mentor to begin communicating about meeting at the conference.
  • The mentor will introduce the student to colleagues and help the student establish a professional network.
  • The mentor will spend a lunch/dinner with the student discussing the student’s educational and/or career goals.
  • The mentor will share career experiences with the student.
  • The mentor will attend the (poster or podium) presentation of the student and provide constructive feedback.


Interested in being a mentor or a mentee? Please sign up for the mentoring program during meeting registration before July 1. After registration you will receive a message from the Student Representative with additional questions to optimize mentor-mentee matching.  You must respond to this email in order to complete the sign-up process and be matched.

If you do not sign up during registration or will not be registering before the deadline, but are still interested in participating in the mentoring program, please contact the Student Representative before July 1.

Notification of mentor/mentee matches will occur in late July to early August.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact the mentor to begin the mentoring. Set up an initial meeting to occur within the first 2 days of the conference. This should be done at least one week prior to arriving at the conference.

We hope that you will participate!

Please contact the Student Representative with any questions about the mentoring program. (refer to the Executive Board for contact info)